WhatsApp Online Tracker Shows You When Anyone Goes Online or Offline

Have you found yourself wondering how you can get a WhatsApp online notification when someone goes online on WhatsApp? 

If you are looking for a WhatsApp Online Tracker then you are in the right place! 

Maybe you want to be able to send your best friend a message as soon as they go online. 

Or, perhaps you don’t want to send your boyfriend/girlfriend an important note when they have just gone offline.  

No one likes that painful wait while you are waiting for someone to get on WhatsApp and see your message. 

If you don’t know if they have been online you are probably sitting there wondering if the reason they haven’t replied is that they are mad, not interested or they just simply have not been on WhatsApp in awhile.

There is good news, there are a few WhatsApp online trackers that can keep you in the know when anyone has gone online or offline. 

This post will show you the best WhatsApp Trackers for 2020!

The Best WhatsApp Online Trackers For 2020

WhatzTrack WhatsApp Tracker App for iPhone or Android 

WhatzTrack App Shows You When A Contact Goes Online on WhatsApp

The WhatzTrack App is a paid app that will give you an instant notification when the contact(s) of your choice logon or go offline on WhatsApp. 

This WhatsApp online checker has a low monthly or weekly cost associated with it.

You can see a log of their online/offline times. 

This is great for parents who want to know how much time their kids are spending on social apps like WhatsApp.

WhatzTrack App doesn’t require jailbreaking or access to your contacts phone in order for it to work.

OnlineNotify Jailbreak Tweak For iPhone Users

OnlineNotify is a paid jailbreak tweak from the BigBoss repository that tells you when a specific contact from WhatsApp comes online or went offline, and when that contact is typing.

Online Notify Online Notifications

By using this tweak, you can get all of this information via notifications center instead of always checking the app.

Similar to Twitter’s turn on notifications or when someone is typing from Snapchat

This WhatsApp Online Tracker is only available on jailbroken phones.

Get notifications inside and outside WhatsApp when chosen contacts become online and offline. (Works only for contacts you chose inside OnlineNotify registered users table) – Get notifications when any of your contacts start typing a message. (It works on all of your contacts and not just the chosen users).

Online Notify Examples

Here are some of the features:

  • Adds an online indicator next to online contacts in favorites list and group info.
  • Replace contacts’ status text with their last seen in favorites list and group info.
  • A Flipswitch included to enable/disable notifications directly from your control center
  • Select on which WhatsApp version you wish to run users status tracking. (By doing that you won’t be seen as online on your main WhatsApp)

Get notified when someone is online on WhatsApp

  1. Enable notifications from settings
  2. Launch WhatsApp
  3. Visit the Settings tab > tap on OnlineNotify button, and assign users that you want to get notify when they’re online, offline, and is typing.


As noted by the developer, WhatsApp must always be running in the background for this WhatsApp Online Tracker to work, and Wi-Fi needs to stay connected even if the device is locked (use Insomnia package) for this tweak to work properly.

If you want to download even more Cydia tweaks for WhatsApp, check out our collection here.

How to hide your Last Seen in WhatsApp

If you don’t want people to be able to see when you were last online in WhatsApp there is a setting that you can change within the WhatsApp messenger app that will allow you to hide your last seen time.

  1. Open WhatsApp app from your home screen
  2. Go to Settings > Account > Privacy
  3. From there you can turn off the feature

By default, WhatsApp Messenger will allow other users to view your last seen and know whether you’re online or offline.

While it’s impossible to hide your WhatsApp online status, those who concern about their privacy can turn off the Last Seen functionality.

WhatsApp Online Tracker Shows You When Anyone Goes Online or Offline 1

Keep in mind that if you don’t share your last seen, you are not allowed to see other contacts last seen either.

For more information about your Privacy, please check out WhatsApp’s FAQ.

Whats Monitor To Track WhatsApp Online Status From Android Phones

WhatsApp Online Tracker Shows You When Anyone Goes Online or Offline 2

For those of you who use an Android device, we have found one more app that will tell you when one of your WhatsApp contacts goes online. 

The WhatsMonitor for WhatsApp if available in the Google Play store for free and can be used on most Android devices.

WhatsMonitor is simple to use and once you download it for free from the app store all you have to do is activate it and you will start to receive notifications every time your favorite contacts go online.  

You will also be able to see a log of all the times and durations your contact is online. 

This is very helpful if you want to see what time your kids are going on WhatsApp. 

Maybe they are sneaking on during school time or when they should be asleep!

WhatsMonitor even works if your contact has blocked you on WhatsApp.


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