If you follow some of my Pokemon Go posts on here, you must know that a lot of the tutorials will get you banned, sooner or later. However, it depends on the method that you use to cheat in the game. Last night, I wrote a quick guide on how to avoid account banning. Be sure to check it out.

Now, as I mentioned in one of the articles, I did a case study to see how long can I go with location spoofing without getting caught. There are two ways you can trick the GPS by the way. One is where you go across the state or even the country and the second one is where you tap on the map to move.

Since Pokemon Go is a GPS-based game, the system will automatically flag your account if you jump from one location to another (far away). This apparently got my account banned within two days. The other device which uses the second method still works just fine as I’m writing this.

A little throwback 🙂

So, if you recently get banned from Pokemon Go and don’t know what to do, I’ll show you how to unban yourself.

How to Get your Pokemon Go Banned Account Back (Soft Ban)

What I did was quite simple and straightforward.

Step 1: Logout of your original account and then make a new one

Step 2: Logout of your new account and delete Pokemon Go

Step 3: Wait a few hours and reinstall the game from the App Store


I don’t know why or how this resolve the issue but it did. I checked online and several people have also expereinced the same problem and their solutions are different too. If my method didn’t work for you, see below.

  1. Follow the instructions above but exclude the delete and reinstall app
  2. Create a new account, find a Pokemon and catch it then log back into your old one
  3. Patiently wait 3 hours and play again

And that’s a wrap. Do remember that location spoofing is a MUST NOT in Pokemon Go. But if you’re smart enough to use the cheat right, everything should work out perfectly fine. Don’t fly from the U.S to Europe or something.

QuickSpin – Pokemon Go Unbanner

There is a new utility called QuickSpin that allows users to unban themselves in Pokemon Go.

Instead of using the methods above, you can just run this tool, fill in the questions it asks, and the location you want to be in after the softban is gone.

Currently, QuickSpin is a Window-based hack, and you can download it from here. If you’re on Mac OS X, use a virtual machine.

Permanent Ban

Oh sh**!

I hope you didn’t get ban permanently on Pokemon Go. But don’t worry. There is a way out.


You can now submit an appeal to Niantic to unban your account. Under one condition, if it was a permanent ban. Further, a request doesn’t guarantee you a spot back into the game. But it’s worth a try.

Players who got soft banned can use one of the methods above to get their account out of trouble.

  • No thanks

    Soft bans only last a few hours right now. All that BS you did didn’t help at all, your ban just wore off.

    • hunter

      lol true

      • Bryan

        I’ve been using iOS emus to teleport all over the world and get pokemons like snorlax dragonite and exegutor and still no perms ban.

        Btw if you spin a pokestop 40 times the soft ban will get removed.

        • Aykroyd

          you are right about spin a pokestop 40 times but I got mine around 28 only so its cool, soft ban is gone. thanks for the info and help.

          • B

            How do you know what to do and how do you know when the soft ban is gone?

            • Bill

              Well since your banned and cant get items from any pokestop when you do the 40 spins it will give you items from the pokestop if your just waiting try a pokestop or catching a pokemon if the pokemon is caut your unbanned and if the pokestop gives you items your unbanned

          • ArUSeriuos

            Same here 😛

        • Pixie

          Great, now everyone knows and that will be changed. Nice going tho, you must fell pretty accomplished with yourself.

        • Kukumber

          Whered you get snorlax?

          • NIG

            use pokesnipers.com fam

        • Dd

          It never works if you spin it

        • walter1075

          Did tht…and didn’t work…I’m still soft ban

          • Alex

            If you are softbanned try to catch a Pokemon when you first tap on it the teleport button is still visible just teleport somewhere different and you can catch the Pokemon you want, just eat an hour and you can do it again. (Iosemus only)

        • Perico

          Ty pal!

          Got mine also unbanned in about 20 to 30 times

          Very helpful comment!

          • Jared

            No didn’t work

        • chinko

          ya it works. Spinned less than 40 pokestops and i got my account back. but i lost all my stardust. damn

          • Fewoneway


            • Fewoneway


        • max

          do you have to go on it spin and go back off it

    • ok

      lol yeah 😀 it’s in pogo’s database. There’s nothing you can really do (Unless you can hack them).

    • Michael

      yep, actually waiting no more than 3 hours, then back to pokemon world again.

      I have been banned a few times due to flying from Europe to America…XD

      • patrick

        same its pretty dumb

        • Trainer

          I Flew From America To Australia To Catch Kangaskhan 😛 Now Soft Ban

          • Moe

            how do you even know where you are? i just catch pokemon and die at gyms.

            • SexyJoshCatchingEmAllSTDsWithMyBBC

              Lmfao.he’s made me laugh

            • SexyJoshCatchingEmAllSTDsWithMyBBC

              Hopefully it works I play Pokemon Go in Bluestacks on my PC and I get doft banned everytime but I notice it wears off when I restarted the game about 3 times but on mobile my GPS is “disabled”

            • opie1988

              uuuuuh………… Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

          • carson

            Did It tell you you were banned?

            • bigboy943545345

              It doesn’t. Every pokemon flees and you can’t get items from stops.

              • philblade2

                Yeah i have the same. I flew from Germany to the Central Park, but i hope im unbanned in a few hours 😀

                • costin

                  same here. did u get unbanned after 3 hours?

              • Grant

                I have the same issue. If this happen, does it says my account is banned?

                • Jarrod

                  I get banned for my friend logging in my account when I’m on holidays

              • JaqsonJaqson

                Same I can’t do anything rlly I teleport sometimes and try to get poke stops and it does nothing

            • davigadjali

              but can u hatch eggs while banned?

              • Juul

                Yeah you can! Atleast worked for me, lul

                • Dan Evans

                  No you can not while soft banned. It relies on your gps to be vslid and it thinks your gos is not so it adds nothing regardless how far you walk.

      • Cesar

        What happens if I keep on cheating? Will I be banned forever or only for a few hours like the last time?
        My account got banned for 4 hours and I want to keep using the Gps spoofing but Im afraid I get permanently banned from the game

        • teeayeand

          We haven’t seen any permanent ban yet. So for now, you will only get multiple soft ban.

          • Cesar


          • Fuckpokemongo

            I got perm banned this morning, and I never cheated.

            • pokeboy

              same homie

            • kessanRO


          • king

            what if my account cant open it..it says failed to get game data from the server??this permanent banned??? can you help me..how to solve this problem please..

            • Chillynipps

              Idk I’m having the same issue and I never cheated

          • Jasondeftones

            I got my account perma banned. Got a legit account and one my friend made had it roaming around aussy and Japan. Got it at lvl 34. With all the items u get for leveling to 34. So like 1750/359 items lol. And a good 175-200 pokes. Mostly 2k and +. Well like an idiot I logged onto the banned account to check it. Now when I close the game and turn it back on. It instantly tried logging into the banned account and I’m looking for suggestions on how to tell it to stop instantly logging in to banned account and let me log in on my legit one. I’ve even tries deleting the game and reinstalling it but again it auto signs into the bad account. Please hmu if you have any ideas. Or if theres a link you know of a YouTube video showing WTF I can do to log in on proper account PLEASE SHARE. I’m
            Sure I’m not the only one tha got hosed on the ban patrol

            • nobody

              just get the new acc google..and install with new acc google

            • iJeep

              Try putting your phone in Airplane mode, launch the game, and click “Sign Out” when it appears. Turn off Airplane mode and log into your legit account.

              I too have been affected by the ban wagon. Hopefully I will get my Level 21 account back soon.

              • RandomTroller

                Are you trying to help or just boasting sbout your level in pokemon go??

      • Bryan

        How long does that ban last? I just flew in from Asia to America and I’m able to get the poke stops and fight gyms, but I can’t catch the Pokemon. Is that wierd?

        • Chase

          It’s because when you get soft banned, you can’t catch Pokemon but can still hit poke stops

      • casfsafsafas

        hahahaha i flied from europe to newzeland

      • Orinho

        How you fixed it?

      • job cent

        You can just go into settings and change the time/date and log back on to Pokémon Go and the soft ban is gone

      • WYP

        dude the flight time…

    • Jr

      How long would the Ban bee , my lil sister opened both apps so it was from l.a to San Francisco

      • teeayeand

        2-3 hours

      • brandon irvine

        from 2 hours up to 24

    • Eyad

      Wait so is a soft ban when it wont let u capture pokemon and they just run away or is a soft ban something else. Also your not allowed to access pokestops

      • bigboy943545345


      • Jay

        How would I know if I’m permanently banned?

    • Jacquelyn

      Soft Ban on last for 1-3Hrs. to much effort Just wait for the time to pass.

    • James

      Go to a poke stop open spin close repeat about 40 times and it will bring you back online. Dont ask why it works it just does. Its never failed

      • Cj

        Dude that’s crazy! Just tried and it worked! Preciate it bro

      • Nihar

        i am unable to see any pokestops, i think i am Ban, can you please suggest me what to do.

      • jennifer

        Ok my game keeps telling me it gps signal not found. Fail to detected location. How do I fix this problem. My gps works on my maps but not on my game

    • Kral

      lol yeah this article is bullshit

    • Wyatt

      If u keep spinning then closing a pokestop, in about 2 minutes u will get rewards, and the soft ban will be gone.

      • IceBlueLugia

        Please help my game says failed to get game data from server what does that mean? Someone said it means perms ban but I didn’t get any email from niantiic saying I got perms banned. I also heard somewhere that if you create a new account and try using the same username as the “banned” one you can tell if you’re perma banned or not. So I created a new account and chose my old username. It said that my username is unavailable, meaning I’m not perma banned. So can someone explain to me what’s happening how to fix?

        • IceBlueLugia

          And sorry for little bit bad English it not my main language

          • Daf

            Samedi here bro, I can’t open the app and I never cheated. I hope it’s not permanent ban otherwise I will quit this game…

    • Anonymous

      Still cant unban my self

    • George Laragiannis

      Every Pokémon runs away from me. Is this soft ban going to last till tomorrow? Please answer as fast as possible

    • RukiYT

      fly gps wiosek2

  • Rodolfo Sandoval

    not a ban, the app has a lock mech that kicks in when traveling same as ingress, and also if you are using mock mock location you will still be banned, or the system apps method just like in ingress its the same engine

    • teeayeand

      yeah, but you should have access back after a few hours.

    • Gary Hicks

      Not true. Been using Mock Mock Locations and Pokesposed for over a month with no soft bans.

  • Cody

    Wow, thanks for letting me know. I was scared at first but Pokemon Go just let me play again after I reinstall the app. Best of luck to everyone else.

    • teeayeand

      No problem. Stay wild lol.

      • Jonathan

        s anyone having any issues with the Pokemon step marker? I’m talking about the 1,2,3 paw prints indicating how near a Pokemon is. I’ve been safely spoofing my location now for a while but the past day or 2 I noticed that the paw prints are all stuck on 3. Please someone, anyone get back to me at airtechjanns@gmail.com

        • WrouvexX

          In the latest update of the game 1 and 2 paw prints have been removed,So It’s not your fault 😉

    • teeayeand


  • Jonathan

    Is anyone having any issues with the Pokemon step marker? I’m talking about the 1,2,3 paw prints indicating how near a Pokemon is. I’ve been safely spoofing my location now for a while but the past day or 2 I noticed that the paw prints are all stuck on 3. Please someone, anyone get back to me at airtechjanns@gmail.com

  • GuyTooDifferent

    Heard if you simply delete and reinstall the app immediately it can lift a soft ban. Can anyone confirm whether this is true or not? Also, soft bans themselves last only 20 minutes-4 hours regardless I hear.

    • trevor

      I can confirm this. When I was first spoofing I eventually got banned each time I played the game. It was a careful game of dodging glitches and not going through yards to not get banned. But if I got banned, 100% of the time deleting the app then re-setting it up fully resolved anything, instantly.

  • Spoof

    Cant seem to catch anything… Pokes tops not working… Did this… And nothing… Anybody has an idea?

    • Scaredshitless

      Same! I’m freaking out right. Now.

      • Complexo

        Your temporarly banned – within a few hours It should be back to normal

    • Josh

      Same thing here. I was messing around with one of the hacks only used it for about 10 minutes and now no poke stops work and can’t catch anything

    • Tith

      Yeah i got the exact same problem pokestops wont work and pokemons just run all the time… I had this porblem yesterday, this morning i could play just fine and now i got the problem too. I think its a soft ban and its pretty annoying because they dont tell you when you’re banned, why, and for how long… And it looks like a server lag but np. I went from france to US ( not directly, i closed the app then launched it again ). Don’t act like me and you’ll be fine with nox that i use.

    • JTS

      If you’re using Bluestacks, Nox Player, or have your account on multiple devices, the way you can location spoof AND use pokestops is to simply sign out of your account on all the devices EXCEPT the one you wish to spoof on. It worked for me and I play on Nox Player.

  • nameless

    There is no need to uninstall. The game’s soft ban is automatically lifted after some time (4 hours is max I’ve seen so far). Reinstalling is just more work that doesn’t change anything.

  • BFan

    I got banned because of hacking my GPS, and it seems my mobile itselft got banned cause even with a new account I can´t play. Also I´ve been like this for three days more or less, anyone knows why or how to get unbanned of this? I´m going to try this in a few hours, not sure if it will work with my case but thanks anyways

  • PoGo Pro

    You’re an idiot. You dont have to make a new account or delete the app. Soft ban removes it self after a few hours.

  • Tiffany

    mine kept telling me it could not detect my location. I turned off mock locations and it stopped saying that. at the moment i see no pokemon in my nearby bar. this is a soft ban?

    • AssLiberator

      Yeah same here dude ,and its also been past couple of hours

    • Sameer

      Same here dude and it been past couple of hours

  • salih

    im going to travel the europe from us will i get banned from changing location too far ?

    • teeayeand


  • Kunal

    I used NOX to spoof my location and now whwnever I ‘m logging in Pokemon GO it doesn’t show any pokemon nearby also no pokestop or gym nothing maps is just empty … tried incubating the egg but that doesn’t seem to work.. Is it a soft ban or permaBan???

    • Pokeodave

      You need to check your settings make sure root is on

      • JTS

        You don’t need to root on Nox Player. You should have the tools pre-installed and ready to work.

    • JTS

      It might not be a ban at all. You could simply be facing a bug that most Nox Users run into. If you have your account linked/signed in on another device, just sign out on the other devices to the point that Nox is the only thing running your account on Pokémon Go. You should be able to use the pokestops, catch Pokémon, catch eggs, etc.

  • Super Mario

    actually waiting no more than three hours, then back to the pokemon world again

    I got banned a few times due to fly a long distance about half America…XD

    • tole

      i got soft banned/
      i need to wait with th aplicatuon turn on or to delate?
      please help me

  • Joe

    I can move around Central Park NY just fine without getting banned but when I log out and then go to use it on my phone again in Iowa it bans me, any way to avoid that other than walking my guy back to Iowa from NY before I log off?

    • sisipit

      i have been trying to solve this, till now, nothing
      still got soft banned when i back to my country

      • Claudiu

        Wait some minutes/hours before playing on another device in another city/country, don’t do it like in 5 minutes. They will register that like a spoofing method.

  • HelpMePlease

    Help i cant get un soft banned i tried this method and the second method and it didnt work did they fix getting un soft banneD? can someone confirm that its not fixed still?

  • HelpMePlease

    Does this still work? i cant seem to get un soft banned anymore.

  • DarkBlood100

    I got softbanned…disabled and Uninstalled the xpose thing…Deleted the app…Reinstalled andbAgain signed in…No gps problem but it shows no nearby pokemon…PLEASE HELP

  • Graham

    RIP my life I was GPS spoofing on an external force, resulting in a soft ban, and I’m in a family reunion, dang.

  • Engy

    Ok so I think I’m softbanned..
    No Pokestops work, Cant start gym battle and all Pokemon run after 1 ball.
    I used the unmodded version and modded version of the app.. So I think therefore I’ve travelled too far.. With the original I’m in the Netherlands and with the other app in America

    • Eric

      Me2! What happened, did it work after?

  • Kiper

    I went from Gainseville, TX to Santa Monica Pier in California with fake gps on android. The first time I did this i seen Pikachu and couldnt catch him as i was instantly banned. So i set up a california based proxy and used fake gps to catch pokemon all day at Santa Monica Pier but since fake gps bumps back and forth between real and fake location i eventually did get a soft ban. But this was because it thought i was in california and flew to texas..

  • fighteser

    If I would create a second account, with witch I Change the Location from Frankfurt to Sydney. How Long do I have to wait till I can go on with my first account. I mean I Change the Location where I was with my first account and go to another Location with my second account

  • Hapciok

    Hey,same on help me i Think i m permanently banned, cause when i power pokemon go on Google account and logging never stops

  • shreeniketh shenoy

    Its been 7 hours….i am still banned

    • Garth

      Me too. I’ve been banned for almost 12 hours. I cant see any close pokemon, check in to pokecentres and I keep getting that red drop section saying FAILED TO DETECT LOCATION.

  • garth

    Ive been banned now for 11 hours. So frustrated. Does anyone know how long they can last?

    • Meanie

      How do you know you’re banned for 11hours? i’m not sure if my account i banned tho. it keeps saying ” Unable to authenticate. Please try again. ” only … but when i try my friends account it works but a google account tho.

      • BrutalSkorpio

        Thats exactly whats happening to me.. Since early yesterday morning as of july 26, it keeps saying “unable to authenticate” it’s been approximately 30 hours

        • buhl17

          if your using a pokemon go trainer club account and it dont authenticate u can fix it by going back into your email and finding the link they first sent you to authenticate it but if your using a gmail account ggood luck

  • Chand2much

    I want to know is that.. Can you still use gps spoof after you get unbanned. I tried it and it banned me again.. How long do you have to wait before using it again? The area that I’m in, there no pokemon..

    • Monkeymad

      see my comment below

  • Monkeymad

    To unban your self just change the time on you phone to a day ahead and you will be unbanned. The banning system uses your phones time and date settings along with how far you travel and calculates if that distance is possible in that time frame. So if you want to spoof to another country just forward the time 1 or 2 days, fake the gps location, then load pokemon go…


      Actually I tried this for a second time and this didnt work, I then turned off my gps spoofing application so that my phone used the real gps location, I am now no longer soft banned 🙂

  • DwainG

    If you want to avoid beeing soft banned just don’t jump to far, or stay in that region for thst day. I live in Germany and i was in NY Central Park, Berlin, London…the soft ban last longer if you jump a longer distance, so it’s only 2-3 mins for me if i jump like 4-5 km. I just stay at rhe point spinning a pokestop until it works again. If i want to hunt in another region i just wait the night and after 9 or 10 hours offline it doesn’t recognize any spoofing and you can play just fine. I play on pc (bluestacks) and turning gps on my mobile of to check my pokemons etc.

  • J

    Not sure about the top method. I think the ban just wore off but for a quick way to unban as soon as you get it, quick spin (method 2) works wonders.

  • krishna

    What should I do when I go India from London and there is not pokestop

  • Payl

    Okay why is my account spawning in the water doesnt say gps not on log on to a diff acc and im in the righht place but when i go to the pther it just doesnt load and characters huge

    • Vic

      I’m in the same situation. It works fine when I log into the regular PokemonGo app but when I log into the “Spoof App” from Tutu App, I just stand in the middle of water, no avatar, no map, no face on the bottom left corner, and for some reason it zooms into the avatars legs after a few min…

  • Carrie

    Why am I the only one that lost the option to buy coins after installing tutuapp?

  • Ken

    If I make another account to use the tutuapp and I get soft ban will it affect my main account aswell ?

    • Jasper


    • Herbasil

      Ken I made so much account all of the them will work. My family we all got soft ban due to we live 2 cities your account is fine(main) one.

  • luiscperu

    For all you guys. I’ve found a precise and concrete method to unban.
    1) Logoff from the account.
    2) Change the date time of the phone to 12 hours ahead not more !!.
    3) Login with the baned account.
    4) It should work.
    In case of iPhone, turn off the setting for getting time automatically (which is the 99.99% the way all user do)

    Keep Enjoying !!!!

  • Herbasil

    We live in to cities, San Francisco and Sacramento , whole family plays pokego and we all got soft ban, due to location changes every week or some times middle the week we travel back and forth. But the trick is the person who did this blog he’s RIGHT by doing so it refresh where you are if u uninstall the game(your mod) game and install the original from the app store. For those who really cheat or mod or tweak the game, you know what you need to do start read blogs online to safely protect you game. For those who doesn’t cheat you shouldn’t be worried, just uninstall the origanal game wait out and then install again wait out, then play the darn game. 50/50 on how you abuse the game you will get ban. But for my family we just travel between cities al the time.

  • Darkandroid86

    you do realise if u get soft banned just go to the nearest pokestop keep on going into it spin it come out of it click back on and continue doing that and after about 15-20 spins it will bypass the soft ban.

  • totomiz

    i dont know what happend , it said failed to detect location then i reinstalled it and doesnt let me sign in wth my google acc but only pokemon trainer club acc

  • User

    LUISCPERU i love you mate, thank you so much

  • Leonel

    there is a way to know if i get perma ban or if is just a soft ban?
    i used gps hack to go to another regions because near my house i don’t have nothing to see if i’m still banned and i live in a dangerous place to walk around if my phone exposed

  • Tom


    • Your Mother

      but some of us have no legs/are disabled/agrophobia

      no one should be left out because of an issue they have with going outside

  • harshit singh

    i just started location spoofing and once i opened the game but forgot to start the spoofing and was on my original place(nagpur,india) and so in my background i started the spoofer app and went back to game in new york and then i couldnt catch any pokemons nor collect stuff from pokestops or fight in gyms

    • yeh

      Yeah, you’re softbanned

  • Lorenzo

    Guys please can someone help me?? I can’t catch no pokemon at all but i can take items from pokestops! New tipe of soft ban or permban?

  • Sigurd

    When I try to open the game it says: Failed to get game data from the servers. Am I banned or are the servers down?

    • Ocor

      I get same message

      • Fpokemongo

        I got the same message this morning. What does this mean?

      • king

        yea same..how guys?please help me

        • Tim

          Lol you guys ALL GOT PERMA BANNED:) and so did I:( TO FUNNY

  • Valor boy

    If you get softban, spin pokestop for 40 times. ( spin and close 39 times and 40th try get you out).

  • Robin

    Yep I have been banned, too. I just walked through half of the country to get that Snorlax…

    • Qwizz

      Perma or soft?

  • Clefairy

    I’ve been banned since Saturday is there anyway to find out whether I’m banned forever? Will I ever get my account back ? I keep getting a message that says retry and I can never log in. I’ve deleted the account and used a different one and logged back in again but it won’t let me back in. FmL lol

  • Filip Luyckx

    When you got softed banned, take a pokestop and turn it for about 40 times, so in/out 40 times. Works all the time for me!

  • cLarkcesc

    hello guys..i already submit ban appeal to niantic…already six hours,my id cant open it..its failed to get data from server..my brother open my id,at other place at the same time and i got banned..please guys who know? when niantic will give the message about reinstated back my account back…please guys… who know?? i dont know what to do..i need my id back..please niantic..please guys help me..

    • Tim

      I’m sorry but your Pokemon go days are over. Kiss your account goodbye FOREVER.

      • Lukas

        It’s server problem not a ban

        • JCL

          its not a server problem. accounts banned. if you get this message = Failed to get game data from the servers. say goodbye to your account and just create a new one. PLAY FAIR MFCKRS!

  • Ben

    You might want to try removing your account from settings if you’re on android and re-add it to your device. More often than not it should fix it. If you’re perma banned you will get an email saying your account was terminated. So check that email before sending them an appeal.

  • Nic

    I flew from Asia to Europe.Get soft banned..
    Anyone can share the safe way using pokesniper without get caught ??

  • someone

    Its all bullshit idiot.

  • Suprzz

    if you get soft ban or permeant ban,
    does it still log to your account ?

    • iJeep

      A soft ban will still allow you to launch the game, you will just be unable to catch or collect anything until the ban is lifted. A perm ban will not let you log into your account.

  • Kikuukk

    Try to spin the same pokestop, but after 1 spin u must exit from pokestop (not game). Repeat it again until around 30 times. Im already try that and it work.

    • Boss

      It really works thnxx bro

  • Boss

    Im using tutuapp for pokemon go but while playing pokemon go from tutuapp any pokemon i catch breaks the pokeball and runs away…Plzzz anyone if u know the reason help me

    • jhumer

      you are soft banned dude

      • brian

        i was soft banned but i can catch and use poke stops now but the nearby feature that lets you select nearby pokemon on the map is gone its just normal sightings again

  • Moist

    If you guys want a quick unban just tap on pokestop/spin it/exit pokestop, repeat that 40 times and you’re unbanned.
    I do it every time i get banned from jumping locations,pokedex almost full just missing those legenday pokemon 🙂 (use pokesniper for pokemon locations)

  • Kushsmoker92

    I couldnt log in would say ” can not log in retry Or log in with another account” i waited for about an hour and i was able to play again, why is that.. Was i banned?