PokemonGoAnywhere was originally made for jailbroken iPhone and iPad. It allows players to tap on the map and move around in Pokemon Go without walking in real life.

After that, several developers have released sideloaded versions of it as well, and now you can do location spoofing without jailbreak. However, most of the responses that I got back was disappointing. A lot of people either doesn’t have a Mac, don’t know programming, or not willing to play for an app signer like iPAStore.

But that’s no longer the problem because you can now install PokemonGoAnywhere without jailbreak or a computer using a new app called Tutuapp. One of our reader, Jason Rodriguez, found out about this app and tweeted at us. We checked it out and can confirm that it work as advertised.


Tutu seems to be an app where you can download cracked iOS apps, but we don’t really recommend you use it for that reason. But it happens to host one of the most requested sideloaded apps for Pokemon Go. So, I’m going to show you how to get it.

How to Install Tutu and Download PokemonGoAnywhere

Step 1: On your iOS device, launch Safari

Step 2: Go to this website: tutuapp.com and click on the green button to Download

Step 3: When done, you will need to trust it first (learn the tutorial) before opening it

Step 4: Upon opening the Tutu app, you will see two Pokemon Go icons. Just click on either one

Quick Note: Use the Search option and type in Alfa tournaments (This is a new working hacked Pokemon Go app).


Step 5: Tap on the green button that floats as you scroll up and down to install.


After that, go back to the Settings app and repeat another trust process. Visit your home screen and open the new Pokemon Go app with built-in “Tap on Map to walk” feature.

There are several things to keep in mind:

  1. We don’t encourage users to use Tutuapp for piracy purposes
  2. Using this hack can get you banned from Pokemon Go (learn more about it here)

Jason is also a YouTuber, and he did a video on this app, be sure to check it out if you need extra help.

Update #1: A lot of people reported that this method does work in term of getting the PokemonGoAnywhere tweak on their non-jailbroken device. However, they were unable to catch Pokemons; Pokeball doesn’t work, etc. If this happens to you, try the other methods I mentioned in my previous post.

Update #2: I forgot to mention that you need to put your coordinates before logging in, or else a soft ban will quickly appear.

Update #3: Several users have stated that the app is no longer working. If this happens to you, check out the article I wrote for non-jailbroken users (see the link above).

Doesn’t Work?

If Tutuapp doesn’t have the modified Pokemon Go app anymore, click on the following.

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  • Julien

    Hi. I only see the 3 circle “walk etc..” But not the joystic, is tha normal ?

    And when I lunch the app I am in US, whereas I live in Belgium..

    • richard

      Same proble…. any fix?

      • Jt

        Download the first app not second one

        • Abraham

          I’ve downloaded the hack, got soft banned, deleted the hack, and when I try to reinstall the hacked Pokémon go, it doesn’t show it. It only shows 1 Pokémon go app in the tutu app which is not the hacked one. Help?

          • rachel

            Umm the tutu one is the hack one every one is got it but u only can have it if u got an iphone

            • EreeEmpoleon

              Well That Can’t Be Fixed Due to Location Needs

              • somamrtindra


    • oziel

      all you have to do is unistall and do it again, same happened to me but it fixed itself after the second time.

      • Azri

        Why my tutu pokemon go no server

        • jb0y117

          Mine says it needs to update but it only sends me to another app. I think its due to the pokemon go update 0.31.0

          • David

            Same here

            • jackdarippa

              same!! without solutions…

        • Andyamiiiin


        • Zack

          Same here

      • Michael

        This hack actally works I have it

    • Tanner

      I can’t find the link you said you had for the update 3. I was playing and I t randomly wouldn’t let me and now I can’t install the tutu app please help!!!

      • Unamed

        On the tutu app there is no Pokemon go anymore

    • Castle12344


    • Geo

      All you need to do is log off and log back on it’ll keep doing that every time the app closes

    • Elijah


    • Elijah


  • Chris

    Thanks, works great and it’s ultra easy to install.

    • Hans

      How do you change your home coordinates?

    • Ola

      COULD ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO CHANGE THE HOMELOCATION? Now when I got your attention, I would be really thankful if anyone could help me, tried to put in the coordinates to gothenburg and teleport and then log in, did not work so got a ban, but atleast my other account walks around in San Francisco Harbour, so I got that going for mer, which is nice.

    • Douglas

      Can you please copy and paste what I have to type in to get it? I don’t know what the Chinese words mean.

  • Dylan

    Everytime I go to catch a Pokemon after I throw one ball it runs away.

    • TheYoungeOne

      i cannot catch pokemon anymore on the cracked or the normal edition… every pokemon runs, every pokestop gives nothing. since i downloaded this…. PLEASE HELP! i’ve tried everything to get this back an nothings working. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS ON UR PHONE!

      • Alpgs64

        I got this situation on my phone same problem can you help me ıf you find any solution please

        • Hi

          You guys got soft banned, j wait a while

          • Josh

            Easier than the previous solution of waiting, I present to you the ultimate way around soft bans; spin a pokestop, then exit the pokestop, then spin it again. Repeat this process (for what is usually 15 times) until the pokestop works and turns pink.

      • D

        It’s means you got banned for location spoofing. If you’re lucky your game will go back to normal after a few hours

        • Jt

          Yep means your soft banned . You need to download an app such as gps tours and get your coordinates. Before you login you need to click t3leport and set your location

          • Matthew

            How to do teleport and set your location before you log in? I didn’t do that and now it thinks I’m in San Francisco.

      • Wil

        that means you were softban for a few hours. that happens when you “jump” to locations too far. you are supposed to signed out of your app wait 2 hours then you be fine

      • Shawn Joseph

        To un ban yourself, you have to sign out of Pokemon GO, create a new Pokemon GO account, delete Pokemon Go, then sign in with your original ID.

        • Pokemongo

          I downloaded this hack and I can catch the Pokemon but I can’t get the poke stops?? Any help

      • amkdkui

        should i still use the app after wards? or is it too risky ?

      • MisterVanity

        You’re supposed to spin and exit a poke stop continuously until you finally get something or a try again or bag is full message. It’s the trick to undoing the soft ban quickly. Otherwise you can’t attack gyms catch Pokemon or get items from stops until you do so.

      • joe momma

        Calld a soft ban dumbass juzt wait an hour

    • Storm

      Ik me 2 what happend 🙁

    • AlchmYT

      You are Most likely Soft Banned, should be off in a few hours

    • Tanner

      Dylan it is because when you teleport it does that for about four hours

    • alff

      its softban

  • Mentol

    Tried this, doesn’t work to be honest.

    I’m on an IOS 5 with the newest Firmware. 90% of the time the game tells me that it has no gps, despite the cracked version running.

    It worked for a very short time the first time around, where it teleported me somewhere around 9000 km away. Could catch two Pokemon there and wanted to take a step forward. From that step on everything went to hell.

    The app loads itself even with the gps error, however it doesn’t load anything on the map.
    Even if it loads the map, because it has “gps” Pokestops as well as Pokemon don’t react to the touch.

    I’m not sure if it’s an issue with rather broken servers at the moment or if this app just doesn’t work well in general.

  • JohntWaters

    This worked for me on a iPhone 5 on iOS 9.3.2, as well as an iPhone 6s and iPad Air 2 both running iOS 10 beta 2. Thanks for this, soon my 2nd account is going to pass my main account that just reached lvl 20 after a week of grinding out in the world. Its a great way to play this game from my house where my neighborhood does not spawn any Pokemon or have any pokestops as it is a new housing development area. Thanks again!

  • Daniel

    It works fine for me for a while, then it stopped and did not let me catch a Pokemon so I tried everything so not really sure what cured it but the last thing I did was make a new account and catch Pokemon and when I logged back in it worked so I don’t know about that. But my main question is that when I’ve downloaded the cracked app it starts me in sanfransisco and I’m from the uk so does that class as what you call “going cross country” or does it not effect it??

    • Jt

      That means you got soft banned

  • Math

    I did this trick yesterday and decided to erase it for some reason. i really want to get it again but when i press the green button and then press install it doesnt do anything (take note that the install option doesnt always apear) plz help me

  • Alvin

    Does the data played from the tutuapp pokemon go gets port over to the official pokemon go and how?

  • Math

    I tried again on another device who has iOS 9.3 and whenever I press the green button then install,the app appears and then it says that there was a problem downloading and that I should try again later

    • Quyenq

      Same problem here

    • DoctorJ

      Same here. I believe this app is being updated by the developer in China. Just wait a few hours till tonight and try later. It should work by then.

      • Help

        so did it end up working for anyone? whenever i try to install tutuapp says “—- could not be installed at this time” any fixes for this?

        • Clayton

          Same problem

          • Darien

            Guys… You can find v 1.0.2 if you type V1.0.2 on the tutuapp search bar

        • Help pleaseeee

          Same problem here

          • MpsZay

            Mine was saying the same thing yesterday, I just deleted the Tutuapp and tried it again and it worked fine

  • ShashSK

    When I download the game and play it, it works fine. But after I close the game and open it again the cheats are gone. Any fix?

  • grepast

    hey this works good for me, i just type my actual location and teleport before login and then i hang around.

    got a quesiton: can i set up another location at the login (like central park while i live in france) and only after teleport i connect, or i will be ban for this ?


    • teeayeand

      I’m not too sure about that.

    • stackrouse

      How are you putting in a location and teleport before logging in? Are you using another app to do this?

      • grepast

        i use GPS Tour (free on the app store) to locate my current position, then i launch poke go (tutuapp version). before login u can teleport by pressing the button at the top of the login screen !

  • Rayyan rafael

    I face trouble where i can’t install apps (tutuapp, pokemon go) for second time.. I ever download before and it works.. But this morning when i open the pokemon go apps it require me to ‘trust developer’ and i ever did it before from yhe first installation.. Its keep failing to install.. Help me please.

    • KetaOnkel

      Doesnt work anymore! 🙁
      I wont let me Install the App

      please help

  • Deondre

    My tutu app wont install when ever i try to install it it says unable to install at this time try agian later what should i do?

  • Gizmo

    the 1.0.2 version is not there anymore in the tutuapp! any help?

  • Richie

    Apparently it’s region locked now. Sad

    • kipoip

      where did you find this info? I would like to see further details about this as well

    • Yamak

      If we use VPN maybe we fix the problem….

  • Cracker

    The apps won’t installed and it says “could not be installed this time” but some of my friends can install it and worked properly. Any help?

  • PokemonGoSavedMyLife

    Is there any others similar to tutuapp that work, im trying to catch Rare Pokemomn

  • Mike

    It worked as I figured it would when I first downloaded it the other day. Catching Pokemon and gathering loot from pokestops functioned very well. But I deleted the app when I got a soft ban because I figured I would not need it any longer. Today, I decided to download it back, but I’m guessing since the release in Japan of the real version of Pokemon Go has come out, the other version was deleted because it only shows one version to select. I press to download, but instead of downloading a new app separate from the real Pokemon Go, it just opens that one. Any way to get the modded app again?

    • Robert

      Irk if works or not but on android if I delete main pokemon go then just hit instal at tutu it works. Also is there anyway to get gmail access on android

  • Toby

    How do you enter Co Orderdinates? Example i need to type:

    N 52.203427
    E -1.728536


  • Toby

    Need to teleport to your location before using i think that would help with not being caught so quick!

  • Jo Naps

    I installed it, wasnt able to catch or claim pokestop stuff, deleted it and installed the normal version from the app store and still wont let me catch or pick stuff up from the pokestop… Am I screwed??

    • David

      You’re experiencing a soft ban ( pokestops won’t give you anything & Pokemon run after breaking out of the ball ) it usually happens for a couple hours then you’re fine.

  • stackrouse

    Update #2: I forgot to mention that you need to put your coordinates before logging in, or else a soft ban will quickly appear.

    How do you put in your teleport coordinates before you even log in the game? Is there another app to location spoof we are suppose to use?

  • Trexopti

    Pokemon go had a update over night on July 20th 2016 and the tutu App Store got replaced with the updated app. There are two apps in the market but one located you some were Else with out the gps spoof and the others is you actual gps location. They probably working on hacking the next update and will be back soon I HOPE…

  • Worrah

    The app downloads and loads fine and I pop up somewhere in America I’m assuming but the run walk and teleport bar doesn’t pop up on my screen, my friends app was working fine until I made an account and loaded the map, now his bar has disappeared aswell, anyone else having the same problem?

    Tldr; is anyone else’s movement bar not showing as of like right now?

  • Kevin

    Hopefully a working hack will be back again, I used this since this tutorial came out with no problems except when I tried it today. What are we suppose to do now, actually leave our houses? I loved this because I just set on wifi, GO is a data hog.

  • Shashank Sethi

    Got soft banned I guess, no retrievals from pokestop and no pokemon getting caught. Didnt know had to switch it to my own coordinates. Played for a couple of hours. Did good progress. How much time does it take for the ban to be removed ? Its already been 2 hours I think.

  • Chris

    No longer works. The Pokemon Go update disabled it and Tutu App removed the hacked 1.0.2 version. Hopefully another one comes up soon for 1.0.3.

  • daz

    how will we know if a update is gonna be coming out or when it comes out … as the company just updated few hours ago on the main store

  • Darien

    Go to tutuapp and type “V1.0.2”
    Your welcome.

    • Jose

      Thanks.That worked

  • Jose

    Looks like they removed the app. Went to load on another device an no more two icons. 🙁

  • Hafiz

    Is it already updated to 1.0.3?

  • Spencer

    It doesn’t work anymore. The app you need doesn’t show up in tutu anymore

  • Anonymous

    You think you’re fucking smart posting this hack for everyone to see? It’s because of mother fucking asshole and brainless shits like you exist that made the game developer discover this hack and take action. If you hadn’t posted this hack, many people who found the hack will be able to use it privately. There’s always fucking spoilers like you who can’t stfu and use the hack but need to seek your pitiful attention. I suggest you take down this blog or go kill yourself as you’re a piece of shit, remember that.

    • teeayeand

      How are they going to find the hack if someone is not posting it on the internet -_-. And how did you get here? 🙂

      • Soren

        I had this working great all week, for which I thank you for this post.

        However, it crashed on me last night and I had to delete/reinstall. Tutuapp seemed to be having problems last night, but today it was working again.

        Redownload 1.0.2 from Tutu, but every Gym I interact with, no items drop. And -every- wild pokemon fight, they’ll escape the ball and run away. I’ve tried 5+ times now and even 10cp Pidgeys are behaving this way.

        It may require an update to 1.0.3? Not sure, but as of right now it doesn’t seem to be working.

        • teeayeand

          Yeah, for sure the devs are working on a newer version of this.

          • Soren

            Cheers TEEAYEAND.

            The game itself is having so many bugs and server issues that I wasn’t really sure if it was that, or this cracked version. Here’s to hoping it gets fixed soon!

  • Adam

    How do you enter your location before logging in?

  • Nav

    How are people still downloading from Tutu? It appears the tutu app itself now sits behind a paywall and you need to pay to download it.

    • Kiwiking

      Same here off me

  • Sebastian

    Hey the app works for a bit and then it turns off randomly and I have to turn it back on and the same happens help

  • Hans

    Anyone knows how to prevent respawning in san francisco when we first started the game? Or change home location.

  • Joaomoi

    Please work

  • Mike

    Is anyone ever going to speak on how you change your starting/home coordinates? It seems like in this post and every single youtube video about his app this question is avoided like the plague. If it is not possible this app is useless pretty much.

    • Chris

      Before you log into an account, up in the top left the controls are still there. Find out your location go to the teleport enter your location after you have done so log into an account. I wish I would have seen that before I got soft banned as soon as I logged in at a San Fran location when I live in Colorado.

      • Arron


        • Jay

          how do you change the home location

    • Zero

      You cant

  • sami

    so here’s my issue: the first time i opened the app i got soft banned (lol im not complaining about this) after a while i got back into the app but the hack wasnt there anymore i still spawned at san fran but i cant move it seems like the hack is bugged my gps is spoofed (means im in san fran while i live in CA) but i cant move cuz i cant see the little joystick someone plz help ;(

    • sami

      btw each time i uninstall then install the app it works but when i close it it stops

  • Joshton11

    Hey I tried doing when I did what ended up happening was it said that I had to buy something will pay pal or something can you help ?

    • teeayeand

      Take a screenshot and let me take a look at it. Thanks

    • Sally Jones

      same, it won’t let me download :/

  • mark

    guys i need your help.. this app works on android?

    • Re:Mark

      this app does not work on android if you really want the app on android you need to ROOT your device (wich is btw similar to jailbreak) and then see on the internet those gps spoof app

  • Austin

    This works great for me but when I put coordinates in for a different location, I teleport but nothing ever shows up. Do I have to wait awhile for it to load or what? I can run around the original location and play like normal

  • Confused

    “Update #2: I forgot to mention that you need to put your coordinates before logging in, or else a soft ban will quickly appear.”

    How do you put your coordinates before logging in?

    • Cereberus

      how do u put ur coordinates before loggin in ?

    • Cereberus

      How do you put coordinates ?

      • Trying to help

        Before you log in, open the menu at the top left and tap on teleport. Then it should ask you for your coordinates. You could literally search on google “what are my coordinates” if you need to and try the first website and it should have a very accurate location on there.

  • Cereberus

    it works for me 🙂
    but i have a problem
    my location is in lebanon and i get transported somewhere in the US ?
    how can i get to work on my orginal location ?

    Thank you

    • Austin

      I just want to be able to switch from the “home” location and the game work. I’m stuck in San Fran

  • Hizkia

    Help me please… I got force close/crash every time when running the game.. I used iPad 2.. How can I fix it ???

  • Court

    This just doesn’t seem to be working for me. I go to the website and try to download it. It takes me to the settings where I press install twice, then it takes me back to Safari and tells me to donate. But never installs he actual tutu app. PLEASE HELP ME

  • Say No to Cheating :)

    I got this to work for 1 time.. for some reason after i restart the game, i lose the d-pad and walk / run / teleport options

    it brings me to my last spoofed location but i cannot move… I have to delete the game and redownload the game to get the controls back… however after 1-2 downloads, i cannot download it anymore.. it shows the same error on TUTU… i have to delete the TUTU app and the Pokemon 1.0.3 app and redo everything again.. It only works for 1 try, anytime i close the app and restart it, i lose the gps controls…

  • fils de chien

    so we have to pay the app now to make it working ?

  • Steven Stillwater

    make a tutorial about how you get a bunch of pokecoins in go please

  • Samender18@gmail.com

    Can anyone help me it won’t download on iOS for me keeps failing if you know please email samender18@gmail.com

  • KanyeEast

    Can you have tutapp pokemon go and app store pokemon go at the same time

  • KanyeEast

    Can you have tutuapp pokemon go and app store pokemon go at the same time

  • Victor

    Is there a way to use PokemonGoAnywhere on an Android (Galaxy S7) without rooting? I have unlocked Developer Options and installed a location spoofer, but when I open Pokemon GO it says unable to find location. Even though it shows that I am in the right location. Yesterday tried to go to Sydney (I live in the USA).

    • Aussie

      Don’t come to Sydney and cheat on the gyms. Fine if you want to catch pokemons, but stay tf out of the gyms.

  • Chilen

    I downloaded this exactly fine, but the map wont load. My guy is walking on green with nothing no real map load, no pokemon no anything. i put in the gps coordinates for my house so i know this is wrong.

    • Ckkkl

      Make sure bottom coordinate is a negative

    • zoz

      I have this as well, any help?

      • Dylan

        Me too someone help?

  • BulbaBulba

    Will any of my information be stolen or its that not confirmed yet? like if i were to use a credit card?

  • Cars

    Its telling me to update the game but i already did. What do i do? Im stuck at the Gyridos page, the loading screen.

    • teeayeand

      Server issues.

      • Jdfyand

        Good stuff 😀

  • Snorlax pleas

    What’s going on with this Pokemon go update? This app won’t work anymore? Would be a shame because my immediate area sucks and I just got this app today.

  • aabdbabda

    for some reason everytime i go onto the app it says update needed even though i downloaded it already help……

  • Paige

    How do I get it to update. I downloaded that TestFlight app but can’t figure out how to get an invitation code!?!?!?

  • Siren

    Guys, the real game updated to 1.1.0 today and the server is now requiring everyone to be on 1.1.0 to connect. We need to wait for Tutu to update THEIR version to 1.1.0. Give it a day and you should see the update in tutuapp.

    • Dylan

      So just have to wait

    • Eli

      Thank you

  • vv

    Having the same problem, clicked update, downloaded the app, but failed to receive an email for redemption code.

    • Br00klyn

      I reinstalled the tutuapp, then installed the Pokemon go app 1.0.3 through tutuapp and it works for me again

  • aniruddh

    App says need to update, redirects to the another application!! Cant update cant play what to do ??

    • teeayeand

      There is a new app now. Refresh the page for more info.

      • Skyz

        Where is the new app?

      • Peyton

        How do I get the new app? plz help

  • Skyz

    Where is the new app? I don’t see it in mine…

  • skt

    Where can I find the new app? I only see 1.0.3 version.

  • Blockade

    This won’t mess up my phone will it, I don’t want to have my phone hacked

  • Nina

    I downloaded the latest version 1.1.0 and I know I’ve entered in the right coordinates.. But it shows me an empty map of blue (water/sea) and I can see in the far distance green land. I tried another location further away and get the same map picture.
    Also I’ve noticed the new version is missing the arrow keypad on screen. Anyone else have this same problem? It’s getting very frustrating.
    I’ve tried to delete it and reinstall it.
    Same problem.

    • Bqnguyen

      I’m having the same issue. Is there a new update to fix this?

    • Hi223

      Same problem here, logged in with another acct and it works. I logged in my acct with another phone and works on their but just not on my device.

    • Dylan

      Yea I have same problem anyone know what to do

    • Nicole

      I second this. I would like a response on it as well.

    • Herb

      Its because you change your avatar since the update. Change your avatar back to how you originally had it when you started the game and it will work again

      • Anonymous

        This did not work for me. Are you sure?

    • John

      Tutuapp Pokemon Go V1.1.0 does not include arrows or movement. Changing my avatar back and reinstalling did not fix this. I guess we have to wait for iosem or ienchantify updates.

  • Bren

    I used this hack and when I signed in it put me in the middle of the ocean with no character and it shows the coordinates moving but nothing changes i tried uninstalling and re-installing multiple times nothing works any help?

    • Tmac0415

      Same problem, just in the middle of a blue sea, my charactee appear 1 time as a giant, but not working for me

      • Asha

        It is band

  • Danny V

    Has stopped working after Pokemon go update. Maybe wait on a tutuapp update?

  • Herb

    For those with the problem with the missing avatar in the Blue Water thing, is it is because you have changed your avatar since the new update. Change it back to how your avatar looked when you first started the game and it will work again! i just tried it

    For those who cannot get poke stops or cant catch pokemon.. it mean you got soft banned. a way to unban yourself is to spin a pokestop, exit and spin it again. Do this 30-40 time or until item come out and you will be unbanned. This method beats waiting 2-4 hour

    I just tried both and they all work, trust me!

    • Bryan

      Amazing. You are the real MVP

    • PokeDude

      Hey I’ve tried downloading every pokemon go they have and none of them have worked?? Which one is the working pokemon go update at the moment? I’m going insane haha

  • cici

    i was download tutuapp and pokemon go from tutuapp and it work great. but today (2aug 11am) my pokemon go can’t open. when i click it show like the app not verified. then i uninstalled both the app (tutuapp and pokemon go) but when i download it again, it said unabled to installed it right now or something like that.
    anyone can help?

  • bob the builder

    Apple is blocking the app now.
    It was fun while it lasted!

  • sam

    i have download tutu fine but the pokmne go app won’t download on my phone or my iPad …. any fix to this?

  • Heather

    Anyone else having issues downloading after the update? Hopefully this hasn’t been asked and answered yet. I see the 1.1.0 in Tutu, when I go to install it doesn’t complete and asks if I want to retry the install. It does not work sadly, I miss it!!

    • Hasjiesjz

      Same problem… Hope someone knows how to fix this. Really need this app, bcuz i have shit pokemons in my area haha

  • Hasjiesjz

    Since the Pokemon go 1.1.1 update i cant play the Pokemon go app grim tutuapp anymore and it won’t allow me to download any other earlier version of Pokemon go, does anyone know what the problem is or has the same problem? Please help, i have a shit surrounding for Pokemon at my house so the hack really helps me…

    • cici

      same problem :/

      • Gabe

        Need a new version of the cracked version. Update blocks us to play because it keeps saying you need to download it

  • Thop

    1.1.0 came, No Joystick anymore :(?

  • Webbo420

    If YOU BECOME SOFT BANNED HERES THE SOLUTION—- GO TO A POKESTOP SPIN THE CIRCLE BACK OUT and go back in the same exact POKESTOP SPIN the circle. Do this 20-40 times and it will eventually spin out your rewards akd you won’t be soft banned anymore. You can get back to collecting Pokemon . Your welcome!!!

  • robert

    cool game yea

  • Adam


  • Davetristi

    looks like Niantec found a way to block it again, now when you log in it starts you off at level 1 but only on the cracked game, if you go back to their game you still have everything.

  • me

    there’s no pokemon app anymore. what happened?):

    • ME

      got the same problem …cant find the pokemon go app

    • You

      Same Problem here.
      Since 1pm there is no App for me anymore…

  • James

    There is no more pokemon go on the tutuapp

  • Pinay

    The Pokemon go app is gone 🙁

  • Wheezy

    Anyone know what happened to the hack?

  • Abhimanyu

    I am not able to find pokemon go in tutu app

    • Woob

      Me either, what happened?

  • Sarina

    Me either I downloaded tutu again and pokemone go isn’t there help

  • The1Assass1n

    It’s not on tutuapp anymore.

  • Moi

    Cant play anymore either
    Tells me to verifi my account on pokemonclub

  • Not telling

    Pokemon Go on the Tutuapp works fine for me. I’m only staying in the US in my area though and satisfied with that. The bans are going to those that venture overseas without alotting the actual travel there in real time. If you cannot be in London in 30 minutes do not change your location like that. It works fine if you are careful and realistic.

  • David

    I can’t find Pokemon go on the app

  • Dan

    Could anyone help me the app won’t pop out in the homepage so could anyone send me like a link or the name of the app so I can get he app?

  • Longschlong

    No Pokemon go hacks on tutu anymore I’m in hospital and can’t walk how am I supposed to play

  • Dash

    The hacked Pokemon go wouldn’t let me open the app eventually because of something having to do with the “trust” thing even though I had trusted both apps in settings. I deleted the hacked one and tutuapp and then redownloaded tutuapp, but when I opened the app, Pokemon go isn’t there or on the available downloads at all. Any solutions?

  • Brian

    I deleted the tutuapp to reinstall it and now I have it again but there is no Pokemon go app to download anymore.

  • Jonathan

    I can’t install it what do I do

  • Pontus

    What can aie se

  • ThemineJooJ

    Can i use PokeSnipers? cuz i think this is spoofing…

  • Ian

    Hi i down loaded tutu app and i trusted it but when i open it, it does not show pokemon go anywhere? Please Help

    • Rump

      Same thing for me

      • Jeremy

        Same for me. Just an empty map. No pokestops or anything

  • LP

    I can’t find the hacked Pokemon go on the tutu app

  • audi

    “GPS signal is not found” when i log in although i enable my location access. pls help

  • LucipurrTheCat

    Can’t seem to find the app.. Tried solutions above..



  • John

    I can’t find the Pokemon go icon in tutu any help?

  • Brandy

    The app is back on tutu, you just have to search for it and scroll down a little bit to find it. I downloaded it today however when I try to catch a pokemon it pops out and runs. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Vaibhav

    Pokémon go Chinese version is not allowing to enter in it… Whenever i open this app i can only see white screen and then the screen becomes black and it closes itself… Please help me to fix this problem…

  • Donovan

    if you downloaded tutuapp search the app alpha tournaments that is the pokemon go app

  • Brad

    When I download the app it appears on my screen but I can’t click it and the app says waiting… Can someone help tell me what’s going on? It’s my first time downloading

    • Ash

      Its happening to me too :/

    • Jeanelle

      Its not working right now. Please try tonight or later.

  • Jeanelle

    Now, You have to Download Alfa Tournaments on TuTu

  • No

    Please help. So I downloaded the tutu thing and I opened the last thing. Now where I should see apps with Pokémon go on it, I see nothing, only the banners load. I’ve also tried searching the thing for” Pokemongoantwhere” and the same thing in Chinese. I’ve also tried restarting mi phone and deleting the app. I have no more ideas. Please help.

    • No

      I have the same problem

  • Elmotje

    So this game only able to play on fkn IOS? Downloaded on S7. Wont instal. Says instal faild.

    • Yummy

      Use the tutuapp for android!!!

  • no pokestop found

    hi anyone can help me. i have install and log in but no any pokestop and pokemon found.

    • Yummy

      Hey bro. If u have jailbreak u need the tweak “tsprotector 8+”, go to black list (in cofig of tweak) and mark POKEMON GO (mark the two apps if u have the official and the tutuapp). Sorry if my english is bad, im mexican lol. Regards!

  • brian

    when i first installed i had the nearby feature working now its back to sightings ? any way to get it back

  • brian

    when i first installed i had the kickass nearby feature now it reverted back to sightings any idea how to get it back

    • Scott pilgrim

      Only works in San Francisco

  • Ace

    Simi valley

  • Max

    I really want to hack Pokemon go

  • Alanah

    Awaome I need this app lol

  • mark

    nice app… its working on my zenphone 5… and its amazing… thanks for it… i love it…

  • Forkfcfork


  • Marius


  • kevin

    It appears to be banned again. It was find one minute, then I turned it off went somewhere and came back tried to use it and it now says I have to trust the app but it wont let me.

    • Mike

      I have the same issue

  • Floris233


  • Ryan

    How do I change my home location?

  • Chris

    I downloaded it fine the first time but now it just says unable to install at this time with done or retry. I’ve tried so many times

    • Anthony

      Getting the same thing. Worked great for about 2 weeks, but 9/23 I tried to reinstall it after some issues and got that unable to install. Is this due to the Pokémon Go recent update?

  • Emmizon


  • Kody

    I downloaded the app went in the app put in my birthday and everything then it says update to continue so then I click and it brings me to the App Store Pokémon go

  • Hilly

    The hack was updated and able to download tutu, everything worked like it used to, then I logged out for about an hour then logged back in and it’s saying I have to update the hack Pokémon app and doesn’t let you do anything else but tap “ok” and it Reyes to update. Thinking tutu is using the older version of Pokémon go.

  • Sue

    The best game ever

  • Hilly

    The tutu app went unverified again and when you try to download it again it doesn’t let you. Also my previous post about updating the hacked Pokémon app they fixed that within two hours to the latest version and everything was working fine for about 24 hours which is weird it normally stays verified for like three days or so, so now it’s another waiting game for tutu to change the name of the app so we can re-verify it and hopefully play again.

    • Hilly

      As of right now, you’re able to download the tutu app and it installs and are able to verify, it seems to be an updated version of the tutu app and actually downloads the hacked Pokémon go into the tutu app itself, then you hit install and it automatically starts installing Pokémon go to the iPhone. But it goes through installing phase but yet to completely install, gives me a “unable to install/download at this time” so gonna keep trying and hopefully it will eventually work. Also the people in previous comments that are talking about they got a soft ban it’s cause you probably teleported coordinates and pretty sure they see that and ban you, think about it realistically, you can’t be in San Fran then seconds later be in England or where ever, and setting a home location so you can teleport home then catch the pokémon has never worked for me. So I just stay around San Fran and grind levels, don’t take the hack for granted

  • croixleur

    Anyone got perma banned for using this app? I’m quite afraid I may get perma ban for this.

  • croixleur

    Anyone got perma banned for using this? I’m quite afraid to get perma banned.

    • Hilly

      Probably if you teleport a lot, that’s why i have never teleported, lol

  • Hilly

    So, my friend made a brand new Pokémon go account because he wanted to test the teleport feature and not get ban on his main account. He was able to teleport on the new account and wasn’t ban, but when he went back on the original account it somehow also teleported his original account, weird.

  • Steven


  • Hilly

    I haven’t been able to download the tutu app for about five days now, (normally the tutu app stays verified for 2 to 3 days and then when it unverifies you just have to go re-download tutu app and it works again) now when you go to the tutuapp.com site and try to download it, it’s just lags for about 30 seconds and then it gives you “unable to install at this time” not sure if it’s the iPhone not letting it download/install or it’s the tutu site, hope it works soon, I wanna play the hack again! lol

    • ryan

      yeah it’s not letting me download it either. hopefully they update and let us re-download it again soon!!!

    • Jordan


  • Courtney

    I’ve been using tweaked and now my original go app won’t let me catch Pokémon or fight gyms how do I fix this?

  • Amadou

    Hur man använder tutuapp

  • Isaiah

    I got the hack but I was wondering from the original spawn poInt of the hacked version which direction do I go to reach the water (ocean) were magikarps and other water Pokémon spawn

    • Birks

      just warp there, use this location

      Lat: 37.808966
      Lon: -122.410153

      You’ll find Magikarp and Dratini all around.