What Do the New iOS 12 Features Offer to College Students?

What Do the New iOS 12 Features Offer to College Students? 1

Us college kids generally fall into one of two categories – either we are super clued-up on technology and always have to have the latest models of everything; Or we really couldn’t care less and feel content as long as we have something that we can at least type down our lecture notes on or use to make calls. That said, whatever camp you fall into, it is useful to keep informed about the latest software updates and apps. Why? Well a lot of these things are actually designed to make our college lives easier – both on a personal level via social related apps and updates, and on an educational/productivity level.

In case you didn’t know, iOS 12 is the latest Apple update that offers improved performance and user experience on the iPad and iPhone products. From here, let’s take a look at the new iOS 12 features, and how they can help you with your studies and campus life.

Essay Writing Made Easier

Assignments and looming deadlines are the bane of most students lives. We definitely want to succeed in our chosen majors and get a sweet, well-paying job after graduation, but spend hours and hours trawling through various journals and information sites for research purposes? Not today Felicia! Typing assignments are slow, waiting for pages to load is slow. Basically we feel like most of our day could be wasted on this.

The iOS 12 update helps us to study and complete our work faster and more efficiently so we can go out and party instead. As a matter of fact, the update offers a keyboard that is 50% faster, screen animations that are smoother, and the “swipe” of the screen moves more swiftly also.

That said, if you still struggle to find time in your schedule to write up your assignments, or you don’t feel like essays are your strong point (it’s okay, we hear you!) then you can hire a pro essay writer to do this for you.Using your new and improved super-fast keyboard, you can do what I did and that was to find someone to write my perfect essay online here. Professional essay writers are experts in their chosen topic areas and can have the completed assignment back with you ready to wow your professor faster than you can say “iOS 12 update!”

Group Facetime Feature

As far as we’re concerned, the introduction of group facetime is an absolute lifesaver – both in terms of aiding our personal lives during college, and in assisting with group coursework projects. After all, we all know the stresses of how annoying it is when you are trying to organize something with several people but you wind up having to keep making individual calls. This is infinitely more convenient. So whether you’re organizing a house party with friends and you need to confirm who is bringing what, or whether you have a group assignment and you want to check in on each other’s progress without having to leave your dorm, this feature is incredibly convenient .

Better “Do Not Disturb” Features

Some of us students are easily distracted and have the attention span of a flea. To be honest, when we are in an incredibly boring business lecture about quantitative analysis and our phone goes off it is super difficult not to look and see what is going on. After all, gossip from your friend about last night’s party, or a text from bae seems much more exciting than quantitative analysis.
That said, a huge learning curve of time management while in college is to remove distractions and focus solely on one task in a given time window. The new and improved “do not disturb” features offered by iOS 12 enables students to activate the feature for specified periods of time – even recurring daily or weekly. As such, it helps you focus on the specific classes or projects at hand without interruption.

Smarter Siri

Siri is helpful anyway. To be honest, she makes us feel like we are some high flying corporate exec with a PA, not a broke college student living off ramen noodles. In any case iOS 12 sees a smarter, more useful Siri with additional features. Siri is now more intelligent and informed of your schedule. For example, she can do things like pop up with your morning Starbucks order on your phone as you leave your dorm and head to class. This is just another feature of the update that helps make campus life easier.

Student IDs Can be Added to Your Wallet

This is a more subtle feature of the iOS 12 update but definitely one that college students should know about. The updated system allows students to add electronic student IDs to their wallets so they can just buzz through campus libraries and buildings without fear of losing the actual physical card and having to pay the dreaded fine. (We have all been there! Where do these things go?)

Time Management Technology

This one is a little scary, but it also helps assist you in taking your life back from the time-sucking grasps of technology and social media. Have you ever thought about how much time you spend trawling through your newsfeed on various social sites? It might be that you have considered this and have thought that you waste too much time on social media, but even so it is unlikely that you have taken proactive steps to cut back.

Maybe you are uploading stories to Instagram when you’re out with friends, browsing through your Facebook homepage when you should be listening in lectures, and expressing random thoughts on Twitter when you are bored in the evenings. It can be alarming to see precisely how much time you spend on this – likely hours of each day/week and literally weeks out of your year. Just let that sink in a moment. iOS 12 is great because it provides you with detailed weekly usage reports to see exactly where you are spending your time. You can also set limits for how much you use specific apps. This feature will help your productivity and study levels come along in leaps and bounds.

If you’re not a technology wizz, hopefully the above will help you see how much good technology is worth the investment sometimes, and the positive effects it can have on your life.

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