Some people after getting the latest Pokemon Go update from the App Store has noticed a few changes to the game. First thing first, if your device is jailbroken, there is no need to install tweaks such as Masterball.

Simply put, Niantic has now removed the wall that blocks jailbroken users from playing Pokemon Go. Therefore, the app no longer crashes upon launch. Besides enhancing the servers, we also noticed that most of the hack no longer work.

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I mean, Tutuapp has reportedly stopped working for a few hours now, but the dev is working on an update. If you can’t wait any longer, here is a step to step guide on how to get a working hack for Pokemon Go.

Poke Go ++ doesn’t require Cydia, which means jailbreak isn’t needed. Further, it has features such as teleporting, change walking speed, tap to walk (based on this tweak), and much more. With the help of Cydia Impactor, you can now sign Poke Go++ into your iPhone or iPad.

cydia-impactor-mac (1)

Using Cydia Impactor and Install Poke Go++ 2.0

  1. Download the hacked .IPA from here (Now compatible with v1.23.2. including Buddy System. This one should work without the ipa.cpp:101 error. Thanks to PokeGo2 team)
  2. Grab the latest version of Cydia Impactor as well. It works on both Windows and Mac
  3. Connect your iOS device to the computer and launch Cydia Impactor
  4. Drag and drop the .ipa file into the tool and sign in using your Apple ID
  5. When prompted, select Allow, and it will start signing

This is something similar to how you would install an unsigned iOS apps using iFunbox. But this time, it doesn’t even require a jailbroken device. After the Poke Go ++ app is installed, you can start using it right away. The mod has been built right in with the official Pokemon Go game.

Before you open it, though, be sure to Trust the app via the Profile settings (learn how from here). Also, the same process must be repeated every week for the app to continue working. I know, it sucks, but your free developer account only lasts seven days per sign.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful, for more additional help, check out the video below.

Warning: I want you to keep in mind that these hacks can result in an account banning for several hours. After that, it should go away.

Update #1: The new download link has been added. This one should work with the latest Pokemon Go (v1.23.2 as of writing this and thanks to the Pogo ipa site).

Update #2: Don’t forget to install xCon from Cydia as well. (Not required)

  • roy

    doesnt work for me , it get an error after it almost finish, it says rejecting upgrade

    • JP

      same here, did you find any solution?

      • Hasjiesjz

        Same problem 🙁 still waiting for a solution…

        • Drake

          Make sure your iPhone is recognized by iTunes first then try the impacter.

          • Michael

            When I launch it, the hack isn’t there. It’s just that same lad Pokémon GO

    • rapidash

      Delete previous version of pokemon go !!
      I had the same problem.

    • deyams

      it says : Error, zip.cpp:515, cannot unzip the file,
      please help me bro, how do i fix this?

      • Mike

        Same problem here

        • Jake Peterson

          Okay, you people need to stop saying you have the same problem on someone else’s comment, because you aren’t helping at all.

          • Bob

            Same Problem here. =)

          • exercisegoddess

            I find it very helpful to know if an issue I have is also affecting others. Helps to narrow down what is causing it and also brings attention to it so it has a better chance of being resolved.

          • bitch

            fck you brother. motha fucka .

      • lol

        omg, you guys are so noob with pc (facepalm)

        • shanonigans

          Did you get it to work?

          • andrew

            getting this: error ipa.cpp:101
            Is that happening to anyone else? If so; how do you fix it?

      • Jiminiescricket

        Either the download is outdated and need a different download link or the file IPA file/s wasn’t downloaded properly

    • Andi

      yes is not work;(

      • brky

        same problem here 🙁

    • xAcrosnicx

      What is the website for the download, rather than just the link? I currently need an update to continue playing and the download you provide is not the latest update.

      • kmv

        I have the same issue. Link provided is not the latest update.

    • Jacqueline

      Make sure you have deleted the POKEMON Go app from your device. If the app is on the device you will keep getting the error.

      • javamanden

        THX alot,
        i got the 162 error, and your post helped me 😉

      • tatek

        it is helpful thank u

    • NoLuck

      Instructions how to do this not clear at all. What is the tool, drag and drop where, sign in to what?
      this doesn’t work at all

      • Jiminiescricket

        You use your cursor to and drag the IPA file onto the Cydia Impactor once you have the app open, then it asks you to sign in with your Apple ID, it will automatically start signing the IPA file & when it says “Complete” it’s installed on your phone (if you need any further help refer to this.

        • Molly Walker

          I did that and I got the error saying that android package is missing androidmanifest.xml, any ideas??

    • Luckie_eddie

      Disable 2 step authentication

      • JJ

        mine says the persmission permission denied

    • jon

      I’m not getting double xp from this update

    • arnold

      works just fine thanks

  • Nick

    Did all of the above but when I log in I only have 4 options on the left and the tap to walk/joystick does not work, any ideas?

    • paperplanes

      same for me, did you find a solution?

      • Bobby jones

        It works i did it on my iphone today download cydia impactor its gonna come in a folder then open it and extract every file on your desktop then right click on the cydia impactor and run it plug your phone to the computer its gonna read your phone drag the hacked pokemon go inside and click start then put your apple id and password so that it loads onto your phone

        • Bob

          i believe its patched

        • Wolf

          How do you mean, extract?

        • Dylan

          My phone doesn’t come up?

      • Golden1z

        go into settings then fake my location turn on

    • Donald Tump

      you have to go to the M and turn on Fake location

  • jtothec


    I have downloaded the Lydia Impactor on my Mac. But each time i tried to open it, it says Error, adb.cpp:175. How do i fix this? Thanks

    • Saunter

      Same here
      cannot unzip `/Users/saunter/Desktop/Pok__mon_GO__.ipa`
      I’ve deleted the original pokemon go app and downloaded cydia impactor and ipa, entered the apple id and pw, shows the thing above. I tried deleting the ipa and ci and redownloading them, but doesn’t seem to work.. If you found a solution in the 4 days after your post, can you share what the cause was and how to fix it?

      • Kailynn Ritchie

        i have this same problem can someone please find a solution?

        • Fausto

          the descomprimador must upgrade them out so that error

  • Matt Ramirez

    The impactor won’t recognize my device? Using iPhone 6.

    • Bruno Angos

      Same problem here =(

    • Bill Cipher

      Ghh I have the same problem as well, anybody know how to fix this??? I’ve looked all over any haven’t been able to find anything.

      • Thiru

        I have found a solution. Open the .ipa app. Add to the itunes library which will happen if u double click the app. Then drag and drop into the syncing place. Mine worked. If you need help feel free to drop me an email.

    • Lucas

      You have to install iTunes

  • Red

    Cydia Impactor won’t recognize my device, and if I try to install the USB driver, I get an error.

  • Ajinkya Patil

    You also need to unstall the previous version of thePokemon go App

  • paperplanes

    same problem, did all of the above but when I log in I only have 4 and the joystick doesn’t work

    • asian

      turn on fake location

  • jake linze

    hey i get an error message. says “provision.cpp:68
    Service not available because of maintenance activities, please try again after some time. ”


    • johnlow

      same here, what do i do

    • Rich

      Disable 2 step authentication

  • Paul

    I’m also having trouble on my mac. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, or I’m missing something, but every time I try to drag the .ipa to the impactor, I get error desktop.cpp:480. Please help!

    • Paul

      Nevermind, I’m dumb. My phone wasn’t plugged into my computer.

  • L

    Can someone explain to me how I log in at a fake spot?

  • Tj

    It won’t allow me to install it to my phone

  • Ericka

    Can anyone please upload hacked ipa to another sites? All I’ve found are the same filepup and google links. Impossible to download. Thanks

    • cakil

      same here, did u find a solution ?

  • kady

    It worked but how do i change the city?

    • c slayclair

      I want to know this too

  • Frizzy

    I downloaded this, used my account that’s level 17 that I got to legit and it somehow is lvl 3 and almost all of my Pokemon are gone it’s like my acc is completely reset, I haven’t seen more than 3 pokemon either. and I had captured over 500 Pokemon on this account. ANybody know whats happening? omg.

    • teeayeand

      Seems like a soft ban. Wait a few hours.

    • Devin

      Your on the wrong account obviously,how many pogo accounts do you have??? Damn

    • Ston3rPow3r

      not a softban its called wrong account make sure you have right username and password and either google or ptc account also this does work and I will create a youtube link in the next few hours with details for everyone to follow. Ston3rPow3r

  • zoe

    i keep gettting a error called lockdown.cpp hellppppp ive tried everything

  • kimunkTR

    i cant download .ipa file 🙁 can anyone please upload hacked ipa to another sites please 🙂

  • sonteng

    why i cant download .ipa file help please …

  • ktp

    Can sameone sent .ipa file to my email please !! Cause i cant download hacked .ipa file

  • Paul

    Does This only work for 64 biT iphones?

  • Vipul7456

    Friends…. 1st delete old Pokemon game from iPhone & then install with above method… It will work for sure..

    My problem is if i move in other location, can’t find any Pokemon there…

    Anyone help…?????

  • anthony

    Just downloaded as if august 3. It still works! HOWEVER as he said it requires you to download itunes and HOWEVER you MUST have an iphone , ios device. If the joystick isnt working . Go to the settings in the app and turn on fake location.. all should be well and working. Enjoy!

  • pwfroberg

    will not let me catch pokemon!!! ball shakes once then runs away every single time.

    • teeayeand

      You got soft banned. Wait 2 hours.

      • Me

        or click on the same poke stop 40 times and the ban is lifted.

  • Guifb99

    the Cydia Impactor doesn’t work, when it gets to the “signing.ipa” message, it crashes.Every time. Any help??

    • Chase

      Try running iTunes as administrator and turn off find my iPhone as well as your password.

  • hey

    hey new ipa. keeps rejecting me please help !

  • hey121212

    hey new ipa. keeps rejecting me please help !

  • TwerkingElephant

    I installed the tweaked pokemon go from tutuapp and when i open it i have no joystick or no tap to walk, what do i do?

    • PheonixFlame

      If you have the tutu app one just restart the app to get them back if that doesn’t work then I don’t know because I have experienced this before with tutu app HOPE IT HELPS !!

  • c slayclair

    when i get soft banned i just try to catch a pokemon then i put 1x and walk to a pokestop and spin and get unbanned instantly

  • MunMun

    “Enhanced Throw” seems to now function properly any feedback and/or similar experience.

  • BB

    I can’t recolt anything into pokestop, any ideas why ?

  • brice

    i am getting error crypto-win.cpp:44 any clue. i tried googling but cant find a solution any help would be great thanks

  • Leonardo

    It would be amazing if it worked for Android too… 🙁

    I mean, this version with all those features that other apps on Android doesn’t have.

  • wat

    Spoofing does not work with iOS 9.3.3 or 9.3.4 (iphone 6s+)

  • John Doe

    Anyone have a different upload site???? This filepup site sucks really bad can’t download bad hotlink or whatever error. Please upload somewhere else.

  • Mason

    I get this every single time I try it
    Unable to add device ‘Mason ****’s iPhone’ because the team has already reached the maximum number of iphone devices.”

    Any ideas on what to do?

    • teeayeand

      This error occurs when Apple Developer Program is down for maintenance.

  • Hao

    GPS sigbal not found ? Help plzz

  • Jonah

    I keep getting the error
    Android package is missing AndroidManifest.xml”

    • Asi

      Same here, have you found a solution?

      • Marilyn

        I keep getting the same error also, have you found the solution yet.

        • jaza nami

          me too

          • Molly Walker

            Any solution??? Having this problem too.

  • Joe

    I installed this hack and it works great btw… So much fun! What happens now that Niantic released a new update? Do I delete the app from the phone then re-download Pokemon go from the App Store, then reinstall the hack again?

  • Dhyey

    The ipa file is not installing on my Mac what do I do?

  • Wh

    The App Store have an update has anyone tried this with the new update?

    • teeayeand

      Just updated with the newest link.

      • teeayeand

        Try again.

        • johnny

          It’s not working, it get’s rejected

      • wh

        What new link?

        • teeayeand

          It’s already included in the article.

          • sam

            Hey Teeayeand, the map radar was suddenly reduced, and we are unable to see any pokemon anywhere beyond the circle that that radiates around our character on the map. Not sure if this is a bug.

            Btw, loving the IV feature. saves me the time to jump between 2 apps!

  • Miles

    is there a similar tweak for androids?

  • Kk

    Android version?

  • Mike

    I am now getting a new version is available and then I’m brought to the all store to download Apple test flight.. What is going on?

    • Manda

      I have this problem too, keen for a fix!

  • Pogi

    It said error.. Does not match installed applications application identifier string. rejecting upgrade.

    any quick fix?

    • Obinna

      You have to delete the current Pokemon Go app first and then drag the IPA file to the Cydia Impactor. If it gives you an error when you try to sign in to your apple ID, saying that you are trying to install it on another device then go to, sign into your account and disable two step verification. After that try again. Good luck! Send me any questions to my email

      • JAC


  • DJ

    the new update niantic just released forces you to update poke go ++ and removes the hacks to it. How do you get around it?? makes it a regular pokemon go

  • potter810

    i just tried is and its not working

  • Hunke

    All hacks detecting By niantic , have solution about this ?


    hi it was done. i can walk but i cant get pokeballs at pokestop. help me….

  • Melissa

    So I’ve redone it all exactly how it says, deleted the app, connected the device, brought the new iP to cydia, restarted the game, logged in, but I dont see ANY pokestops or pokemon… location is on. Restarted pokemon go and my iphone multiple times and redeleted and put on the new pokemon go ++ multiple times. Suggestions?

    • Eric

      I have the same problem and its happening in my ipad. Can see the map without pokestops or pokemon.

  • Presley

    New update, is possible to ha e the new ipa, ora maybe explain how to do by myself? Thank you!

  • Mar cel

    how can i play it after the update? is there a new .ipa ?

    • teeayeand

      You can find the new ipa above.

  • Aaron

    Couldn’t resolve host name
    Couldn’t resolvevhost ‘’

    • Punit


    • Jamie Honore

      did you ever resolve this?

  • DonteaDivine

    i key my apple id and password right, but it say please sign in with an app-specific password, what is that???

  • Julio

    It’s working well, I already try it with new IPA on ios 9.3.4, can you also create this pokemon go ++ to android apk, maybe you can have link ? Thanks

  • nick

    All the pokemon I run into run from me after 1 ball. Is that normal?

    • teeayeand

      You got softban. Check back again in a few hours.

  • john

    after the updates from pokemon go it will not work anymore
    when you start up it needs to be updated
    when you don’t, you cannot play
    if you do, you get the Original version

  • johnlow

    it says provision cp 68 listTeam You cannot run your app on a device
    What should i do?

  • nana

    Android package is missing AndroidManifest.xml”
    What does this mean? Please help

  • Jeremy

    doesnt work now. will there be an update?

  • john

    I am not able to get anything out of the pokestops. I can spin them but nothing comes out? Has bee like this for about 4-5 hours now maybe.. Is this is soft band issue? Or something I did wrong during the install?

    • Obinna

      Spin the poke stop, click out of the poke stop, spin the poke stop again. Repeat the process about 30-4o times. Or till it finally drops items. Do not stop after 10 or so spins. It will not work. And no I do not mean tap the pokestop and spin continuously because it won’t work. It is important to do a small spin, click the x, click the pokestop again and spin, repeat the process for at least 40 times. And I guarantee you it will work and drop items

  • Kenny

    Damn TEE go work for niantic already damn

    • teeayeand

      LOL 😀

  • anders

    it says provision cp 68 listTeam You cannot run your app on a device

    • Ty


  • FearTheMuffin

    How to fix denied error?

  • WilIAM

    Getting error crypto-win.epp:44

    How should I fix this?

  • Josh

    Having trouble finding pokestops, pokemon and gyms..
    This was the same for app store version until i installed pokepatch for pokemon go. not just this version is not showing anything

  • Sube

    Must update to pokemon go v 0.33.0

  • ray

    Could you please add the updated 1.5r-15 file?

    • ทักษพร กันแก้ว


  • mewt

    Doesnt work anymore as of today August 23 2016 or is it just me?

    • Anon

      A new version of Pokemon has been released

      • teeayeand

        Refresh the page 🙂

        • STL80

          Thanks!!!! You are making this game playable for those of us not blessed enough to be in a large Metro are

  • Krisjin

    I cannot catch my starter….I had a little bit of trouble signing up with my account but after that it seemed smooth….Until now, I log into the game fine everything , but AS SOON as I hit the starter Pokemon I want the game crashes please help

  • STL80

    Any way to slow the walking down? I have it set for walking and at 1x but it is going way too fast still

  • mmaannuueell

    i was able to install the app , it loads properly with my account, but i can’t walk with the joystick and i don’t see any pokemon on the list nor map

  • Denis

    ipa.cp:145, any idea how to solve this?

    • Denis

      anybody faces this error? ipa.cp:145, installed application is from a different account

      • tom jones

        I am having this error

        • tom jones

          Solution found: Follow instructions and delete pokemon go app first

  • Apollo

    Where is the latest version with bug fix of the lower right screen and map using GORadar?? This is 1.5.0 but with old tweak functions…

    • SeanHowl

      Yes…. Please give me back the IV% function……..

  • Danny

    So I’ve been using the app for a couple days. Works pretty good but is there way to teleport to different locations at all? I can’t seem to find a way. Also what is the IV feature ? And I can’t seem to see any Pokemon outside of my normal radius, or does this app not show Pokemon in a larger radius? Thanks again for a great app none the less

  • Kyle

    I keep getting an error code about UNIX, what do I do because it won’t let me download the app?

  • Lucas

    i get an error saying :

    list teams=1102
    you cannot run your app on a device

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    • Edward

      Yea me too idk why it says that it worked for my friend he has an iPhone 6 S and i got a iPhone 5?

  • microsb

    can you tell me where i can download the latest .ipa file? or when you share the .ipa file, can you post the base info .

    • teeayeand

      The current one is the newest one. It’s up there.

      • SeanHowl

        but this is the one with the old tweak functions……

  • Edward

    I drag the .IPA file to the cydia impactor and my phone is conected but then is says
    listTeams =1102
    You cannot run your app on a device.

  • Svend Dellepude

    The so-called updated .IPA file is not the newest version of the hack! On the contrary, it takes you some versions back, all the way to v1.4-r28 of the hack. Booh!

    • teeayeand

      Please check again. Just got a newer link :). Thanks for reporting.

  • B4D4MS

    According to the current version is 1.5r-20, is the link above for this file? The file I download has a generic name so hard to tell. It looks like 1.5r-0 as that is what I currently have on my iPhone. I am trying to locate 1.5r-20, if you happen to know where to find it.
    Thanks in advance!

    • teeayeand

      The above link should work.

      • B4D4MS

        Thanks, I’ll give it a shot!

        Ps. Is there a master repository site where we can find all of the versions? I’ve checked Will Cobbs twitter and other pages he posts to and he says to just “Google poke ++ ipa” or such. Which I do and usually it brings me to this site or one like it.

  • JOHN

    i get error :

    _assert(response.head[“content-type”] == “text/x-xml-plist”)

    help me

  • Lucifer

    I am getting an error zip.cpp:558 cannot unzip file not a zip archieve.
    so what t do?

  • zaxed5239

    When I start the download, it states:
    installed application is from a different account
    Any help?

    • Cockachu

      I’m getting the same exact error. It lets me install the older version 1.3 but when I delete the old version and try to install 1.5 I get this error before it starts signing IPA. HELP

      • Jimmy

        Me too

    • Alex

      Me too.

      • DJay

        me 3

    • DJAY

      Figured it out… Gotta uninstall Real version of Pokemon Go. Then it works.

    • Jay

      Usual when it says installed from a different account you need the delete the currently installed version of what your trying to install

    • Angeloli

      me 4

  • Rahul

    I did this once…after a week I tried to reinstall according to the YouTube video. The installation in Cydia impactor stops at “signing ipa”.. pls help…the app is amazing by the way!

  • rhemzkie

    ipa.cpp:147 error for iphone 4s how to fix

  • KenPatrick

    Got my new version downloaded on both my iPhone and iPad. iPhone allows me to sign in with my Google account but my iPad will not allow me to sign in with my Google. Any workarounds on this? Thank you.

    P.S. Great work by the way!

  • DJAY

    Is there an IPA that allows you to have both original and hacked version like before?

    If so please link. Danke.

  • Laims

    I was able to install but can’t figure out how to use it! Anyone help?

    • Laims

      So i was able to figure out and had some good fun with it but then it all stopped.. I could still see the map and move around, but all functions were gone (game menu functions). I deleted the app and re-installed, it won’t even start 🙁 Did they just catch this app?

      • Laims

        Downloaded the app using a different Apple ID account and it loaded fine. Wonder if this was a glitch or I’ll have to keep using different Apple ID accounts now every time it stops working?

  • Teddy Ayres

    i accidentally updated my iphone and now its iOS 9.3.5 and it wont work for me anymore, someone help lol

  • Lucian hanabishi

    so do we have to down load an updated hack file to update the pokemon go++ when the Buddy system release?

    • teeayeand

      There is no hack for the newest update. Just wait.

      • zonkttc

        still waiting.

  • Thomas

    Any way you can update this to the latest version? (1.7)

    • Chaan

      The latest ipa is out already. Works with 1.7.

      • LB

        What is the link to download the latest ipa for 1.7?

        • teeayeand

          Refresh the post

    • teeayeand

      Updated. Please check again.

  • kittenswithmittens

    thank you thank you thank you thank you!! these updates are the best things ever! <3 <3

  • Zac

    Got this message when I dragged the .ipa file onto the cydia impactor.
    Please sign in with an app-specific password. You can create one at”
    Problem is, I have already done it. Any solution?

    • Jay

      Turn off two step verification

      • Zac

        Nice! Thank you man

    • RayKnobs

      You need to disable two step authentication.

  • pokemonmaster

    link is dead. any new link? thanks!

    • teeayeand

      It’s still working.

  • zonkttc

    1.70.0 keeps crashing on me. 20 times in the last 30 mins.

  • RayKnobs

    Upgrade to IOS 10 tonight and then loaded the game through impactor. Works great.

    • teeayeand

      Awesome. Thanks for reporting the news.

      • rayknobs

        also.. no need to install xcon.
        1. you can’t because you don’t have cydia installed
        2. it’s now incorporated into poke++ ( i think)

        I did nothing with it, my pokemon is still working fine.

  • tan hock beng

    Hi need help as when i drag the IPA file over after login in iTunes acc and password it load awhile than show me

    error ipa.cpp:147
    installed application is from a different account

    Any solution??

    • Dave

      Delete original POKEMON app and try again. It work for me.

    • smoothy

      Same here. I tried uninstalling the Pokemon Go app, reinstalling, and reloading the IPA. No success.

    • Oscar

      Hey Im getting this same problem. I delete the app off my phone and re downloaded it, no success. Is there anything else I can do to have it installed? thanks in advance!

  • avo

    ios/addDevice =5405
    Unable to add device ‘Avo’s Iphone’ because the team has already reached the maximum number of iphone devices.

    Any ideas can’t install get this error message on mac, when trying to install ipa

  • Gabriel


  • jimbo

    anyone get it working for 1.7.1?

  • Dave

    I had install in 2 device with some problems but manage to over come it and working fines. But I am having problem with another IP6 keep giving me following error :

    cannot open
    Permission denied

    Do not know what it is what the problems. Please help. Thank you.

  • Harry

    error message http-win.cpp:158 Couldn’t resolve host name Couldn’t resolve host ‘’
    When I tried to install Pokemon go ++

    Any help would me much appreciated!!
    Thank you!!!

    • zozo

      same here, any solution for this? thanks

      • doko

        anyone knows how to solve this?

  • francis bunk

    Everything worked great for me until i went to go move my avatar in the game and it doesnt seem to wanna move.. can anyone help? this is my first time using this so it may be something so stupid. im sorry for being a noob

    • fju

      same problem here

  • L

    v1.7.0 does not have the AR toggle (augmented reality) on the top right of the screen. Does anyone know how to turn it on?

  • Seba

    Marca error con la contraseña de mi cuenta y es la misma con la que ingreso en mis dispositivos.

    Favor si alguien me puede ayudar.

  • Matthew

    Can anyone explain this in more detail to me i dont fully understand step. 4 i would really appreciate it thx 😉

    • Zul

      launch the cydia impactor,drag the ipa file to the cydia impactor. Lastly,drop the ipa file on the cydia impactor. If you follow,it will prompt you to sign your apple id and password. Dont forget to uninstall first the pokemon go from apps store,

  • brendan

    works mint just wondering if you know of a fly gps app that can spoof your location so you dont have to walk for a day to get to aussie ahhahahah

  • Ogse

    We’re now at Pokemon Go 1.9, is there any update on this ipa file? Thanks for the post!

    • MO1

      I also wait for the latest Pokemon Go++ update.
      Bro, please update the latest.
      Thank you.

      • tan hock beng

        cannot used now need to update

        • Cedar

          Since the most recent iOS hotfix/update (I forget the number), this hack is currently unavailable-We are forced to update the app via the app store. We need to wait for Tyrone to find the new updated .ipa and provide it to us. I’ve been very amazed and satisfied with the capabilities of the previous apps and I look forward to the 1.9 version.

          • Cedar

            I knew you guys would be on top of this! I’m glad there are programmers out there who enjoy providing we gamers with the mods we appreciate so much. Keep up the great work!

          • teeayeand

            The new update is out 🙂

  • Evibots

    Prompted to download lastest pokemon go version each time i launch the app….gotta wait for the next update

    • Tessa

      Me too! Any work arounds or ideas?

  • Iorek

    Just sad that there is no option NOT to update the latest version of pokemon go. I can’t play now using the ++… Cant wait for the latest version of ++…

  • Flora

    Hack stopped working today with the new Pokemon go update. I assume the hack needs updating too. Who can I contact, i need to feed my addiction and it’s only been down for an hour haha

    • Harold Merriman

      Flora I know exactly what you mean. I’m a 64 yr old poke junkie. lol

  • Flip

    Dumb question about the update…will tbe article be updated, or will OP link the update in comments.

    Or does anyone have a clue?

  • Harold Merriman

    Thank you so much for the update 1.9 works fine on IOS 10.1

  • Zenmaster

    thanks for the update 1.9

  • Iorek

    Thank you ao much for the update!

  • Buckbeak

    Hey i got this problem. Anyone pls help.
    Ipa.cpp:147 installer application is from a different account

    • r3viv3

      same problem too

  • Teezy

    lol article title: “how to install poke go++ without jailbreak”

    update at end of article: “oh yeah don’t forget to install this thing from cydia, that you need to be jailbroken in order to have”

    • teeayeand

      Sorry about that. Seems like I added it for no reason.

  • jjbrandt

    why isn’t there a teleport option

  • Yoga

    its work thanks 🙂

  • Cam

    I don’t believe the link for the IPA works anymore. It says this download is no longer available. Any update?

    • teeayeand

      Thanks for reporting. New link is up 🙂

  • Equipped

    Not working for iOS10.2?

  • Equipped

    Does not seem to be working for iOS 10.0.2. Anyone having the same issue?

    • Brian

      Installed fine on mine. I am ios 10.0.2


    joystick doesn’t work.. i am on IOS 10.0.2

    • DirelessWolf

      Have you changed the setting in the game to “use fake GPS”? Switched the button, otherwise the joystick doesn’t work indeed. I forgot it the second time to haha.

  • june

    Mine keeps saying that I have to update to continue, and is not allowing me to continue. Any ideas?

  • bikerdedk

    Working ? with new update (captcha)

  • Seany

    Couldn’t connect to server
    Failed to connect to port 443: Timed out

    Can’t download new one or old one… I have used it for months now always delete old version for new one… blah nlah NO WORK

  • matt

    Hey I have been making the last couple of ipas if you want to email me go ahead and I can keep you updated directly. Thanks and nice article explains pretty well.

  • Yoshi

    Hi is there a new ipa for pokemon 1.11.4 ..where you can use 6 polemon to fight gym own by team mate..really need that..pweassee..

  • Ginga

    Can someone tell me how to teleport? Even with the 8x driving it takes forever to get to different cities.

  • Brian

    Looks like we need a new IPA. This one seems to no longer work. Specifically, It tells you that there is an update. Clicking ‘ok’ will take you to the App Store. Just stopped working in the last few hours.

    • Brian Young

      Scratch that.. Got it going

      • Eric

        How? I’ve reinstalled the old file and I’m still getting prompts to update with no way to continue playing.

  • Ang

    New update for ver 1.13.3 coming soon?

  • Aaron Kim

    @Brian Young: So how do you do it?!?!?! It keeps saying to update to continue.

    • Brian Young

      I will explain exactly how I did it. There might actually be a couple things I did or didn’t do, but hey.. It works for me
      Anyway Mine is done using a desktop with windows 7. This is for IOS because I have a 5S. Also, it helps to know your iphone e-mail and password, as you will be asked for it.

      1) Download the latest version on Cydia Impactor and extract it to your desktop.

      2) Make a new folder and put all extracted files in it.

      3) Download IPA, but DO NOT extract it.

      4) Just open it and slide the only file in it to desktop.

      5) Now open Itunes. ( Minimize it)

      6) Open Impactor (from within folder you saved extracted files to)

      7) Plug your phone into the computer. (Wait a minute or so for activity to stop.)

      8) Drag the IPA to the Impactor.
      (Note: This process takes approx 2 to 3 minutes)

      9) Once it completes (signing..extracting..etc) you may unplug your phone.

      10) Now go to your phone settings to GENERAL >> DEVICE MANAGEMENT. Click on it. It should show you your e-mail address. Click on it and trust it.

      11) Now once you open Pokemon Go, and have gotten through the sign in process, there are a couple things you need to do.
      A- Open the tweak menu on the left and click on settings.
      B- Turn on- Dismiss map on Walking and Fake Location (Very Very VERY important)
      C- Change the ‘Time to save location’ to FOREVER

      You should be good to go. Let me know if I was of some help.

      • Brian Young

        As far as which file is currently working for me.. it is

        • Brian Young

          Also, don’t forget to uninstall Pokemon Go from your phone before beginning (Common error)

        • Brian Young

          It now appears that this IPA is no longer functioning. Mine just quit working. Oh well, once a new IPA is posted, hopefully my instructions above will help people.

        • Tan Hock Beng

          hi, the IPA does not work anymore…Waiting for updates…Thank you

  • Brian Young

    Another issue I have encountered as well is the joystick may be missing. Simply restart.. Oh and on that note, when you restart, A prompt will appear asking you to get Poke Radar (I think it is) Now whether you say yes or no to it, the app store will open. Just close it all out and you should be fine from there.

  • Ricardo Quino

    you can upgrade to the new version?

    • Chris

      where can I find the correct ipa

  • James

    Mine stopped working today (after working flawlessly for weeks) and says it needs to be updated. Updating just takes you tot he Apple Store which is of no use. So it looks like we need a new IPA file. Any fixes for this issue yet? Missing my Pokemon Go!

    • Lauren

      Agreeed! I’m having the same issue! Missing out on all these candies and ghost Pokémon!

      • Tyrone

        It’s now updated. Refresh the page.

        • Aaliya

          The new update doesn’t seems working. I am still getting the same “Update to Continue” message.

          • Tyrone

            Re-download the new link, please. Thanks

        • VL

          hello , i tried the new update this morning and the game keep telling me i need a new version .. is there something i missed ?

        • Enrica

          Where is the link for the working updated IPA please?
          Many thanks

          • Tyrone

            It’s now up.

        • Siti

          Did all the procedures just like previous weeks, but this time it keeps telling me that “A new version of pokemon go is available. Would you like to update now?” when I signed in. I am not sure if the IPA file is the updated version. I downloaded the 1.11.4 version

        • Vincent

          Still doesn’t work for me. Anybody managed to get it to work?

        • Siti

          I did all the steps just like the previous weeks but this time it won’t work. It keeps telling that “a new version of pokemon go is available. Would you like to update?”

          I downloaded the IPA v1.11.4. Is that the latest version?

        • Traveler

          the MEGA link is still v1.11

        • Yoshi

          It’s not updated bruh….you just update the text not the link….

          • Tyrone

            Yo, it’s updated now. Sorry about that.

  • Jack511

    Hye, is there any new update on ipa?mine stop working today and they ask for update from apple store.appreciate feedback.

  • pancho

    The download is v1.11.4 not v11.13.1

  • pancho


    The download is v1.11.4 not v11.13.4

  • Lucas

    Hi, the file in the IPA link is the 1.11.4 version instead of 1.13.4
    Thank you

  • IXcom Peter

    The Pokemon Go ++ 1.11.4.ipa still not work, Popup Update to continue. Please upload the new fixed version!

  • Jose

    Thanks for for update the .ipa every time, but today haven’t uptate the link, only update the text.
    The link available is for the “Pokemon Go ++ 1.11.4.ipa”

  • Sieg

    The new update 1.11.4 keep says to upload .. am i the only one who have this prob ?

  • Sieg

    The new update 1.11.4 keep says to download latest version of the game. am i the only one who have this prob ?

  • Brian Young

    I tried to post the link where I found the correct IPA, but for whatever reason, it did not show up here. I guess it isn’t allowed.

  • Billa

    Link still says download to update , its not working. Nearly 40 of my friends are waiting for the link …. plz plz update the latest link .
    Appreciate your help

    • Tyrone

      Just got another link up. Please try that one.

  • Steven

    i found the file on reddit. just search pokemon go 1.13 hack

  • Billa

    Finally its working thanks for the quick response and Fix Tyrone.
    Let me know if you accept donations… plz send me link

  • TBdy

    The is extremely slow, could you move it to a faster server?

  • Mikaela

    File does not exist. Plus there are a billion popup windows. Not very confident in this hack!

    • Tyrone

      Still working on my side. I just posted another link. Check again.

  • Sandy

    i always get this : crypto-win.cpp:44 file cannot be found how to fix?

  • Mocha

    Lag every event, update

  • Highlander

    Just a heads up that Niantic just released another update. Just started getting the “A new version of Pokemon GO is available… Update to continue” when using the hacked IPA.

  • Andy Tan

    Hi, hope all is well. Just needs a new update. Stopped working about 2 hours ago!


  • Mike

    FYI: v1.13.4 is no longer working as an update is now required

  • Toy

    First of all many thanks for your post, really great work.

    Poke++ don’t work anymore due to another update today, do you know where we can get the new .IPA file ?

  • SIegfried

    is there a new update of the hack for the new 1.15 version of pokemon go ?

  • andrew

    the app needs to be updated past 1.13.4

  • Susan Mimi

    The radar for the new version is not remembering the pokemons. I used it to walk to my favorite pokemons but now the feature is lost. Same for the pokemons picked up by the other trainers, they are no longer showing.

  • Susan Mimi

    After updated to the latest iOS (10.11), it’s asking the “app specific password”. I went ahead generated one but the installation (Impactor) just couldn’t take it.

    • Spidey Ben

      Mine works, I log into, generated the apps password and it works fine.

      Maybe you need to specify the apps name as Lydia Impactor, and then use the generated password. Note that you need to include the ‘-‘ also, do not leave the ‘-‘ out as they are part of the password.

  • OJ


    anyone else experiencing that the map does not show any pokemons anymore?
    i’ve noticed this from the last update


    • JJ

      Would you or anyone else on here know why when I try to put the file to impactor it says permission denied, I’ve tried this like 10 times and it says the same things idk why or what to do about it.

  • Ashton

    is there a way to go to the specific country that i want to catch the region exclusive?

  • Henry

    Poke++ 1.17.0 c.ipa

    cannot find .app/Info.plist

    • vander

      same here 🙁

    • Bruno

      Same issue here.

  • KHiZzMo

    not working ipa error:101

  • Susan Mimi

    Can’t install the new version. Seems that .plist file is missing.

    cannot find .app/info.plist

    • edil

      same here

  • edil

    i have an error for 1.17.0 it says ipa.cpp:101 error

  • Mocha Dya

    Same issue. Wait new ipa file

  • Billa

    Can’t install the new version. Seems that .plist file is missing.

    cannot find .app/info.plist

    • Joshua High

      Getting the same issue.

  • Bernard

    Every time I try to install the latest 1.17.0 ipa I get the error “ipa.cpp:101 cannot find .app/Info.plist”
    I have deleted the previous app off the phone and can reinstall the previous ipa version – a bug with the new ipa?!

  • Donquixote

    Bug fix file 1.17 for IOS plz…!!
    cannot find .app/info.plist
    thank you..!!

  • Crabchung

    Can’t install the new version(1.17.0)Seems that .plist file is missing.

    cannot find .app/info.plist

  • tarun

    anyupdate when are you going to update the latest version …….getting
    cannot find .app/info.plist

  • Allex

    Isn’t working i can’t install it

  • mochadya

    new link work

  • dmac93

    its not working

    says error

    ipa.cpp: 162
    installed application is from a different account

    anyone can help please

  • Jacksu

    Sorry, still pop-up ipa.cpp 162 Error
    installed application is from a different account.

    • Dave

      You have to uninstall the official pokemon go first

  • Trent7x


    Please sign in with an app-specific password. You can create one at

    positive everything is right.

    anyone else getting this?

    • Kylie

      you have 2- step verification code active on your phone for when you sign in, download apps, etc. just go to apple sign in, go to your acct and somewhere it says generate password click that and that generated password for cydia. its a really long one with dashes in it, you will have to put the dashes in when typing out

  • blind7x

    keep getting
    Please sign in with an app-specific password. You can create one at

    Anyone getting this or know what it means?

    All my information is 100% correct.

    Thanks in advance!

    • originaldoll

      you have to turn off dual sign in on itunes for it to work

  • originaldoll

    its stopped working for me. asking to update 🙁

  • Alex

    When I try to sign in with my Apple ID and password, it keeps giving me an error message that says: “this feature requires an Android device.”

    Any ideas on what to do????

  • minix

    getting this error too

    cannot find .app/info.plist

    How do I fix it???

  • Shwillbo

    keep getting an error about it not being able to install due to being in a certain state?
    why would it matter if I’m in Indiana vs florida

  • Shwillbo



    key not valid for use in specified state.

    ive used this hack since it came out, and have updated everytime you guys come out with an update.
    this ones not working for me. (v1.17.0)

  • Brian Young
  • Susan

    Why the pokemons on the map never go away, even after they expire for long time. It always displays “Disappears at 7:01:57PM”.

  • kiran

    Its not working now ,,,,, do we have new link available please ?

  • Kelvyn

    There is new update therefore urgent IPA cannot be used. Waiting for new IPA and thank you

    • Kelvyn

      Current IPA*

  • Andrew

    this app needs to be updated to the latest version as of December 9th, 2016.

    • Tyrone

      New link is up!

  • Puny-sher

    Hi there!

    Sorry but link is still the old one? It asked me to update.
    Thanks for the great work though!

  • Jose

    I’ve updated to the last version, but now I don’t see all options of the hack inside de game. When I click “M”, it doesn’t show the option to walk around, neither the speed. And when clicking on config, I can’t enable fake location option… =/

  • superman

    I installed it with no problem but after installation the joystick does not move the trainer, he stands still…

  • Kelvyn

    Gen 2 Pokémon have launched. New pokedex on the update.
    Waiting for new updated Ipa.

    Thank you

  • edwinIsPro

    The specified keychain is not a valid keychain file. i need help with this. thank you

  • sasha

    Please update the link and the article.

    also cydia just doesn’t see my iPad and iPhone for some reason. iPad worked for 2-3 times then cydia just stopped seeing the device completely

  • Sashka

    Please update the IPA 🙁

  • Kali

    I downloaded the new update but it just tells me that I need to update in order to use the app and wont let me play

  • Alleex

    There its a wrong link for download what i am downloading now its from 27/09/2016

  • Jiman

    So like when is the new IPA will be uploaded because gag

    • Tyrone

      It’s already up.

  • Pogo++ Supporter

    Why don’t you post links to the original instead of a re-packaged file?

    Original is here:

    • Tyrone

      Last time I posted it the link died within a few days.

  • Ben

    Happy New Year to all, when can we get the new IPA file?

  • Craig

    Hi. the current install v1.21.0. still has the ipa.cpp:101 error ?

  • jarvis

    where is the new ipa file, i keep getting an error when trying the one provided in the link.

  • Tan Hock Beng

    Another update

    • Tyrone Hamilton

      Uploading…please standby

    • Tyrone Hamilton

      New link is now up.

      • Carlos Luis Roxas

        Hi do we have a new link for the new IPA for the Pokémon go?

        • Tyrone Hamilton

          The new link is already live.

          • Carlos Luis Roxas

            Where can I get the file

          • Carlos Luis Roxas

            Thanks Tyrone, where can I get the new file

  • Carlos Luis Roxas

    Hi, where can I download the latest IPA for Pokémon go appreciate if someone can send me the link at thanks

  • Tyrone Hamilton

    Yes but it will not work. You will need to generate a App-Specific password from Apple ID page.

  • Genesis3.8

    Why do the profile expire so quick? Anyway to bypass that?

    • Tyrone Hamilton

      Nope. Can’t bypass it.

  • kook111

    Thank you !

  • kook111

    Dear sir, another update has been emerged.

    • Tyrone Hamilton

      New update is coming. Give me one sec.

  • Tyrone Hamilton

    The update for version 1.23.2 is now available.

  • Keanu Ahipene

    Hey Tyrone have you got the 0.53.2 ipa ? I downloaded and installed the latest link but they are all still 0.53.1