Installing a Cydia tweak often went by very smoothly for me. But when something happens…

What do you think the outcome is?

It usually breaks my iPhone.

Now, if this is the scene we’re looking at on your side. There are many ways out. Here are some common paths you can take.

  • Restore the device from iTunes
  • Restart your iPhone or iPad (hoping that it will turn back on)
  • Use file manager such as iFunbox to remove the .deb package

I regularly use the last method because it’s safer. Plus, I never lose my jailbreak after that. If you’re going to use iTunes as a solution, do keep in mind that it will also update your device to a newer firmware. This will remove Cydia (depends if the firmware is jailbreakable or not).

I recently found a better solution to this. If you’ve accidentally installed a jailbreak tweak that isn’t compatible or breaks your iOS device, here is how to fix the problem.

An example of Terminal SSH
An example of Terminal SSH

The benefits of using this method are absolutely worth it.

  • It doesn’t require manual access to Cydia
  • No need for iFunbox or iTools if you’re not familiar with them.

Secure Socket Shell

Or known as SSH. You might hear it for the first time. But it’s very easy to use.

I often use the SSH method when a Cydia tweak caused the app to be completely frozen, and safe-mode isn’t working.


This is critical because nothing else will help besides upgrading to the latest firmware. This usually means no more Jailbreak (until someone releases a utility for it)

So, to keep your Cydia and fix the bug at the same time, using SSH is the ultimate solution.


Before you get started, the following items are required.

  1. Download Putty (for Windows) or use the default Terminal on your Mac
  2. Read this post to learn how to SSH into your device
  3. Watch the following video, and it will list out a number of commands to type in

To sum it all up, the computer will do almost everything for you. Listen to the commands (apt-get update, for example) and type it into Putty software or Terminal.

I hope this help and comment below if you need any further assistant.

P.S: This also works if you want to install Cydia tweaks from a computer as well, not just removing them.