16 Best Apple Watch Apps in 2017: From Productivity to Fitness

Now that you have the Apple Watch in your hands let’s make it useful and perhaps even more powerful with some of the best apps from the App Store. With the application ecosystem continues to grow, it’s really hard to know which apps are worth using. To help you save the time, we have put together a list containing some of the best applications for your Apple Watch.

They come from different categories and cater toward all type of users. You might find a few apps that help you perform better in your fitness life, protect your smartwatch, or boost your productivity while saving time.

Download the one that fits your needs. Let’s get the list started.


Losing your favorite technology device can be frustrating, especially when there isn’t a tracker that comes with it.

On an iOS device, we have something called Find My iPhone that allows users to find stolen or lost iPhone using their iCloud account and service. Not sure why Apple didn’t include such feature for the Apple Watch.

It sucks to own a device that is hard to find once it’s stolen or lost somewhere in this world. Instead of waiting for Apple, we have found an alternative to “Find My iPhone” for your Apple Watch.

Get Notified When Apple Watch Is out of Range

There is a new app in the App Store called Lookout that alerts users immediately if they’re about to be out of reach with their Apple Watch.

It also can protect your device from unexpected data losses, against theft as you would be able to use the tracking feature, and it fights against all attacks that may try to cripple the device.


Finding Misplaced Apple Watch is Easier

Let’s not talk about thieves, let’s blame it on you, the owner in this case. If you have accidentally put your Apple Watch somewhere in the house and can’t seem to find it, Lookout can help.

With one tap you can make the Apple Watch scream an alarm even when it’s on silent. When running low on battery, the Lookout app will save the last active location.

No Data Loss

Another unique feature of this app is that it enables you to save your photos, documents, videos and songs online, and that’s a must-have functionality. In additional, Lookout lets you save multiple devices in its database and give you access to any of them whenever you wish.

The security updates are done automatically, and that means you won’t have to go through the process of tapping or waiting. The company ensures that your device is always up-to-date with the latest security features.


Lookout is now available on the App Store for free. You can download it for your Apple Watch. There is in-app purchase option like automatic photo backup and theft alerts for an extra $2.99 per month, but if you do not want regular billings, the company has a yearly billing of $29.99.

Circle Back

CircleBack is a great app to keep your contacts synced and up-to-date. This app uses artificial intelligence to update and manage your contacts. CircleBack keeps an eye on your friend’s social media activities and notifies of changes when needed.


  • Contact updates when people in your network change jobs, roles & more
  • Pulls contacts from Outlook/Exchange, Gmail (Google Apps), Office 365, Facebook, LinkedIn & more
  • Best-in-class OCR business card scanning
  • Export contacts to Salesforce & ACT!

Price: Free


If you want to stay fit and make use of your Apple Watch to achieve your fitness goals, then Runtastic’s apps are a must have. Through this app, you can either create a work-out of your own or follow some amazing pre-defined workouts.


  • Built-in GPS
  • Track workouts in realtime
  • Find running and walking routes
  • Auto paused when you stop moving
  • Compatible with Apple Health & MyFitnessPal

Price: Free


This isn’t any ordinary text editor; it is “the intelligent text editor.” If you are a simple person who just loves to write and ignore all the formatting features, changing font size, etc. Then you’re going to like Eddie. Not only that but this app also have support for the Apple Watch.

Eddie is a paid text editor for Apple Watch and other Apple-powered devices. iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers are all included.

Create a Document on your Apple Watch

One of the core features that Eddie provide is document creation, right on your wrist. The app allows you to create a document through voice dictation, a functionality that plays a significant role on your Apple Watch.

Since the app is compatible with other Apple devices, users can also send their documents from the watch to an iPhone or iPad for further editing.

Editing on the Go

All your created documents will be saved on the cloud. That means it’s easier to access on any devices and continue to edit. If for some reason you don’t have an internet connection, then the documents will save to the device and sync to the server once you re-connect.

Other features

Eddie is still young and naive. It has not to support Mac OS X yet but it will in version 2.0. For now, you can create a document on your Apple Watch through voice dictation and continue to further edit that text document on your iPhone or iPad.

This app also come with night mode for the ease of eyes as well as built-in web search so that you don’t have to leave the app and still get the latest information at hands.

You can purchase this application for only $1.99 from the App Store.


Skin works perfectly in pairing with iPhone. It lets you scan any area of your skin through iPhone’s camera. The result can be seen on the watch. The app analyzes skin conditions like redness, flakiness and comes up with nice suggestions. This app can be perfect for collecting health data.


  • Evaluate the overall dryness of skin
  • Support for iPhone
  • Scan hard to reach part of your body

Price: Free


WebMD is a perfect app for people who needs medication reminders and that too on your wrist. Using this application, users can quickly get access to their WebMD health tools which include Symptom Checker, local health listings, the latest update on medicine and first aid essentials.


  • Reminder: daily medication schedules and instructions
  • Create and Track your health target
  • Healthy Living
  • Search for information about medicine, drugs, and many more

Price: Free


Moovit is another useful app for the Apple Watch, especially if you travel a lot. This app was initially for iPhone, but later on, it was released for the Apple Watch market too.

More than 55 million active users around the world are using this app, which proves how handy the app is. With Moovit, you will always be familiar with the routes you travel on!


  • Live Directions
  • Real Time Arrival information
  • See frequently used lines
  • Update alert for non-coming buses
  • Line & System Maps

Price: Free


Try Glide on your Apple Watch because this app allows you to send live video messaging. Your friends or relatives will be able to watch you live as you record and respond almost instantly.


  • Group chat support up to 50 people
  • Beneficial for seniors and young child as the app does not require typing
  • Sign language

Price: Free


Alarm.com is a fantastic app, which can notify you of events such as leaving the house without closing the door. Sounds great, no? The best thing about this app is that it can connect with all the smart devices in your home.

Furthermore, if you own a business, Alarm.com is a great tool because it can help monitor and control your business in real-time from the Apple Watch.


  • Instant update of what’s going on at your place
  • Arm or disarm your security panel
  • Watch live video and recorded clips
  • Turn lights On and Off
  • Lock or unlock doors

Price: Free


This app can be valuable for people who visit multiple clients and charge the customer based on their time spent. Invoice 2go can record the exact time of entering and leaving premises, thus making it easier to charge your clients.


  • Available payment options: Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover online
  • Instant organization
  • Up-to-date with incoives
  • Document signing on your iPhone or iPad

Price: Free


Using Workflow on your Apple Watch can help you create automated actions. For example, you can easily create a workflow directing the app to call a Taxi using Uber. Workflow provides Apple Watch users with more than 200 actions and those will include support for Contacts, Maps, Music, and many other stock apps.

Price: $2.99


People love it when they can track and learn their sleeping pattern. Sleep++ is one of those few apps that make this possible on the Apple Watch. Before you go to bed, just open your smartwatch and tap the “Start Sleeping” button. When you wake up, Sleep++ will provide an in-depth analysis of your sleep.

For more sleep tracking apps, check out this page.

Running Apps

Apple Watch has always attracted fitness heads since the time it was introduced. Before its release, runners have always used various other devices to measure and monitor their run preference. What used to be Garmin and Polaris trackers with a chest wrapped heart rate monitor to keep track of your heart rate while you moved quickly gave away to different running apps on your iPhone.

Apps such as Runtastic and Map My Run have developed millions of fans over the years. When the Apple Watch came out, it had limited integration with third party apps. One of which disable these running apps from accessing your heart rate monitor data.

People that were used to apps such as Instant Heart Rate by Azumio on their iPhone now could not integrate the information effectively to their Apple Watch. Three of the most popular running apps on the Apple Watch now offer support for accessing the heart rate sensor on Apple Watch.

strava running app

The Runmeter app, for instance, provides a beautiful dashboard that shows your speed/ pace along with heart rate, step cadence, and power. The same goes if you are using Runmeter or Strava.

Both of these apps now can leverage the heart rate sensor data on your Apple Watch. Other application vendors are currently upgrading their software to leverage this important piece of information. This includes the popular Map My Run app and Nike+Run.

RunKeeper is also another fantastic running app for your Apple Watch. It requires you to start the activity on your watch instead of the iPhone. In other words, you can leave your phone at home, and the app still tracks and saves your heart rate data right on the Apple Watch.

runkeeper heart rate

Now that we know that Apple is continuing to focus on health aspects of its Apple Watch product in its secret lab, it will include lot more features, perhaps new health sensors.

Over to you

I had a chance to test out all of these apps myself and I still have a few installed such as Moovit and WebMD as of today. These Apple Watch applications can be effective in their way, and the majority are unique and helpful.

Give each app a try and let us know what you think.

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  1. Lookout is a great idea for the Apple Watch, but there has been no comment on the potential impact of having this feature turned on, on the battery drain on the iPhone.
    I have noticed that with this feature on, my iPhone’s battery usage and standby figures are much the same.

  2. Lookout has dropped the Leash feature from its app, so that it will no longer warn you if you walk away from your iPhone, or if someone walks away with your phone. I continue to be surprised that Apple doesn’t include this feature in the iOS, especially since the much cheaper and simpler Martian Notifier Smartwatch has had this feature for years.

    Is there another app with the same function? Please let me know.


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