Passcode is one of the most important built-in security features on your iPhone. It helps to prevent strangers or people without permission to gain access to your iOS device. When swipe right from the lock screen, a four, six, or text password screen will be prompted. Until you or anyone can enter the right passcode, the device will remain as locked.

What Caused your iPhone to Disabled

But keep in mind that there are consequences for entering too many incorrect passcodes. The first few warnings will put your iPhone into a disabled mode for up to 20 mins or more. When your limit is reached, the message will say, “iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes”. This is when it get a little complicated. When your iPhone display this message, it means you should quit trying to get the right combination.

The only way to fix this disabled mode is if you connect your device to iTunes, as suggested, and restore the device. When restoring without a backup, it will delete your entire iPhone data including photos, applications, and other relevant documents. That’s the only way to get rid of your old passcode that you can’t seem to remember. Now that you know what can happen if your iPhone is disabled, I’ll show you a way to avoid running into this issue in the future.

As you can see, when your device shows the “iPhone is disabled” screen, it was caused when you enter too many wrong passcodes. Therefore, the only way to solve this problem is if we could find a way to get an unlimited try on your iPhone.

How to Remove the “iPhone is Disabled” Screen

No Passcode LockOut is a free jailbreak tweak that allows you to type in as many wrong passcodes as you can without getting the iPhone is disabled message. As a result, no restore from iTunes is required.

  1. Go to Cydia
  2. Switch over to the Search page
  3. Type in No Passcode LockOut
  4. Install and Respring

After activating this tweak, it will prevent the “iPhone is disabled” message and screen from showing up. Ultimately, if you can’t retrieve your passcode back then there is nothing we can do about it. Either you restore your device from a backup or lose all the data.


This Cydia tweak is only useful when you have friends or relatives who like to mess around with your iPhone and thinking they can disable it.