How to Get Rid of “Invite” From Facebook Messenger on iPhone

When you download the Facebook Messenger app, there will be an Invite button visible under every contact that you messaged. What is this button exactly? Simply put, the Invite is responsible for displaying under whoever that you’re talking to that doesn’t have the same Messenger app installed on their device.

Let it be an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. It could be annoying sometimes isn’t it? Especially if your contact usually uses the direct Message box right on their browser.

Picture Credit: DigitalNative

Picture Credit: DigitalNative

For iPhone and iPad users, I can totally understand how it feels like to have this annoying button present almost from every single person you’re in touch with. However, you can now get rid of it. This isn’t an official feature yet, but hopefully, Facebook will do something about it.

Jailbroken iOS users can now enjoy the minimal thread without the Invite button using a tweak called NoInviteFBMessenger. With it, the dialog that usually says, “Invite Bryan (example) to Messenger.”remove-invite-facebook-messenger

Not only that this Invite button in Messenger is annoying to most iPhone users, but it also harasses or almost forces the other people to install the app as well. The NoInviteFBMessenger tweak is now available as a free package on the Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It works with any iOS devices running iOS 7 – 9.

Give it a go and be sure to let us know if the invite box is no longer there. For more cool tweaks for Facebook, check out this list.


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