My iPhone X Won’t Turn On! How Do I Fix This Dead Device?

Some people have already failed to turn on their iPhone X after purchasing it. If you recently opened the packaging just to face a black screen of an iPhone X, here are some fixes you may want to try. We suspect that the causes for this to happen are very general. This is a good thing by the way.

Many users get excited when they buy a new iPhone. As a result, they randomly forgot how to turn it on. Another popular reason could be that the iPhone X that you purchased came without battery juice. This could mean that Apple forgot to charge it before shipping it to you. Although it’s no great experience, these reasons should bring you joy since it can be fixed in no time.

Follow some of our tips below if your iPhone X is not turning on or just shows a black screen.

For restart your iPhone X

My iPhone X Won't Turn On! How Do I Fix This Dead Device? 1

This device belongs to you now, if it’s acting up, a force restart will do the trick. Unlike older iPhone models, force restarting your iPhone X is different now. Instead of using a combination of your home and power buttons, we will be relying on the volume controllers.

To restart your frozen iPhone X:

  1. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button
  2. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button
  3. Press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo

Hopefully, this method will turn your iPhone X on. If it continues to show a static black screen, move on to the next step.

Maybe you should charge your iPhone

My iPhone X Won't Turn On! How Do I Fix This Dead Device? 2

Like I mentioned earlier, some people recently reported that their iPhone X came in uncharged. After unboxing their iPhone, the battery icon is showing on the screen instead of an Apple logo.

Well, that’s easy to fix, isn’t it? All you have to do is find the charging cable and plug it into a wall outlet. Connect your iPhone to the charger and wait for about 10-20 minutes. Your iPhone X will start turning on.

Restore using iTunes

This is my least favorite method. However, it solves the issue flawlessly. If your iPhone X still refuses to power on, your only option left is to restore it.

On your computer, download the latest version of iTunes from this page. Connect your iPhone X to the computer. If the iTunes software recognizes the iPhone, you should see it display right on the screen.

My iPhone X Won't Turn On! How Do I Fix This Dead Device? 3

Go to Summary > Restore. Choosing this option will erase everything from your iPhone and place it back to factory settings. Once your phone is restored, follow the on-screen instructions to set it up again.

That’s pretty much it for fixing an iPhone X that doesn’t want to turn on. Some devices┬ácan be very stubborn, and the 3rd method could be your only resort. We always recommend the first two solutions since they’re the quickest.

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