Breakout Beasts Series 3 Codes Found

Breakout Beasts Series 3 are finally available at your local retail Walmart or Target with a MSRP of $9.99 a mystery egg. Your favorite mystery slime, build em beasts are back!

Mega Construx has rolled out 9 new beasts this time for series 3. 

We’ve put together all of the Breakout Beasts Series 3 Codes so you can easily complete your set.

Breakout Beasts Series 3 Codes Found 1

What Are Breakout Beasts

Not familiar with what Breakout Beasts are?

Breakout Beasts are awesome creatures or “beasts”, if you will, that come in a mystery egg.

Breakout Beasts series 3 are ready to be built and put together once you open the mystery egg.  The eggs in series 3 are purple.

BUT, there is a slight catch! All the pieces are covered in SLIME when you open the egg!

Breakout Beasts Series 3 Codes Found 2

If you have kids, you know slime is a big deal, so combine that with buildable figures and we have a winner.

Breakout Beasts Series 3 are recommended for ages 5 and up.

Upon removing all the pieces from the slime, each Breakout Beast Series 3 figure takes anywhere from approximately 5-20 minutes to construct depending on your skill level.

One of the awesome things about Breakout Beasts is that the pieces are interchangeable between all 9 beasts.

What this allows is tons of different combinations and customization options for you to build all kinds of unique beasts.

You can follow the instructions and build the exact beast that comes in the mystery egg, or you can let your imagination run wild with different parts from different beasts to make a totally unique beast!

If you end up getting duplicates (because you are not using the breakout beast code hack) then you can easily use the duplicate pieces to create brand new characters. 

How To Collect All Of The Breakout Beast Series 3 Eggs

Collecting all 9 Breakout Beasts Series 3 can be fun but very challenging to complete the entire collection.

When purchasing a mystery egg at the store you don’t know what beast lies inside!

The risk of obtaining the same beast you already have is very high and getting duplicate Breakout Beasts can be very frustrating for those trying to collect the entire Series 3.

If you find yourself in the position of only needing a few more Breakout Beasts to complete your Series 3 collection we have some helpful tips for you to be able to identify in store which beast comes in which egg using a manufacturer’s code on the bottom of the mystery egg.

These Breakout Beast Series 3 codes will help you save some money from buying duplicates and help you complete your Breakout Beasts Series 3 collection!

If you are not one for the thrill of shopping at multiple retail stores to hunt and sift through eggs, an easy option for parents or anyone looking to easily get the complete Breakout Beasts Series 3 collection in one fell swoop can check out this listing on Amazon!

Breakout Beasts Series 3 Codes Found 3

It offers all nine of the Breakout Beasts Series 3. Saves time and the hassle of hunting in stores!

If you already have purchased multiple beasts and just need those last few to complete your collection we have collected the manufacturers codes for each of the Breakout Beasts Series 3 eggs to help you identify each unique beast in the store.

Breakout Beast Series 3 Codes Finally Available

Mega Construx has marketed Breakout Beasts as a mystery egg purchase.

While this is true, there is also a sneaky way to identify which Breakout Beast comes in a particular mystery egg using the manufacturer’s code printed on the bottom of the egg.

Breakout Beasts Series 3 Codes Found 4

Most consumers purchasing these items are not even aware of the codes being on the eggs.

We have compiled a list of Breakout Beast Series 3 Codes below to help you identify which Breakout Beast is in a particular egg:

Breakout Beast Series 3 Codes:






114878TC – BLAZORE


116977TC – FREEZER


You’ll notice that the code are very similar to each other.  The defining section of each code are the two digits before TC on the code.  So, 71-79 are the numbers that you are looking for.

For easy reference, we created this image that is very helpful when you are in the store:

Breakout Beasts Series 3 Codes Found 5

Hopefully, that helps you complete your Breakout Beasts Series 3 collection!

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