According to Hootsuit, more than 50% of Instagram’s age demographics are 18- to 29-year olds. Which mean this app is where we can find the best and most trending contents.

When talking about trendy stuff, we can’t ignore the beautiful photos and funny videos that get uploaded to the app every day. With Vine going straight to the graveyard, the amount of videos being published on Instagram is unbelievable.

The only issue is that iOS users can’t download Instagram photos and videos on their iPhone or iPad. Furthermore, Instagram also lacks essential features such as muting a follower without unfollowing them, give users the control over some elements of the app, and more.

In this post, I’ll show you how to fix these problems.

How to Download Instagram Videos or Photos on iOS devices

Let’s start with the most requested feature, a built-in downloader. Unfortunately, this is still not a thing yet, so we’re going to seek help from a third-party app.

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Download and Install an app called InstaTV
  3. Login to the app using your official Instagram account
  4. This will pull up your followings and timeline
  5. Tap on a video or photo you want to download
  6. Select the Save button and the file will be saved to your Camera Roll

So how easy that was to save a photo or video from Instagram? InstaTV also provides additional features such as reposting and view your feed as a slideshow.

The method we just show you earlier doesn’t require a jailbroken device. That’s why you can only get a few enhancements.

Starting from now, we will put together a list of amazing Cydia tweaks for your Instagram app on the iPhone and iPad.

Best Cydia Tweaks for Instagram

1. InstaHidder

As an active Instagram user, I have to admit that the app has a weak algorithm when it comes to suggesting who to follow and some parts of the app are useless.


Luckily, InstaHidder is here to help us remove those nonsense elements out of Instagram.

  • Hide suggestions list in the timeline
  • Hide follow button on the top of un-followed people
  • Video sounds permanently On
  • Change keyboard color

This tweak is for those who like a simple interface of the app and avoids following random people.

2. Instagram++

Released by the guy who brought us Facebook++ and other amazing Cydia tweaks to enhance social media apps, it wouldn’t feel right if they forget to make a tweak for Instagram users.


Instagram++ is the all-in-one package for all of your needs. If you don’t like certain features of the app, you can quickly remove them.

Features like Save photos, Zoom, show full timestamps, fake followers and following counts, open links within the app, repost a post, turn off read receipt for DM, and much more are included.

Another neat feature that I think most of us here will like about Instagram ++ tweak is the ability to help you stalk on someone without getting caught. I mean we all liked a picture of someone from long ago.

To avoid this, the tweak will show a popup asking if you want to like the photo. This package is packed with all the custom functionality you can imagine, download it for free from the BigBoss repo.

3. LongStories

Instagram Stories is a new feature that allows you to post more than you normally would. These photos and videos will be compiled as a slideshow for your followers to see.


Just like Snapchat Stories, there are limitations to Instagram Stories. And we are here to help you break it. If you haven’t noticed, there is a blog post on how to enhance and cut most restrictions on Snapchat using Cydia tweaks.

Guess what?

This article is going to be somewhat similar but for Instagram Stories. While this functionality already lets you select & upload photos and videos from your album, it’s limited the one that was taken in the past 24 hours.

In other words, any photos older than a day will not be accepted.

Removing Instagram Stories 24 Hours Limit


In case you missed the opportunity to show them on your Instagram Stories. Here is a solution to fix that.

LongStories is a new jailbreak tweak that bypass 24-hours limit while selecting media from a gallery. For example, you want to post a #tbt from months ago to your Instagram Stories; now you can do so.

You can install this tweak from the BigBoss repo and get started right away. It should work upon Respring.

  • Carlos Alberto

    Another recommendation for Instagram tweak I have is “Rocket for Instagram”.
    It has some of the features available in InstaBetter or Instagram++, but it has one unique and very cool one: a promoting content feature.

    You can select one photo/video from your feed which you can promote for likes, in exchange for likes to other promoted photos. And the math is simple: for each like you do, you get 1 credit to promote your content. And you can exchange those credits in 10, 20, 50 or 100 likes.

    • teeayeand

      Thank you for the suggestion.

  • Rick

    Will it help in getting followers? The most useful thing that I have found is for it. It can find followers even right in your city. Isn’t it sound brilliant?