I said this many times and I’m going to do it again. Instagram is one of the best social networking applications on mobile devices.

Even though it’s one of my favorite social media platforms, I have to admit that it still lacks a lot of features. The Facebook-owned company has been rolling out features that make commenting more safer, redesigned their entire interface, and much more.

But nowhere do I see a mute button for the annoying cousins and friends you have to follow.

In the past, I have written several tutorials for Instagram users, specifically those with a jailbroken iOS device.

Another feature that should be part of the core application is Mute.

This function should allow Instagram users to mute their followers without unfollowing or blocking that person. A new jailbreak tweak was released today called InstaMute made it possible to easily mute Instagram followers.


Just like on Twitter, if you don’t want to see a specific follower’s posts you can mute them without unfollowing them. Maybe you have an annoying friend that post every 10 minutes or so and their photos or videos aren’t that interesting.

InstaMute might possibly save your friendship.

How to add a Mute button on Instagram

You can download InstaMute from Cydia’s BigBoss repo and use it to mute someone on Instagram so that their posts including pictures and videos do not appear on your feed.

The mute feature works just like Block, if you no longer want to mute a follower, just go to their page and press Unmute.

  • fasi

    Please make instamute for Android tooo!! Plss