Since the release of Pokemon Go, the amount of jailbroken users has increased mainly because people wanted to fake their current location and fly around the world instead.

Although location spoofing remains the primary reason, there are many other tweaks on Cydia that provide additional enhancement to the Pokemon Go app on your iPhone and iPad.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to some of these useful jailbreak tweaks.


Do you want to remove the annoying status bar in Pokemon Go and enter full-screen mode instead?

There is a new jailbreak tweak called GoBigger by nullpixel that allows you to remove it. In case you don’t know this feature, a status bar is located on top of your iPhone’s screen.

It provides access to information like the time, battery percentage, your carrier name (change it here), and whether you are connected to a cellular network or Wi-Fi.

Why go full screen?

For some people, having the status bar in Pokemon Go partially destroy the fun experience. If you’re like me and prefer playing the game in full screen; this small package can help.

Another thing I also want to mention is that I usually have trouble catching Pokemon. Not that I suck at it but because every time I tried to throw the Pokeball, my Control Center (CC) would pull up instead.

Image Credit: Comicbook

Control Center is a feature that gives you direct access to important features & settings on your iPhone as well. Since this tweak is already removing the status bar, it will also make it harder for the Control Center to be pulled up as well. Therefore, avoid interruption when you throw a Pokeball.

How to Enable Full Screen mode in Pokemon Go

  1. Unlock your iPhone and go to Cydia
  2. Wait for all the sources to reload
  3. Switch to the Manage tab and add as one of your sources
  4. Install GoBigger from there and Respring

After that, you should be able to enjoy Pokemon Go without seeing any other items from the status bar. Also, if you are a faster thrower, this will minimize intervention from the Control Center.

Pokemon Lock

Recently, someone from the r/Jailbreak subreddit requested a Cydia tweak that will let them have access to Pokemon Go right from their iOS lock screen.

Later that day, developer Ziph0n made it happen with his new tweak called Pokemon Lock. This package from his beta repository will allow you to play Pokemon Go right from your lock screen.

Works on iPad as well

Very simple and straightforward, isn’t it?

How to Install Pokemon Lock tweak

  1. Go to Cydia and wait until all your sources are reloaded
  2. Switch over to the Sources tab and add the following URL:
  3. You can either go inside the repo to look for Pokemon Lock or using the search option

Once the tweak is installed, it should work right out of the box. There is one downside to this, though. For Pokemon Go to be accessible via your lock screen, the Passcode feature must be disabled.

If not, either the game will crash or won’t work at all. Last but not least, this will apparently kill your battery life faster than ever.

When using this functionality outside, be sure to bring an extra power bank.

Xcon or Masterball

Since the beginning of time, Pokemon Go has been blocking jailbroken devices. Meaning it will only show a static loading screen when you open the game instated of actually letting you play.

It was quite easy to get through a problem like that back in the initial release day. But beginning with the September update, Niantic decided to make their jailbreak detection more efficiently.


Furthermore, any version after 1.7.0 will produce an error at the loading screen. If you see this error before you can enter the game, this means that you either remove Jailbreak or Rooted (for Android) or don’t play at all.

Luckily, there is still a workaround…

A Reddit user recently submitted a newer discovery. In it, he mentioned a new tweak called Xcon, and it has been doing the best job possible thus far.

How to Play Pokemon Go on a Jailbroken device

  1. Delete the Pokemon Go app from your iOS device
  2. Add this repo in Cydia
  3. Install Xcon for Pokemon Go and reinstall the game

Once a quick restart is completed, users should be able to enjoy the game again without removing their jailbreak.

And that’s all we got for you. Like I said, just because you play Pokemon Go on a jailbroken device doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cheating in the game.

We still have Cydia tweaks that enhance the overall experience.

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