How to Fix Apple Watch Doesn’t Vibrate When Receiving Calls or Messages

Have you ever been in a situation where your Apple Watch just stop notifying you of phone calls or text messages?

I’ve had this problem before. Both vibration and sound were completely off while I continue to see incoming calls from friends.

It turned out I misconfigured something in the Settings app, and that prevent any sort of notifications from coming in. If this function doesn’t appear to be working on your watch, chances are you forgot to enable it, or it wasn’t turned on at all in the first place.

How to Enable Vibration for Calls and Messages on Apple Watch

  1. Turn on your iPhone and go to the Watch app
  2. Go to My Watch (this is a tab) > Phone > select Custom
  3. Find Ringtone, under this page, turn on Sound and Haptics

From there, slowly adjust the sound to your liking. Additionally, you can also enable Prominent Haptics, which will pre-announce some of the alerts you often see on the Apple Watch.


The Haptic Strength allows you to adjust the force of the vibration. In this case, we want to it vibrate as much (strength) as it can so the user can know they’re receiving an incoming call.

A lot of people from the Apple support forum seems to have this problem a lot. They suggest that we take a look at the sounds and haptic settings on our Apple Watch, turning prominent taptic on, and sometimes a switch of power would also help (turning your watch on and off).

It’s also a good idea to check for the Do Not Disturb feature as well.

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