That horrible feeling when getting locked out of your iPhone because you can’t remember the passcode.

For some people, it’s even worse when they’ve enabled the Erase Data feature. This function will immediately remove everything from the device after 10 failed passcode attempts.


By default, there aren’t much you can do.

  1. Try your best to remember the passcode
  2. Restore the device from iTunes

…Or you can use a software a called Gecko iPhone Toolkit. This is a great tool for those of you who need to reset their iOS passcode without the need to restore it with iTunes.

But don’t get too excited yet. First, see if your device is even compatible with the utility.

Support the following devices:

iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPod Touch 3G, iPod touch 4G. Compatible with iOS 4.0 to 6.x.x.

How to recover your iPhone passcode

Step 1: Download Gecko iPhone Toolkit for free here (Re-uploaded to Dropbox server)

Step 2: Once you finish downloading it, open it up and connect your device to the computer.


Step 3: Choose your device, in this case, I’m going to use my iPhone 4 as an example. Click the “Boot” button. A new window will popup telling you to choose a firmware.  Those process will involve redsn0w, when it’s done, just click the “Launch” button.

Wait a few minutes for Gecko to read your passcode. Then it will show it to you in the box right under it.


Bypass “iPhone is Disabled” screen


Besides helping you get your passcode back, this tool also allows you to avoid the “iPhone disable”.

  1. Move to the second tab and select your device.
  2. Click on the “Bypass” button and put your iPhone into DFU mode.
  3. Just wait for it to do the rest.

My iOS device is not compatible 🙁

I’m sorry to hear that your iPhone or iPad isn’t compatible to run the Gecko Toolkit.

But don’t worry, there’s a way to prevent disabling your device and how to reset it using the iTunes method.

Never let anyone disable your iPhone


In the future, if you wish not to disable your iPhone or iPad by entering too many incorrect passcodes, try this free jailbreak tweak named No Passcode LockOut (review article).

It will let you type the wrong Passcode’s as much as you want without needing to wait for hours or reset from iTunes.

Restore from iTunes


If your device is already being disabled and, you can’t find a way to get out of it. Go ahead and launch iTunes on your computer.

What we’re going to do is erase the device. According to Apple, if you’ve synced your device with iTunes, you can restore it. To learn more about the process, click here.

That’s it, guys. Just keep in mind that Gecko iPhone Toolkit doesn’t work with iOS 7 devices. Let us know if you have any further questions.

  • yanif

    does gecko work on windows 8? I cant seem to get it working on windows 8

    • Armuhsin

      Use this

  • Marianne

    Does this work if the passcode is letters? Or does it only work with numbers?

    • Daymond

      Passcode with letters too.

      • me

        does it work for 5c and ios 8.4?

  • donald May

    Will it work with a jailbroken ipod 4g that uses a complex passcode?

    • Hawon

      What’s the firmware you’re using?

      • Chris

        Firmware … I so 4.0 something.
        I did jailbreak. Disabled.
        Ipod 4G.
        I got gecko.
        Can I solve my problem?
        Plz email me.

  • Mike

    Is there a Gecko Iphone Toolkit or something similar that will work with an Iphone 6 plus ios 8? I have over a thousand pictures and videos of my 4 yr old, 1 yr old and newborn. I am heartbroken that I can’t get them.

    • greg

      Has anyone responded to you, or have you found a solution? I just bought my iphone so I have the latest IOS (vers. 8.1 I think), but I am told Gecko Iphone Toolkit will not work with it. Have you found a later version or something similar?

    • Lord Daisan

      Other way around… Just reset your IPhone with Itune… And then you can recover your picture and video with “IPhone Data Recovery” software.

      • Mauro

        What is that Iphone Data Recovery? i mean, if i didnt do any backups, can i still do this data recovery? and how do u do it??

  • sal

    does this work with ipod 5 with ios8.3?

    • Hawon

      Not in this version

      • greg

        Is there a later version?

  • lorres007

    does it work also for the iphone4 cdma or just gsm?

    • Daymond Kay


  • Ismael Scipione

    Thankfully this new and awesome program which called Gecko iPhone toolkit will helps you to get back your lost iPhone passcode without needing to restore your whole device and lose your information, you know the rest of the story. So right now we are going to show you a little and easy guide that will helps you to get back your passcode, and the program is only available for Windows users.

    • kylee

      i have a i-phone 6 i forgot my password and now i have a disabled i-phone that is saying
      i-phone is disable connect to iTunes
      i really dont want to lose my photos or really anything that is on my i-phone
      i dont know if i have a icloud
      my fingerprint is on
      please help
      or is there any one
      anything you could recommend

  • Snow

    Hi, my iPad Air is currently disabled and I need help.

    The two computers I have available for this tutorial are a desktop with Windows XP and a Macbook Air. My iPad Air is currently somewhere in iOS 8. Will this process work with either of these computers and an iPad Air with iOS 8?

    please, please, PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Daymond Kay

    Hey Snow, I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, this tool will not work on your iPad Air. The only thing you can do is restore it from iTunes.

  • destan orno

    Where do we get the firmware?

  • Greg Watson

    My iPhone is disabled. I purchased it the day before I left for my daughter’s wedding (two weeks ago, so I guess it is IOS verson 8 something), and there are many photographs and videos and audio recording and text messages on that phone which are no longer accessible to me because my phone has been disabled. Apple is of no assistance to me nor my cell phone carrier. Everyone tells me this cell phone must be hard reset to the factory defaults which will erase all my data. I was not advised in advance that you only have so many trials to put in a password before it locks the phone permanently for all eternity, not even the phone alerted me to this inevitable catastrophe. The irony is because my memory is not as good as it used to be I was just attempting to remember what the password was behind the fingerprint that I was using and I did not even need to put it in in the first place. However once you attempt to put in the password the fingerprint is disabled and you only have so many chances to try your password before the phone is disabled. Strangely one person an AppleCare tells me that there is an update to the OS you can run on the phone which will erase the password and give me access to my data because he says I’m only locked out at the first level and not the final level. He said that I only had to take it to the Apple store and they could plug it in to do this. However after waiting 5 days for an appointment to go there, when I did go they would not even attempt to do it telling me that it is not possible. In the meantime, because I need to hold on to the phone, my 14 trial period has expired. I understand that getting my passcode will not help me because the phone is disabled and no place or opportunity to put it in. Is there any hack that can get me past this nightmare?

    • Daymond Kay

      Hey Greg, I’m sorry to hear about your problem. Unfortunately, this software won’t work with your iOS 8 device. Yes, the only way to get rid of the phone disabled mode is to hard reset it, which means all data including images and video will be removed.

  • PK

    Is this work for Ipad 2…?????????????????

  • star lord

    does it work with ios7.1

  • Sujan

    does this work with ipads..

  • Didi

    Does this work for iPhone 4s??

  • Robugarte

    Phone on disable mode, I know the passkey now since it was written on a note that I had in my desk the whole time but I tried entering wrong passkey too many times, gecko gives me the unsupported device message and redsn0w, I read that gecko is not compatible with ios 6 so I used redsn0w to downgrade but it gets stuck on “…60000 giving up” message can boot 6.0 with redsn0w no problem but not 5.x.

    phone is now jailbroken with cylic and ios 6.0 but still disable with connect to iTunes, I have no backups and I don’t want to loose my data. in my computer I have iTunes 9×64 java 7v4 x64 and the latest version of gecko and redsn0w, I had been downloading the ipsw’s from website.

    • Daymond Kay

      So now you know your passcode but your iPhone is now in disable mode?

  • wuafri

    thanks for sharing. my lock button is broke
    is it possible to do this process with that button being broke?

    • Daymond Kay

      I’m afraid not.

  • Paul Techie

    I have a disabled iPad 2, and know the passcode. How can I get it out of disabled mode to enter the passcode? Gecko toolkit not working for me. Any hope?

  • Bala

    Is archive have password ?
    Or need to complete some surveys ?

    • Daymond Kay

      None of those are required.

  • matt

    Can someone please tell me how I can get this to work on 4S? Phone is disabled and is asking for iTunes

  • wutthsan

    My iphone5 is locked .I forget my password.I don’t restore my phone.Please

  • alfian

    i know paswor icloud apple 4s

  • gonzalo


  • linda

    not work for me…
    devices unsupported…
    i using iphone 4 gsm…
    latest itunes….

  • jackson

    Iforgot my iphone 6 password but the one thing is iforgot icloud password also what should I do? please tell me please.

    • How

      I Just got the news that all my data is unrecoverable after reading this I can’t believe that this has gone on for so long and they have done nothing to fix this… I am now going through what those before me experienced… I’m still in disbelief that all is lost cause of a locked screen… After hours of downloading bs pass crackers and recovery SW I finally spoke to Apple, I had no Cloud backup and never cornered to iTunes never even updated the iOS and was under the impression that it would be OK… I was asked to remote so we could set up new Id thinking the back up would be a Plc to store a bkp till after rest but was told that this was actually not the case… It took some time to set it up , as we get to the end and I’m starting to think it would be OK the instructions was to “restore and update”. Why did you go to so much effort when I could have done this hours hours ago…. What the hell did we go to all the trouble do they not know how import people’s private information is and is that not why the make the security. So yr kids play with ur phone so u put a screen lock on so they don’t call random people only to come back to a disabled phone did not think that this would be to hard to fix after all it wasn’t locked to a cloud I we spent that whole time so I could use my device again, I still don’t understand how I have my code and divice but can’t get it back. So I am now devestad both Finacial and emotional but lucky I can still use my iPhone…. They say that this saved my files but they destroyed them,and this is cause I have no bkp, but the back up is sooooo much easier to crack, so WTF APPLE! Really?

  • Shana

    Will this work on the Verizon iPhone four CDMA

  • AP

    How long does this usually take have an iphone 4 im trying to unlock after gilfriend changed her code and forgot & of course she backs nothing up, Is it compatible with my iphone 4 no matter what the OS im not sure what she has on here dnt think its the most up to date so far I got the redsnow messae and hit launch was I supposed to download a file prior to that or any file for that matter to go with this? Its just got the green bar with cracking lock code as status want to make sure its working if possible?