How To Make Sure Your Business Website Is Mobile Friendly

If you have a website for your business, it is really important to make sure that it is mobile friendly.

Mobile Ready Website Check

In 2015 Google made mobile friendliness a ranking factor for all websites.  It is getting harder and harder for websites that are not mobile friendly to be able to rank in Google.  As Google raises the standard for websites, it is important that business owners do the same.  Otherwise, they may find themselves left out of the first page rankings.

It’s important to understand that mobile readiness and mobile friendliness are not the same things.  Even if you were to use the best business website builder to create your website and even invest a ton of money into having a separate mobile version of your website you could still run into problems.

Some things that still can cause business owners problems:

  • Small Text
  • Buttons too close together

If you suspect that your decline in mobile traffic is associated with your business website being unfriendly towards mobile users you should start to take action immediately following these three simple steps!

Test It Yourself

Have you ever been to a website from your phone and found that you could only view a small portion of the site?  Maybe the structure seems off.  I bet you felt like it was a bad experience and got frustrated

Well, have you ever tested your own website to see if it gives you that same feeling? It’s very easy to test your own website for mobile friendliness.  Just open your computer browser and shrink the window down by dragging the corners in.

Now see how it looks.  If the content is cut off or the navigation doesn’t seem smooth, then your site is not mobile friendly.  This can cause your business to suffer.

If you do this test and all of the content looks great and lines up you are on a good track for your site to be considered mobile friendly.

Of course, this test is not 100% so we recommend testing your business website with a few other methods as well.

Use Google’s Tools To Measure Your Website’s Mobile Friendliness

Thankfully Google didn’t just release this requirement and then leave you on your own!  They took care of you being able to comply by using this website to test your site.

Just paste your domain name into the box and then click the Analyze button.  In just a few seconds you will find out DIRECTLY FROM GOOGLE if you have a website that is properly optimized or not.  Plus, you will learn why!

The most popular issues business owners face with their websites are:

  1. Buttons/links put too close together
  2. Small text
  3. Content that is too wide to fit the screen
  4. Unset mobile viewport (the feature that ensures a visitor sees everything using vertical scrolling only)

Test Your Site Using Google Webmaster Tools

If your website is already registered within Google Webmaster Tools, you can leverage their mobile usability test to find out if your mobile readiness profile.  Don’t be alarmed if you get some red flags!  This test is actually harder to pass than the other two mentioned methods.

Using Google Webmaster Tools takes more factors into consideration when grading your site.

Here are some of the most typical mistakes site owners find are decreasing their chance to get a mobile friendly website:

  • Blocked CSS, JavaScript or images
  • Incorrect redirects
  • Content that doesn’t play correctly with a mobile device
  • Text that is too small to read
  • Slow loading mobile pages
  • Irrelevant cross-linking
  • Mobile-only 404 pages

Now that you have a good idea of what types of things may be causing your website to get a ding from Google because of mobile responsiveness you are well on your way to being able to fix them.  Some steps may take weeks/months to fix (if you need a full website redesign for example).  Fortunately, a lot of these errors can be fixed in just an hour and a half or so.  These are the steps that are going to help your website, thus help your business!

Make sure to take these things seriously.

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