Mac Snipping Tool – How to Quickly Take Screenshots

While PC users might be familiar with screen capturing on their machines, converts will be happy to know that it is just as easy on Mac. Accordingly, you can use the native Mac snipping tool to grab areas of your screen to save for later. In the following guide, we will show you how to do just that.

Mac Snipping Tool – Printing the Entire Screen

You can very easily take a full-screen screenshot if desired. To do so, use the key combination  command  +  shift  +  3 . This will save a photo of everything in your current view. You can find your new screenshot on your Desktop.

Grabbing Portions of the Screen

If you need a little more precision when taking screenshots, you are in luck. MacOS allows you to snip certain portions of the screen that you specify. To do so, use the key combination  command  +  shift  +  4 . A new cursor resembling a crosshair will replace your traditional cursor.

mac snipping tool

Place this cursor at the starting point of your screen capture, and drag it up, down, or sideways to draw a capture window. While this method is more flexible, macOS will limit your boundaries to square or rectangular areas. This screen capture area has a grey fill color to make it easier to track. When you finish drawing boundaries, release the mouse or trackpad. MacOS will save your new screenshot to your Desktop.

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