Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch is a really convenient way for many people to use their real-time chatting app on the go, especially doing it right on their wrists.

Since the initial release back in October, I personally didn’t have any trouble using the Messenger app on my watch at all. Until recently the app started freezing or sometimes just stop working completely.


There are two things I can say right now:

  • This is definitely a bug
  • I’ve seen many people suffering from it

I hope this post is going to help you temporarily address the issue until there is an official update to the Facebook Messenger application.

Fixing the Messenger app on Apple Watch

This quick fix will allow you to resolve the problem without having to restore your iPhone or your Watch to its factory settings.

  1. From your iPhone, go to the Messenger app
  2. Access the Settings page and go to Apple Watch
  3. Change the default replies to anything you want and get out of the settings page.
  4. Now go back to Settings > Apple Watch and delete the entry that you changed
  5. Again, return to Settings and close the Messenger app
  6. Open the Facebook Messenger on your Apple Watch and you should see that all messages are now fully loaded

What a weird trick isn’t it; I’m unable to figure out how this help to fix the problem, but it did.


As I mentioned in other posts, most of the problems on watchOS are fixable without having to do anything serious.

Update both iOS and watchOS to latest Software Versions

If the above solution doesn’t work out for you, that means something is wrong with the software. Therefore, updating both your iPhone and Apple Watch to the latest firmware can potentially resolve the issue.


  • iPhone must first be running the latest iOS version (iOS 10 as of writing this)

To update your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update. Perform the same steps with your watch by going to the Apple Watch app on your phone.

Once your watch is updated to the latest version, go back to Facebook Messenger to see if it’s working. We do believe that getting the most recent version will possibly fix this problem. If it doesn’t, then try to unpair your iPhone and the watch.

  • SomeRandomeWebDude

    This actually helped me. Im pretty surprised. Thanks for your article.

  • Alyssa

    Whoa that very weird trick worked! Thank you

  • Dean

    This does fix the issue for a few days then I have to do it again and again and again.

  • Just tried this trick today and it worked like a charm! Thank you so much!

    • John

      You’re welcome.

  • Ryan

    Lol how is this still an issue in late July. Glad the solution works!

  • Rhat

    Actually worked! Wassup widdat??

  • Renate

    Worked for me too. Thanks

  • Hrio

    Amazing stuff. Thabks very very much. Wonder how you figured it out but works for mr

  • Elise Watvedt

    Not working:-(

    • mahe

      Same here 🙁

      • Barb

        Not working for me either

  • Ari

    Not working for me either 🙁 also tried unpairing and nothing is working.

  • Bulldog69

    Just worked for me.
    How does that happen
    Thanks anyhow

  • john

    works….don’t understand why apple does fix it…

  • Damon Lazer

    It works, but I have to do it pretty much every time I want to open up Messenger on my watch. Which makes the app pretty much useless for anything but viewing notifications.

  • Nvier

    That actually worked wow, that’s a weird fix, wonder why that happens…

  • Will

    Apple watch 2 and this was driving me crazy but your improbable trick actually worked! Thanks!

  • Nessa

    Thank you. It worked smoothly after I had the app on the Watch loading for almost an hour!

  • Shoppe

    Not working on an Apple Watch series 2 with WatchOS3 and iPhone 6s with iOS10.1.1. Tried all fixes listed above without success. FB needs to fix this App

    • Barb

      Agree! I also have Series 2 and fix is not working. VERY annoying.

  • Cortney

    I have a series 2 and I got it to work. Thanks for the help!!!!

  • Tina

    I did all and still nothing. Very disappointed.

  • LL

    Series 2 and this fixed things! I couldn’t get messenger to load AT ALL and your silly little trick was just what I needed 🙂 Thanks!

  • Patrick

    It worked for me. Not sure how you figured this one out, but glad you did!!! Thanks