How Altium PCB Design Software makes designers life a Whole lot Easier

PCB design work is already a challenging activity and with the market growing year on year and the customers becoming even more demanding than it calls on the designers to be as innovative as they can on things such as rigid-flex PCB in order to be as competitive as possible. Everyone relies on the design community to be creative and innovative but on the same hand quality driven and in order to maximize them to the full potential we need them to have the best and most up to date software packages. The software packages around us at the moment have been updated with significant improvements all with the designers head at the forefront of the changes. Specifically, on the Altium software package, here are some of the benefits below.


If you are currently working an old design software package or just use CAD then one of the reasons for designers being resistant to change is that they may not be able to convert the work they have completed to the software i.e. it may not be compatible. Altium specifically boasts that it has compatibility with a lot of other software to allow easy transfer of data. It is important to check this out in advance though to make sure.


If someone has just started with Altium and they are not used to this type of software package, then it can be a little overwhelming with the number of buttons and features that appear. All of these serve a purpose and will ultimately make the designers life easier therefore it may be a good idea to learn how to use each of these tools. In order to support this there is some online training support that can be completed at various levels. Whether you have a team of die-hard PCB designers or beginners, having a refresh on the tools could prove important – you never know, something new may be taught!
For example, while many pieces of electronic equipment will be fine to use a standard circuit board that is flat and cannot bend, Altium technology and training will help you to utilize other types of circuit boards such as the rigid-flex PCB. This is a printed circuit board that is flexible and can bend and withstand high heat which makes it perfect for pieces of technology such as watches. Altium’s software makes it far easier to design this type of PCB board and design it with precision and accuracy.

Run a Simulation

Did you know that some software packages like Altium allow you to run a simulation once you have completed a design? In fact, you can even run simulations mid design to see if a specific element is functioning correctly or needs adaption. This is one of the highlights of this software which can improve invaluable to a designer and even a manufacturer. Unfortunately, the designer relies on him checking his work in advance before sending it off to customer who may in turn then send for manufacture. The designer may actually make a mistake in the design and when it comes to manufacture it is picked up. Clearly this is not great as not only could this be costly but it could significantly damage the reputation of the designer or the designers company. When the simulation activity is run on Altium, it can be run on single pieces or as an assembly and will give the designer a good indication on the design success.

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