How to Install iOS 9 on iPod touch 3G using Grayd00r

Many users with an old iPhone 3GS might have heard of a custom firmware called Whited00r. Basically, it’s a custom-built firmware that brings better interface to your old iPhone.

As up to this point, you can implement the iOS 7 interface, notifications system, both App Store & Cydia, better multitasking (App Switcher), and almost everything else that you see on Apple latest firmware.

But here is the problem, though. Apple has gone up to iOS 9 but Whited00r can only provide so many features that were introduced in iOS 7. Luckily, the team behind it just released another hack called Grayd00r, specifically for the iPod touch 3G and Pad 1G.

Using Grayd00r, older device users will be able to have a feel of the new iOS 9 UI, multitasking with SlideOver, App Time Machine, which recover old application versions, Control Center, Software Updates, Jailbreak and Cydia.


Last but not least, the ability to improve the speed of your old iPod touch.

Grayd00r is configured a mix of speed and features by default, being faster than stock iOS by default. Many system services have been disabled to improve performances.

Of course, users are also given the options to further reduce the loading speed of their iOS device by disabling more features that are useless to them.

Are you excited about this new custom firmware that brings iOS 9 to older devices? Let’s jump right into it.


How to Install Grayd00r for iPod touch 3G & iPad

  1. Download this version of iTunes if you have a Windows 64bit
  2. Connect your iOS device to a computer
  3. Launch iTunes and Restore your iPod touch (to factory reset)
  4. Grab the latest package of Grayd00r 9 from here
  5. Run the software and it will take care of the rest

Unlike any other custom hacks, it’s extremely easy to get Grayd00r to run on your iOS device as simple instructions and step-to-step installation is provided.

Once you go through the whole thing, a shiny new firmware should be installed on either your iPod touch 3G or iPad 1.

A lot of people have been requesting an update to this tool with support for the iPhone 3GS and we believed that the developers are working on it.

For now, if you have an old iOS device excluding the iPhone then go ahead and give Grayd00r a try. Let us know how it goes for you and be sure to check out the walk-through video below if you have any questions.


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