How to Digitize and Rip Old DVD to MP4 for Playback on Mac, iPhone, iPad

Do you ever feel like DVDs are out-of-date? The happy moments and memories brought back by your old wedding DVDs and DVD family movies should live forever.

But do you know that a DVD disk only has a lifespan of about ten years? The fragile disks always get scratches and eventually cannot be decoded and played anymore. You could spend extra money to re-purchase the DVD movie on Netflix or iTunes but that is not my recommendation.

I recommend making a digital copy of all of your must-have DVDs before any disaster should strike them.  Even better, the digital copy also free you from the bulky DVD drive, making it possible to enjoy DVD videos on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and other media devices at anywhere, anytime.

Why Convert DVD to MP4

MP4 is the video format that has the best compatibility.

It is supported by all models of Apple devices. In addition, MP4 video keeps a good balance between video size and quality.

The DVD movie in MP4 format won’t take too much storage space of your devices and hard drive but deliver good visual experience.

MacX Dvd Ripper Pro

How to Convert DVD to MP4 Effortlessly

Before starting the tutorial, I’d like to introduce you to MacX DVD Ripper Pro, the best DVD Ripper for Mac. With this ideal software, ripping DVD to MP4 is just as easy as pie.

Currently, the developer of MacX is sharing it for free. Why not get this 67.95 USD value DVD decrypter for free and follow my steps.

Load DVD movie to MacX DVD Ripper Pro

MacX accepts three types of inputs, DVD disc, DVD folder and ISO image. Choose the input that you want and the DVD movie will be loaded and scanned quickly. Homemade DVDs and other Hollywood DVD movies, Disney DVDs, DVD TV shows and workout DVDs are all supported. If your DVD has multiple titles, MacX can detect and find the correct title automatically.

DVD Ripper For Mac

Choose MP4 as the output video format

A drop-down window will appear after loading the DVD. You can choose MP4 as the output video format there. What’s better, you can also choose other video formats and devices as you need, such as FLV, AVI, MOV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.

Speed up the DVD ripping speed

MacX DVD Ripper Pro takes full advantages of its unique Level-3 hardware acceleration tech to boost the speed of ripping DVD on Mac.

Believe it or not, a two-hour long DVD movie can be converted to MP4 video within five minutes!

The only thing you need to do is to opt in the Intel/AMD/Nvidia acceleration on the main interface for starting the conversion.

Run DVD Ripper Pro

Start converting DVD to MP4

Once everything is ready, hit the “RUN” button to start the ripping.

Final Thoughts:

Don’t let go of the happiness that your DVD collections once brought to you. Ripping DVD to MP4 with the assist of MacX DVD Ripper Pro and continue this wonderful feeling.

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