How to Fix Nike+ Run Club Problems on Your Apple Watch

After seeing a bunch of ads that says, “Are We Running?” from Nike advertising for its Apple Watch Nike+ edition and the Nike Club Run app I was tempted to tried it all out. No, I didn’t buy another Apple Watch. Instead, I downloaded the Nike Club Run application to see what’s the fuzz is all about.

As someone who is not very athletic, the app was successful at pushing me to run at least once or twice a week. When you’re not running, the Nike Club Run app on your Apple Watch will display a message to remind you that you haven’t hit the road for awhile and it’s currently sunny outside.

The message goes something like this:

How to Fix Nike+ Run Club Problems on Your Apple Watch 1

Although the Nike Club Run is fantastic at helping you become more active I sometimes encountered several issues while using it. Many people experienced problems with the GPS being inaccurate or the app just crashes every time users tried to open it.

In this article, we will list out some of the most widespread problems with the Nike Club Run app on the Apple Watch and provide a fix to each of those issue.

Nike Run Club crashing during runs

A user recently reported that within the past couple of runs, the Nike Run Club wouldn’t work properly on his Apple Watch. Specifically, it will crash while he is running, but the data is still being stored on his iPhone 7 Plus.

If you are having the same problem, I would suggest doing the following:

  1. Delete the application from both iPhone and Apple Watch
  2. Reset your iPhone first and then your Apple Watch
  3. Re-install the Nike Run Club app

I also tried to get in touch with Nike themselves, but the only response I got back was “We’re working on it.” So for now, your best bet is just to keep trying.

How to Fix Nike+ Run Club Problems on Your Apple Watch 2

Nike Run Club Doesn’t Notify When to Run

Like I mentioned earlier, the good thing about this app is that if will let you know when to run (depending on the weather and similar factors). However, several people have set up their profile and schedule, but the Nike Run Club still doesn’t prompt them to run or show what’s the next run is.

This can be frustrating for those with coach schedule initiated or having a benchmark run.

Although there is no official fix for this problem yet, our only guess is that you hard reboot both devices and re-download the Nike Run Club app. If that still doesn’t work, contact Nike for further assistance.

GPS Issue When Running with the Nike Run Club app

How to Fix Nike+ Run Club Problems on Your Apple Watch 3

I recently purchased the Apple Watch Series 2 and already have the Nike Run Club app installed on my device. I attempted to go out for a run without the iPhone. Sadly, the GPS simply doesn’t work at all. No data was displayed on the map and recording time was completely off as well.

A few days later, there was an update to the Nike+ Run Club from the App Store and this update indeed fixed the problem.

It changelog says:

Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Nike+ watches will fully track your route using GPS — whether you run with your phone or not.

If you have any GPS problems on your Apple Watch when using the Nike Run Club then just update the app to the latest version.

That’s all we got, for now, feel free to comment below if you come across a different problem.


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