How to Change the Version of iPhone Apps & Firmware

Changing the version number of your iPhone applications isn’t something any of you may want to do. Perhaps you would even ask me why. Well, I don’t even know how this tutorial came to mind, but this can be an opportunity for some users to learn more about their file system and edit it.

You will need something like iFunbox on a computer or install iFile from Cydia. I suggest getting iFile tweak because it will be much easier to edit the files.

How to Change the Version Number of iOS Apps

Step 1: Go on Cydia > Search > iFile

Step 2: This is a freemium tweak, the free version will get the job done so Install it

Step 3: Head over to var/mobile/containers/bundle/[Pick an App] (In this case, I’m using Background Eraser Pro)

Step 4: You should see at least 3 folders:, iTunesArtwork, and iTunesMetadata.plist


Step 5: Tap on the iTunesMetadata.plist and choose Property List Viewer

Step 6: Look for bundleShortVersionString and bundleVersion. You should already see the app’s version. Tap on it and change it to whatever you want.


Step 7: Now go back and enter folder. Using the search option on top and type in Info.plist. Then do the same thing in Step 5.

Don’t expect changes within your application unless you edit further files or remove individual parts. But now you get an idea on how to modify your iOS app data. Go ahead and explore some more. The worse case will be reinstalling the app.

How to Change Your iOS Firmware Version


This tutorial is the complete opposite, it might benefit some of you with older devices. By changing the firmware version of your iPhone/iPad, you could install applications or tweaks that require a higher firmware.

Step 1: Open up iFile and go to the root of your device. Hit the back button until you see a slash on the breadcrumb.

Step 2: Navigate to System/Library/CoreServices and then search for SystemVersion.plist

Step 3: Tap on it and choose Property List Viewer

Step 4: Look for a string that says ProductVersion and change its value

In order to check if you did everything right go to Settings > General > About and scroll down to Version. Now you can download apps that weren’t compatible with your iOS device before and enjoyed.

Sometimes it’s better to downgrade

Several popular apps like WhatsApp has been dropping support for older iOS firmware. If you happen to update any of your apps and it stopped working due to the device running on a unsupportive version, then it’s best to downgrade your application.

We wrote a tutorial on how to downgrade your iPhone and iPad apps here.


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