Zohmo iPhone Battery Case Review – Is It Really Worth The Hype?

I hate to admit how connected I am to my iPhone.  This means that I spend a lot of time looking for a good spot to charge my phone or wondering if I will have enough charge to last me until I get home from any outings.

iPhone Zohmo Charging Case Review

Since I am an avid fisherman I often find myself out on the boat with a very low battery tied to a USB charger.  When I’m on the boat I go in and out of service and this is so draining on my battery because my iPhone is constantly looking for service.

Do you ever feel like you spend too much time worrying about where you can get your next charge?

In a day and age where we spend so much time on our phone, it’s no wonder that we seem to never be able to get enough juice.

Zohmo iPhone Battery Case Real Life Review

For the last couple of weeks, I have been reviewing a Zohmo iPhone Battery Case.  This is a case that has a built-in battery pack inside of the case, so you can charge your phone FROM the case.

My wife and I were sent 2 cases to test (at no charge) but rest assured, that has not impacted this post at all, other than bringing this case to our attention in the first place.

The Zohmo Z series battery case is the first backup battery case I have ever used. I used it on my iPhone 6s and was pleasantly surprised at how much it impacted my every day charging habits for my phone.  They have the case available for many models of iPhones and was honestly surprised they still had the iPhone 6s case available.  Thanks for that Zohmo.

The backup charge came in handy multiple times and I will share more details below. I will admit it did take some time to get used to the extra weight in my pocket.

If you are the type of person that uses your phone heavily during the day and sometimes can’t get to a charger right away, this case is for you.

Zohmo iPhone Battery Case Review - Is It Really Worth The Hype? 1

Positive Effects Of Having A Zohmo iPhone Charging Case

As I said above the Zohmo battery case is the first battery case I have ever used. I am the type of person who uses my phone heavily during the day for games and watching YouTube videos.

Anyone that does those same things knows that your battery on an iPhone can quickly be drained by spending an hour or two doing those things. I hate having those moments where I have to plan my day around being able to hook up to a charger at home or in the car.

Especially since it seems the cords are never where I expect them to be!

My wife on the other hand often carries a backup charger in her purse, but they are heavy and require an additional cord (plus she has to remember to recharge it once it’s been used).

When I got the Zohmo battery case I was excited about the possibilities and unaware of how it might affect my everyday life.

First off, the case itself is pretty sleek, not as sleek as a noncharging case of course, but sleek compared to say an Otterbox.


Zohmo Case Compared To Previous Phone Case

Above you can see the case my wife was using before in comparison to the Zohmo Charging Case.

I was pleasantly surprised at how thin it was and the overall look of the case. There were easy to follow directions about how to properly install your phone right inside of the case. There is also an optional video tutorial if you need it.  Don’t worry though, it’s pretty simple!

The main thing is making sure that you do not remove the case by pulling your phone towards you…It needs to slide up the case.  Otherwise, you will likely snap the charging piece off and get it stuck inside of your phone.

The case slid/popped on very easily! The look was good but that brought me to my only complaint of the Zohmo battery case: the weight. Now I assume this is probably the main complaint for anyone using a charging case.

I noticed it right away and it took a few days of me carrying it around in my pocket to get used it. To be fair I have seen charging cases that were bulkier and heavier than the Zohmo battery case. After having used the Zohmo battery case now for a couple of weeks I will say the weight has become a non-issue for me especially because of the performance of the case and how it has impacted some of my daily activities which I will share below.

How To Use The Zohmo Charging Case

Install: The Zohmo charging case will slide/plug into your iPhone.

Charging the case: If your iPhone battery is less than 100% when you plug your iPhone into a charger (and have your Zohmo case on) it will charge your phone battery first. Once your phone battery is at 100% it will begin to charge your Zohmo battery case. There are 4 white dots that light up on the back of the case that indicate the battery cases charging level.

To charge the case (and now your phone) you use the standard iPhone lightning cable.  This is good news because a lot of charging cases and external battery packs use a USB-c charging cable instead.  As an iPhone user, you should have plenty of lightning cables and probably don’t have as many USB-c cables.

Charging your phone from the case: When your phone is in need of charging you can activate your Zohmo battery charger by pressing and holding the power button on the back of the case for a few seconds.  Once you have activated the case, the led lights on the back will illuminate letting you know the case is charging, as well as indicate how much charge you have remaining inside of the case.

Your phone will also let you know it is charging by giving the charge symbol by your battery level.  The phone is charging as if it were plugged into a power outlet.

Battery performance: After having used the Zohmo battery case now for a couple of weeks I will say I am very happy with the case battery. I have noticed that when my iPhone gets to about 20% and I activate the Zohmo battery case, I fully recharge my phone to 100% and still have about 30% charge left in the battery case.

Usefulness: The Zohmo battery case has come through for me a few times already. As I mentioned previously, I am an avid fisherman and being on the lake in and out of reception totally drains the battery on my iPhone. I don’t go fishing for 3 or 4 hours! When I go I like to make a day of it and usually, my fishing trips are 10-12 hours long. I was able to complete my recent fishing trip without having to break out my charging adapters to charge my phone on the boat. The case provided all the extra charge I needed.

I also recently went on a trip with my wife. A lot of times we forget to pack multiple chargers for our phones. Upon realizing we only had one charger right before bed, I was able to fully recharge my phone from the Zohmo battery case while my wife used the regular charger.

I also watch a lot of YouTube videos on my phone. Now this kills my battery on my iPhone like crazy. There have been a couple of instances now where I watched videos for an extended time and killed my battery. A couple of those times I was not in a position to plug into a charger and would normally have to just stop watching videos or turn off my phone to conserve battery until I could charge again. I just turned on my Zohmo charging battery case and kept watching!

Zohmo Charging Case with Box

Should You Consider A Zohmo Charging Case?

If you are like me and the type of person who heavily uses your phone the Zohmo battery case is a solid purchase.

I hate having to plan my day around when I can charge next and worry about how much battery I have left.

The Zohmo battery case helps alleviate some of those problems. Its ease of use and effectiveness in certain situations have made me a fan.

If you are looking for that extra charge and don’t want to carry an external battery pack with cords dangling while you charge. I would definitely check out the Zohmo battery case charger.


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