I lost my Apple Watch Daily Activity After Switching to a new iPhone

A question from Aidan: Upgraded my phone, unlinked my Apple Watch and added it to my new iPhone, now my bloody daily stats have reset and its going to be impossible to get 12 hours standing now, so I’m going to fail my monthly challenge of closing all rings every day and fail my full year.

How to Restore your Apple Watch Fitness Activity History

You couldn’t of unpaired it properly then. When you unpair all data is saved to your phone which should be saved to iCloud. Did it myself last week when I paired my new watch.

Jez Ironside

Did you manually back up your iPhone before swapping it out? If not, that was on you. With that being said, I’ve done shit like that as well.

Steve Escobedo

You can manually enter data in the Health app. If you’re adding data for things you did, it’s not cheating yourself. It’s just correcting a data entry error.

Heather Jean

If you still have the old phone back it up to iCloud then restore your new phone from the backup. If you can’t, welcome the fresh start.

Gene Stalnecker

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