How to Fix Activity Sharing Not Working on Apple Watch

The Activity app on your Apple Watch is like a fitness tracker. When you wear the device on your wrist, it will start tracking how much you “move, exercise, and stand from day to day.” The best part, all of this is done automatically as long as you wear the Apple Watch throughout the day.

Another good thing about your Activity application is that you can share your data with other people. These include friends, family, or anyone in the world as long as they meet the following requirements:

  1. Have their number under your Contacts list
  2. Have an Apple Watch themselves

This is not just a one-way sharing when your Activity data is being shared; you can also tap on that particular individual to see their stats as well. This is an excellent way to stay motivated and keep everyone in your athletic loop.

How to Fix Activity Sharing Not Working on Apple Watch 1

While this application works really well for me, several people have reported that they were having trouble with adding and removing friends in the Activity Sharing portion of their Apple Watch. Furthermore, other problems related to this feature also occurs.

In this post, we will list each issue out along with some fixes for you. If at any time your Activity Sharing stop working you can always try the solutions below.

Unable to Add or Remove Friends Activity Sharing

How to Fix Activity Sharing Not Working on Apple Watch 2

One of our readers couldn’t send a request to his friend. If you have the same problem, you probably saw a popup that says, “There was an error sending your Activity Sharing invitation. Try sending it again.”

For the most part, when you select “OK” and re-send the invitation, it should go through. However, if your iPhone still prompts that message, then try this.

  • Upgrade to the latest watchOS 3 version
  • Unpair the Apple Watch and iPhone

Your friends should be able to see your invitation in their Activity app afterward. They might have to update their Apple Watch to the current watchOS to accept. And vice versa for the inviter.

“User must own and be using an Apple Watch” Error

Believe it or not, Apple Watch makes mistakes too. One of my co-workers wanted to share his activity with me. When he enter my name in the Activity app and tap Send, it displays an error message that says, “User must own and be using an Apple Watch.”

How to Fix Activity Sharing Not Working on Apple Watch 3

Are you kidding me?

I do have an Apple Watch, and it’s always on my hand. This problem was kinda confusing, but someone from the Apple forum was able to find a fix for it.

He suggests:

  • Open the Health app and let it load for once
  • Remove any older or previously owned iPhone from your iCloud

Weird solutions, but seems to helped multiple users.

Only one-way sharing in the Activity app

How to Fix Activity Sharing Not Working on Apple Watch 4

What’s the point of seeing your friend’s Activity data when that person can’t even see yours? That happened to us recently. My friend’s Activity Stats were able to appear on my Apple Watch, but then none of my data would display on his side.

The part I don’t get is that everything works fine with other people that he shared his information with. Luckily, the solution to this problem is only one. That is unpairing and repairing the Apple Watch. Both of you should do it, but you can always give it a go first if the issue disappears then no need for your friend to perform such action.

Ultimately, the issues with your Activity Sharing feature can only extend to a certain point. Additional fixes like restarting the watch, iPhone, or hard reset should help to resolve most of those problems.


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