For those of you who came here after using Yalu Jailbreak for iOS 10 devices and got stuck at this error, the tutorial below will work on your version as well.

Shortly after jailbreaking my iPhone 6 using the PG Client app, everything seems to work fine from the outside.

How did I know?

I was feeling relief until this showed up

Could not open file /var/lib/dpkg/status — open (2: No such file or directory)

This package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.

These kind of popups are usually normal, so I thought it’s not a big deal.

Not until I switch over to the Changes tab. There is nothing there. Whenever I choose Refresh, the error would display again. So everything was empty except for the default Sources and Cydia’s main screen.


I did a quick search on Google regarding this, and none of the tutorials would help, and some were way off.

Thankfully, someone recently published a short guide on how to fix this problem. Shout out to /u/senditdown on Reddit.

Get the headache out of the way

A lot of people have tried the following method:

  • Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

But no chance of resolving anything.


If that’s the case, try this:

  1. Download the NewTerm .deb from here
  2. Mac users can use iOS App Signer to turn it from .deb to .iPA. Windows users can follow this video or this
  3. Download Cydia Impactor from here and sideload the MobileTerminal.ipa to your iOS device
  4. Go to the official site of i-Funbox and download it. Also, this file as well
  5. Open iFunbox and navigate to /var/mobile/Media/Books then drop the ‘lib’ folder to that directory

Last but not least, open MobileTerminal on your iPhone or iPad and type in the following commands.

type su

type in your password. default is alpine

type: cp -R /var/mobile/Media/Books/lib /var

After that, Cydia should start working again. For those who have either iFile or Filza and Mobile Terminal installed already, you can start with Step 4 and forward.

How to Fix com.teiron.pphelper error in Cydia

When I finished troubleshooting the “Could Not Open File…” error there is another one that pop out and this one says something like this:

trying to overwrite ‘/Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries’, which is also in package com.teiron.pphelperns

Luckily, this problem is a bit easier to resolve since it doesn’t require a computer or installing another app. Switch over to the Installed tab and look for an app called PP Helper. Go ahead and uninstall that tweak.

Respring your iOS device, and you can start installing Cydia tweaks as usual again.

I hope this help and Happy Jailbreaking!

  • John

    It is not worked for me. In Terminal it said ” -sh: type:: command not found ” Please help me

    • Aidan

      make sure you type “su” no spaces, no caps, nothing

    • Nate

      i need to put this near the top for all of the people ahving the problem with the code like i was i did some browsing i found a working code, make sure you follow it right down to the spaces and the dash between cp and r

      cp -R /var/mobile/Media/Books/lib /var

      then after type- mkdir /var/log/apt

      then go to cydia/installed apps/ then find the blue tweak called pp 3.0 and delete it. an there you go happy jailbreaking

      • Paul

        thanks man , I want to say in addition : leave a space between
        cp -R after this another space so cpspace-Rspace/var/mobile/Media/Books/libspace/var
        This is for the people who have 0 experience in this

        • damned

          it so help thx a lot, i miss that spelling space over and over

        • harrison

          thanks it worked a charm

      • Арсен

        спасибо большое

    • yasin

      i cant get mobile terminal

      • Abi

        me toooo
        please help

      • Abi

        where to find mobile terminal?
        cydia apps doesent working

    • Abi

      where is the mobile terminal???
      please helpppppp

  • reda

    realy you are awesome dude it works for me thank you soooo much man, you can drag the lib file on file systeme RAW and then on Books directly it’s the same

    • Riswan

      If i drag into Raw System File and then Books ,
      what is the commands will be that I have to type on Mobile Terminal

    • Riswan

      Please help me

      • senditdown

        It is the same. Some people won’t be able to access the Books folder, going through the raw folder (the ones without AFC 2).

        The iBooks folder you see on the top level, is basically only a shortcut to the mentioned location. And then you can actually access it.

        Long story short: The command is the same.

        • Anand

          command? not woking..not getting caps and spaces..

        • Jonathan Huang

          Umm. In mobile terminal on iOS 10. It says fork exemption! Plz help

    • Mike

      Can you tell me how to do it

    • S

      Worked for me!! Thanks so much!!!

  • Hanna Shanar

    Hey quick question, when I open up ifunbox, i can not find the navigation listed above. There is no var/mobile options, looked through all the folders and everything. What am i missing? i dowloaded the terminal and it is installed on my device, downloaded iphonebox, but can find the proper navigation to drop the lib file into

    • teeayeand

      You can drag and drop folder into the iBooks as well. No need to go to the directory if you can’t find it.

    • Abi

      how i get the terminal???
      please help

  • Caty5263

    Hey it do not worked for me. Please help me! 🙂

  • Caty5263

    Hey it doesn’t work for me. Pls help! 🙂

    • Aidan

      Please be more specific

  • Ricky

    Hey I have the exact problem and I followed your steps until using iFunbox moving file step.
    I couldn’t do it because according to ifunbox im not jail-broken yet. But according to pangu app, it says your phone is jail-broken.
    What happened to me before was I jail broken it and rebooted my phone and tried to reactivate the jailbreak, but it always led me to a dark screen. So I erased all my data and reset my phone from settings thinking I could do the whole thing from zero. But the Cydia app is still there no matter how I reset it.
    I didn’t back up because I didn’t have any valuable data in my phone, so I couldn’t restore to back up to remove cydia, but I don’t want to restore my phone from itunes which will update the ios to unjailbreakable new ios version.
    What should I do?
    I successfully installed terminal though. Just can’t move that file to the path in iphone.

    • senditdown

      Paste it in the top level iBooks folder. It’s basically only a shortcut from iFunbox to that mentioned location. Then it should work.

      • Leah

        Same problem but where is the ibooks folder?

    • Adam

      I’m having the same problem please if you fix it help me out I tried everything here and it didn’t work it could find the file which I know it’s there

  • Ricky

    I just come up with an idea of putting that file into the ipa and then after installation I’ll copy that file to the var location. Wish me luck

    • teeayeand

      Good luck!

  • Ricky

    It worked lol

  • roborg

    it worked, but when i go ahead and install something from cydia, like activator for example. it falls short because there’s an error telling me that it’s trying to overwrite something.. bla bla mobilesubstrate/dynamic bla bla. something like that. any idea?

    • Royce Fruciano

      Same here.. yet i followed the instructions to the ‘T’ .. have you found a work-around to this yet?

  • jay

    When i drab the deb into IOS APP SIGNER it does not let me create IPA. It says i was unable to resolve the issue with codesigning?
    any ideas
    thank you!

    • teeayeand

      Check the certificate trust setting in Keychain and make sure it’s not marked as “Always”.

      • Jay

        Amazing! I got it working. I thought i’d be waiting months for the new jailbreak. thank you and have a great day

      • Daniel

        for me keychain just says “waiting for approval from other device” what do i do then

  • Lollie

    Hey I’ve been trying to do these steps but when I type Su into mobile terminal it’s asks for the password , the password I put in is incorrect , which password are we supposed to be putting in ? Also tried alpine. Still saying wrong password

    • teeayeand

      Really? alpine is the default password unless you’ve changed it before.

      • eduardo

        Hey there, whenever i try to put in the password i type it in the keyboard however it does not write on the screen. i try pressing every key in the keyboard and none of them work when it asks for my password. i can type in “su” fine but when it asks for the password my keyboard does not work and i can only press enter

        • ash

          hi same here.
          what is the solution to this?

          • Aidan

            guys, its just invisible, still works the same

  • Gustavo T

    Si sirve un poco complicado por que no se mucho de esto pero todo resulto bien…

    100% Working.

  • Matthew

    OMG OMG OMG You SAVED MY Life:) i love you lol

  • rae

    wont work on last part cp: missing destination file operand after /var/mobile/Media/Books/lib/var

    i put the folder lib on ibooks because i cant see the var/mobile 🙁

    • Sn0w78

      Same here, help us please 🙁

      • teeayeand

        See my previous reply 🙂

        • Brandon

          hey in i funbox went in raw file storage then var then dragged the lib folder there didn’t need to do anything with the mobile terminal and it worked.

          • teeayeand

            Hey Brandon,

            That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    • teeayeand

      unzip the lib file and move it here var/mobile/Media/Books

      • Jess

        I don’t have anything under var and i cant move the MobileTerminal.IPA through cydia impactor because it says ipa.cpp:101 cannot find .app/info.plist

        Someone please help me

  • Hanna Shanar

    So i typed in the command and it says that the there is no such file or directory. Any advice?

    • DANO

      Same here plz help guys

  • Sn0w78

    FOR ALL PEOPLE WHO HAVE “missing destination file operand after /var/mobile/Media/Books/lib/var”

    Just unzip the to have a lib folder and then, copy this folder to var/mobile/Media/Books

    Just worked for me, awesome 😀

    • Mike

      How can you tell me

    • HUSS


    • yasin


  • Zo

    I have problem with signing ipa with cydia impactor. Problem with certificate. How can i solve that. And also i dont see place to put lib file in ifunbox
    I have ifile and other but couldnot open just blink and nothing. Plz help me

  • milehigh80920

    Thank you so much for this. It worked perfectly. The only thing that messed me up was that I screwed up the spacing in the terminal command line on my first attempt–very important!!–second attempt went without any problems whatsoever. This is an easy fix just takes a little figuring out.

    • DANO

      thats where im having issues whats the spacing?

  • Danilo

    OMFG, you just saved my day/week

  • Hanna

    Maybe im typing the command wrong? Could someone give exact representations of where the spaces are and what not?

  • Zach

    It worked but I get an error “Trying to overwrite ‘/Lubrary/MobileaSubstrate/DynamicLibraries’,…” How do I fix this?!

    • MAH

      Same here

      • Jamie

        Yes, please help with this!

  • josh

    where do i open mobile terminal? i cant find plz help!!!!

    • teeayeand

      Should be on your iPhone.

  • josh

    i got the terminal but i cant type alpine in for some reason i typed “su” then return then password comes up and i cant type a single thing for some reason plz help!!

    • Si

      Just type the password and enter , for me it was the same issue you can’t see nothing and it seems your not typing but you are good luck

  • joshua gaspard

    in terminal i typed after i type “su” password comes up and i cant type anything ito the space someone help am i typing it wrong?

  • Aaron

    I’m having the same problem some help^

  • Danny

    So when I try to sign the app with the app signer, I get “error extracting ipa file” how do I fix this? Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Zoe

    When i type cp-r /var/mobile/media/books/lib/var it always so missing destination
    Plz help

    • teeayeand

      Remove var at the end and see what happen.

  • Will

    Great Instruct. Thank You!

    • teeayeand

      Glad to help 🙂

  • Juwain

    not allowed to fork inside sandbox ……..plz help

    • teeayeand

      What do you mean?

      • DGKavon

        I am having the same problem. cannot access ifunbox sandbox to access var related files

        • DGKavon

          nevermind, I know exactly what he’s saying now. after changing to lib (unzip) inside the terminal on my phone it says cannot fork from inside sandbox. I don’t know what it means but it renders the terminal unusable.

          • ishant

            same here, i found out it means it wont run because my phone is not jailbroken.

            im using a semi-tethered jailbreak of yula on ios 10.1.1 on iphone 9,3

  • zoe

    thank you for your great support 🙂 finally in cydia i can get source and repo. but i could not install any of them. there is problem with
    Directory ‘/var/log/apt/’ missing
    sub-process /usr/libexec/cydia/cydo returned an error code (2)
    plz help
    i google it find solution to fixed but need apple file conduit “2” which is impossible with cydia. so i couldnt find var folder in ifunbox. it show my iphone is jailed.

    • Ghost

      you need a directory to copy it into, make sure you’re using a space for /var.
      Ex: (cp -R /var/mobile/Media/books/lib) /var
      Whats in the parentheses has to be copied to the /var destination.

      And when seeing returned error codes (1) or (2) its just stating that the script trying to be processed ran into an error. Which can be fixed with Terminal.

      • Ghost

        So in result you are typing
        cp -R /var/mobile/Media/books/lib /var
        ^make sure there is a space

  • Donald

    Ok, I have a solution for all of you having problems;

    When you open cydia and you get the error about the missing lib file, LOOK and take NOTE of where cydia is looking for the lib file.

    Cydia was not looking in /var/mobile/Media/Books for me, it was only looking in /var/”lib”.
    So I just copied lib into var and it worked without using terminal.

    Hope this helps.

    • Manny

      Where did you make the change? What do you mean about not using terminal?

      Please help!

    • ayyyeee

      Thank you sooooooooo much ! I’ve tried everything for 3 days and your instructions were the only one that ACTUALLY WORKED ! *side note* I didn’t have to do anything with Mobile Terminal.

  • D Ray

    You’r the man! Worked like a charm. Much appreciated.

    • teeayeand

      No problem 🙂

  • Ghost

    You sir, are a GOD, thank you for your intelligence i don’t know where i’d be without it in this situation. This is MUCH appreciated 🙂

    • teeayeand

      No worries and thank you for helping others out.

      • 127.2288

        whats up my man,im having problems jailbreaking my phone,i cant find the terminal =ª(

  • Jess

    Need help

  • Alexpine

    It worked for me! Thanks!!! You saved my jailbreak because people now can´t restore to 9.3.3 so i followed your method and it worked!! Thank you so much!

  • Emir

    Thanks for that! I do this. I drop files to iBooks. its work.

  • Mel

    It doesn’t work for me, all it says is “No such file or directory” and I’ve tried it a couple times, help.

    • TeeTeev

      There is spaces in the command you have to type



  • TeeTeev

    Hi, Worked for my iPhone 6 iOS 9.3..
    I pasted lib folder direcytcly to Books with iFunbox.
    To finish i wrote the command exactly as i’ve been asked to write it (with a space each time there is a space)

    Many thanks TEEAYEAND

  • Amin

    Thank You So Much, It really work for me.

  • FusinBonez

    Your method works.. but now:

    ” ‘trying to overwrite /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries’ which is also in package com.teiron.pphelprns ”

    is the constant error i get whenever i try to install anything in Cydia now… please help

    • MAH

      same here .. WE NEED HELP PLEASE

  • Dante

    Is there anyplace else to get the file needed to execute this fix? The link in the tutorial is broken.

    “Error (429)
    This account’s links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!”


  • Mike1021

    Not really good at stuff like this can anyone recommend a video tutorial or step by step as I’m new to this much appreciated if possible

  • feras alrayes

    if you have ifile do this

    1- delete this file first DynamicLibraries


    2- creat new folder and rename to apt on here var/log/apt

    restart your mobile and okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • JY

    Thanks you so much. My cydia now works just fine!

  • Jordan

    is there supposed to be a space after “cp”? and a space after “/lib” i get these two error messages if i put the space after “cp” i get cp: invalid option — ‘ / ‘
    if i put no space there i get No such file or directory ive tried copying straight to the iBooks ive tried straight to Books ive even read every single comment to see if i can find a solution but nothing is working.

    • Zaki

      me too

  • kerroum

    i dont can to add mobileterminal in cydia impactor because of this problem cannot find .app/info.plist

    • Urbane

      Can we get help for this^???

  • George

    I can’t find var on ifunbox, if I drag and drop Lib to iBooks instead what do I have to type into MobileTerminal to fix the database error?

    • johnny

      its just books under general storage

  • chakir

    /var/mobile root ;
    what should i do ?? help me please

  • Luis

    Deleted cydia application through the ifile (I spotted all had cydia the name and blacked out) and now I can not install through the jailbreak cydia again what to do? I have remade the jailbreak process in ios 9.3.3 I get the msg saying that the phone is jailbreakon but cydia not appear. Some applications are still functional as Filza Gamegen Flex but nothing cydia.

  • Gr8One

    Most are getting stuck in the MobileTerminal portion. if you have everything right up to this point, the main issue is going to be typing the command correctly…. there is a “space” after “cp”, “-R”, and “lib”
    cp -R /var/mobile/Media/Books/lib /var

    if you have the correct space inserted, this should work.
    THANKS for the original post! helped me, and it WORKS!

    • Thomas

      You helped a lot. It worked. But unfortunately things in cydia are the same. Do not know what else to do. i’m troubled with this over 5 days.

      • sonny

        me too

    • Thomas

      I think i am the only person to get it done but still no packages in Cydia. hahahah

    • Bill Nguyen

      Thank you so much for pointing out all the spaces. I had got 2 but had missed 1 before you pointed it out. Now it is working like a charm. Appreciate that.

  • Arnold Padillo

    It worked! I Love You! Thank u thank u thank u!!! 🙂

  • Sara

    Thank you sooo much<3 You saved my life !!! FOR EVERYONE GETTING STUCK AT THE LAST STEP:
    There is a space after the cp, the -R, and the lib portion.
    This helped me! Hope it helps!

  • johnny

    is the var/media/books in the general storage system or is it in the raw file system. my iphone is jailbroken but it wont let me access raw system because it keeps saying its not jailbroken. ifun wont let me put mobile terminal in the cydia impactor either. any help would be awesome. thanks 🙂

  • johnny

    well i got the books to work now the only issue im having is the info.plst folder. wont install mobile terminal on it. is it becaue my device isnt jailbroken? it is but it say its not

  • tony

    thank you! worked for me.. i kept messing up in the mobile terminal entering.. remember there is a space before you start to type in anything

  • Arnav Nagpal

    Thanks a lot. I had a lot of trouble finding tutorials on the internet but this tutorial worked flawlessly. Thanks!

  • Uknow

    it works tysm 😀

  • Ahmad Jomah

    Thanks a lot it works for me you saved someone’s happiness .

  • Asia


  • midooooooooooo

    thanks it helps me

  • Nate

    cp -R /var/mobile/Media/Books/lib /var

    here is the actual working code, make sure you follow it right to a to including spaces and the – between cp and r , there is one space then a ” – ” .

  • Mads

    I cant install MobileTerminal

    • Tyrone

      What’s the problem?

  • Jim

    My phone is jailbroken on 9.3.3 using the Pangu jailbreak. I was able to load the mobile terminal by pasting the zip file into the “Books” folder. I signed in using su and alpine and get the promt “iphone:/var/mobile root#”, but when I type in cp -R /var/mobile/Media/Books/lib /var I get an error
    “cp: cannot stat ‘/var/mobile/Media/Books/lib’ no such file or directory”
    I am using iFunbox and can’t get into the raw file system, only the user file system. Does anyone have a suggestion on a fix?

    • Nate

      There’s a space at Books/lib/ var

      Between / and var put a space

      • Nate

        Working code:

        cp -R /var/mobile/Media/Books/lib /var

        • Jim

          I’ve been using that code and I still get the same error. I’ve re-entered it again several times and checked for errors but can’t get it to work. Would placing the zip file into the books folder be causing any issues? I wasn’t able to copy the whole folder to put into books, it kept opening the sub folders on me so I out in the zipped file. Any other ideas if that is ok?

          Thank you

          • Paul

            go to your file on the pc and right click mouse copy then go to fun box to the directory another mouse click and paste that shit

            • Jim

              Thanks Paul, swear I tried that several times before but it worked this time.

              Now the code didn’t put up an error, but just went back to iphone: /var/mobile root#
              I closed terminal and tried cydia again but got the same errors. I went through the steps again and put in mkdir /var/log/apt as suggested but it said that the file already exists.

              I tried to then go to cydia/installed apps but couldn’t find it in iFunbox and can’t see any installed apps when I open cydia.

              Any suggestions? Thanks

            • Jim

              Since the cydia error is “could not open file /var/lib/dpkg/status” I just checked iFunbox for the lib/dpkg/status folder and it’s still not there after adding the lib folder in the fix.

  • Jim

    Thanks for the help Paul and Nate, I got it to work! I went to the reddit tutorial and saw an answer to check to see if there was a second “lib” folder inside the first one. Mine had a main “lib” folder and then a second one inside that led to the 4 folders.

    make sure the lib folder you drag in, doesn’t have another lib folder inside of it. It should just be lib, and when you double click in, should bring you straight to the other 4 folders.

    • Carlos

      Was having the same issue as you, Jim. Thank you for your comment, it helped me a lot.

  • tiffgu

    Oh my god! It worked! I love the guy who created this tutorial <3

  • 127.2288

    the terminal is now showing up..can anyone help?

  • KimRoura

    Can i try this to recover the files in sauriks repo.. For me to use cydia eraser and erase all jb related files so that i can stay on 9.3.3 and rejailbreak?

  • Kim

    Im sooo HAPPY! It worked!! My iPhone is currently running cydia eraser to have a clean ios 9.3.3!! It was a bit confusing at first because im not a tech guy too much but it did worked! Sauriks repo came back! Able to install cydia eraser! After this im gonna restore my files and apps and rejailbreak! Thank you so much man. You save my Phone from updating.. God bless.

  • Nathan

    Im getting cannot create directory permission denied, can anyine help? 🙁

  • Jayden

    IMPORTANT: Hey so everything worked, or so I thought. After I typed in the command, I pressed enter and and It didn’t display an error message at all, it just looked like i was ready to type another command. Before this, I typed in the right command and it said it wasn’t found, cause I origionally had the lib file zipped.. I unzipped it, and now it shows no error, but when I open cydia, I still get the stupid message error thing. Please help, I feel like i’m so close here

  • Dylan D

    OMFG THANK YOU SO MUCH, everyone kept telling me to just restore and update, i was just about to, then I found this. THANKS SO MUCH