iPhone Screen Recorder: The Complete List of Apps (2018 Update)

iOS 11 has put an end to third-party screen recorder apps for good. If you haven’t updated to the latest software version or don’t know about this news, basically, users can now record their iPhone screen using a built-in screen recorder. This is one of the new features that Apple added to their iOS 11 firmware.

While the feature works as advertised, it still lacks several important functionalities. I’m sure you are well-aware with live streaming and integrations. iOS 11’s screen recording still doesn’t provide any of that. You can’t record a game like Clash Royale and stream it live all at once using the native screen recording feature.

This allows screen recorders like AirShou and BB Rec to still maintaining their position.

That being said, this article was written for two type of users:

  • Those who are unhappy with the way the screen recorder in iOS 11 works.
  • People who still runs on iOS 10 and below. We’re all aware that there is no built-in screen recorder for those firmware.

The following picks are what I think the best screen recorders for the iPhone and iPad, if not, the alternative to iOS 11’s screen recording feature.


Without a doubt, AirShou has a special place in my heart. It’s what I first used to record my iOS screen. Mainly for tutorials and a bit of gaming. With integration with their Shou.tv app, you can record your iPhone and broadcast it live to your audience. This is similar to YouTube Gaming.

iPhone Screen Recorder: The Complete List of Apps (2018 Update) 1

I see AirShou being used most by gamers since it works with Apple’s ReplayKit to support live streaming games on iOS 10. As far everyday usage goes, not so much. The AirShou app on iOS does take some process to set it up and start recording on your iPhone. Sometimes, it will not work at all.

Compatibility: AirShou currently works on iPhone and iPad running iOS 9, 10 and partially 11.

Download: You can follow this tutorial on how to install the AirShou app on your iOS device.

For a more basic screen recorders that handle the regular task, check out another app below.


iPhone Screen Recorder: The Complete List of Apps (2018 Update) 2

EveryCord may be new to you, but not at all. It was rebranded from a former screen recorder app for iOS called iRec. Developed by the team behind iNoCydia. EveryCord still provides the same features. Besides the name change, it gained support for newer firmware such as iOS 10 and 11.

During my time with iRec, the app usually crashes 90% of the time. Whenever I try to hit the “Record” button, it would freeze and then bounce back to my home screen. The developers also fixed this issue with their new EveryCord app.

No live streaming feature is available. You can make changes to the settings page. Once you finished recording your iPhone screen, you can save it directly to your Camera Roll.

iPhone Screen Recorder: The Complete List of Apps (2018 Update) 3

The Settings page provide some options for you to configure.

EveryCord was designed to work for everyone. The interface is simple and very easy to use.

Compatibility: Since EveryCord now fully support iOS 11, anything below that should also work.

Download: Click here to download the EveryCord IPA for your iPhone.


This is a screen recording app that you can download for free from the App Store (used to). After being available on the official App Store for a few hours, Vidyo quickly gained its popularity for being simple and features-packed.

The app allows you to record using the back and front camera. Other standard functionalities such as Microphone, resolutions, etc. are included.

Compatibility: Vidyo is compatible with iOS 9 and 10. We’ve not tested it on iOS 11 yet.

Download: You can obtain a copy of the IPA for Vidyu from here. Use Xcode or Cydia Impactor to sideload it.

iPhone Screen Recorder: The Complete List of Apps (2018 Update) 4

BB Rec

Just like AirShou, BB Rec provides multiple features as a standalone screen recording app for iOS. Users will have the ability to record their iPhone screen and live broadcast through its streaming server.

Everything is built right into the application. BB Rec has quickly become one of our favorite screen recorders because the interface is very easy to use.

The main screen consists of four buttons: Recording Screen, Live Recording Screen, Camera, and My Videos. All of the recordings will be available in the last option.

iPhone Screen Recorder: The Complete List of Apps (2018 Update) 5

Compatibility: BB Rec is installable on iOS 9 and 10.

Download: You can download the BB Rec .IPA file from here.

Bonus: QuickTime Player

If you own a Mac computer, regardless of what iOS version your device is running, there is no need to install any screen recorder. QuickTime Player is a native feature that can be opened right from your MacBook or iMac.

You can connect your iPhone or iPad to a Mac computer and start recording using the QuickTime Player app.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do that.

How to Record your iPhone Screen with QuickTime

  1. One your iOS device is connected to a Mac, launch QuickTime.
  2. Click File (on the top menu).
  3. Select New Movie Recording.
  4. A screen recording will popup. If you don’t see your iPhone’s screen, click on the angle button facing down next to the Record button.
  5. Click on your device name and you will see the source popup on the QuickTime window.

iPhone Screen Recorder: The Complete List of Apps (2018 Update) 6

To stop a QuickTime recording, just click on the Pause button and save your file. A screen recording with QuickTime will include the voice audio and the original screen display.

Screen Recording in iOS 11

If none of the screen recorders above works for you, there is one other solution. You can upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 11 and take advantage of the default screen recording app.

I did mention this at the beginning of the post.

Take a look at the short guide below.

How to use screen recording in iOS 11

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap on Control Center (It’s below the Notifications tab)
  3. Look for More Controls
  4. Under this menu, you will see Screen Recording
  5. Tap on the green icon next to it
  6. Doing so, you added the screen recording function to your Control Center

iPhone Screen Recorder: The Complete List of Apps (2018 Update) 7

Once Screen Recording is added to the Active list, you can now swipe up from the bottom of the screen. This will open up the Control Center. Select the screen recording icon.

iPhone Screen Recorder: The Complete List of Apps (2018 Update) 8

How do I know if I’m recording my iPhone screen?

There are multiple indicators to let you know that your iOS screen is being recorded. The icon from the Control Center will turn red, and there will be a blue bar below the status bar that says, “Recording [time].”

iPhone Screen Recorder: The Complete List of Apps (2018 Update) 9

To stop recording your iPhone screen, just swipe up to launch Control Center and tap on the Screen Recording icon again. You will also get a notification that says, “Screen Recording video saved to Photos.”

iPhone Screen Recorder: The Complete List of Apps (2018 Update) 10

To retrieve and manage all your recordings, open the Photos app, and it should appear on your Camera Roll.

There are pros and cons of using third-party apps and the native screen recording in iOS 11. One of hand, you have a stable screen recorder but not a lot of features. Apps like AirShou, BB Rec, and EveryCord are more flexible but offers a complex way of installing them.

Whichever app you choose to record your iPhone screen I hope it comes out fantastic.


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