How to Install iCleaner-Like for iOS 10 Without Jailbreak (Tweak Included)

“Storage Almost Full” is one of those warnings that you may not want to run into while trying to install an application or game from the App Store. If you can’t avoid that, maybe you should delete some duplicate photos or videos from your Camera Roll. That should help.

If it doesn’t, there are some more advanced techniques you can use to free up some storage space on your iPhone. Most of you probably know about the deleting “Documents & Data” method. Moreover, in iOS 11, Apple also introduce a new feature called Offload Unused Apps. A pretty useful feature that makes it faster to temporary remove any apps from your iOS device.

In this post, I’ll show you another way to gain more spaces for your precious storage. This method involves no jailbreaking so anyone can follow it. If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, follow the second part of this tutorial because it will be more beneficial to you.

How to Install iCleaner-Like for iOS 10 Without Jailbreak (Tweak Included) 1

How to Install iCleaner Pro on iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

  1. Head over to this Mega page to download the iCleaner Pro IPA
  2. Click here to get the latest version of Cydia Impactor
  3. Connect your iOS device to a computer
  4. Drag and drop the iCleaner.ipa from Step 1 to Impactor
  5. It will ask for your Apple ID and password, enter them to continue

The process usually takes up to a minute but usually less. When done, you will see an app called iCleaner Pro on your home screen. Before you can open it, there is something else we need to do.

  1. Go to the Settings app
  2. General > Profile & Device Management
  3. Tap on your iCleaner’s profile
  4. Tap Trust to finish

You will be able to open the application now. iCleaner Pro is very easy to use as it walks you through each step and provides confirmation through popup. Get started with the Fast cleaning and walk your way through the more advanced settings.

How to Install iCleaner-Like for iOS 10 Without Jailbreak (Tweak Included) 2

Hopefully, you can use this iCleaner Pro application to clean up those unused files on your iOS 10 without sacrificing your dearest photos, apps, or just generally running out of memory.

Cons of the iCleaner Pro-like app

  • This app isn’t from the official iCleaner’s creator
  • It has limited features compare to original Cydia tweak
  • If you have a bigger iPhone screen, the app’s interface won’t fit entirely into it. You will experience a weird UI.

If you have any trouble installing iCleaner via Cydia Impactor, this guide should help.

iCleaner Tweak Updated for iOS 10

How to Install iCleaner-Like for iOS 10 Without Jailbreak (Tweak Included) 3

This part of the article is only for jailbroken users. Like I mentioned earlier, the original iCleaner Pro tweak is far better than the sideloaded version. In addition to supporting iOS 10, iCleaner also support bigger screen displays such as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

With tons of options to choose from, you can free up to a few GBs in storage space with just one “Cleanup” using the iCleaner tweak. To give the beta version a try, add the following repository on Cydia:


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