Are you using a jailbreak tweak to cheat in Pokemon Go? Don’t worry; this is your ultimate guide to avoid getting banned.

As you may know, the accessibility system in this game sucks, I mean there are a lot of people out there who couldn’t move for long or can’t completely walk at all. With all the media coverages and headlines, it’s hard to prevent them from installing Pokemon Go.

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The only problem is that the main point of this game is to go outside, explore your surrounding, and catch different creatures. As a result, location spoofing is something that many people want to do. Unfortunately, Niantic, the developer of this game, are strict on this.

Any sign of teleporting or flying from one location to another (especially across the globe) can result in account banning right away. So how do you come about to solving this issue?

Tap on Map to Move in Pokemon Go

A few days ago, we showed you how to tap on the map in Pokemon Go to move instead of having to walk in real life. It’s fun, useful, and hard to detect.


I did a case study on this; I had two different devices using two methods of faking location. The first one was obviously location spoofing where I just immediately teleport to another state. While the second device only moves around the nearby area. The system was smart enough to figure out something was not right with my GPS and ban the first account.

The 2nd account, however, continues to be working up until now. Nothing has gone wrong with it; I only experience some lagging, but that’s due to server issues. For now, if you want to partially spoof the GPS in Pokemon Go and continue to have fun, then I would say go with the PokemonGoAnywhere tweak. (non-jailbroken is now available).

You can find more information about it here. I’m sure at some point Niantic will enforce something, but not now because they got security and privacy problems to fix and server to enhance. So have fun!

Update #1: I wrote a new article how to get your account back if you got banned in the game.

  • Jeff

    There is a lake that’s 30 min away from my house where I can catch water Pokemon and it’s the closest area. Would you think it’s possible to geospoof there since it’s rather close and not get banned?

    • teeayeand

      You can use PokemonGoAnywhere for that. But if you want, spoof there right away. I don’t think it’s too far to be noticed.

      • Toni

        Hey man just reading your forum, its pretty good and useful but what i want to know:
        1. Is this still on since Niantic “upgraded” the system of banning(if u know what i mean)
        2. Do i need to use fake gps or any sort of it while playing the game on my PC
        3. Not really important but is it better Bluestacks app or Noxplayer?

        Looking foward the answer

        • teeayeand

          Hey there,

          1. Yes, it’s.
          2. If you can play on PC, that means it has built-in GPS
          3. I would suggest BlueStacks

    • Dustin

      I have a strategy that is “make it realistic”. So I too have a lake 15 minutes away that I want to use to catch watch Pokemon. So what I do is I play Pokemon Go at my house. Then I shut off the game. Then in about 20 minutes (5 extra minutes for caution) I spoof to that location. So it seems realistic, for all they know i could have shut off my game and drove there, then turned my game back on. If I was at my house and then a few minutes later I was 600 miles away in central park, I think they would probably ban me.

      So my suggestion is not to play for 30-40 minutes and then spoof to that lake.

      • Coochi

        I went from New York to Australia in 7 hours

        • Stix

          Lol see ya. It’s a LOT longer than that.

        • Carlos

          Can the device be off and still teleport

    • SLoE HD

      Yes you would be able to spoof without being caught since your not making a majour move. I have been using an app called “fly GPS” and have been going to different countries until this point. Stay I your own country!!!!

      • Morgan

        I use the same but get soft banned within an hour. I live in Florida but always open the app in California. Not sure how they catch it so damn quick…

        • johnathan Anderson



        I location spoofed from australia to san franscisco. Is all you do is location spoof there and then wait for your account to get unbanned but still set your location there and it works

    • Kaarelyb

      Yes use fakegps

    • Donald Duck

      Yup! Of course! You can teleport to another state also if you wanted too or even to another continent!

    • Chloe

      Probably but it might be better to use the joystick and put it on “drive” if you know where your going

  • Ron

    The game spawns me in china, if i go to my hometown that’s to far away. How do I do this without getting banned? Because I want to use my main account for this

    • Colby

      I have the same problem!! I keep getting banned because of it!!

      • Andrew

        you just adjust your location before going into the game. Hopefully u will spawn in the right place. OR! Just catch pokemons in china! I catch pokemons in LA , even though i live in Moscow :d

        • Emil Sandholm Nielsen

          But how do you set your location before logging in? i dont see that option..

  • John

    There is a location that is 1.6miles away from my house. I play on the OC using fake gps and turn my phone on airplane. I start the location at my house and I walk to the other location (the one that is 1.6miles away) to get all the pokestops. Do you think I’m still safe since I’m walking to my locations and back (using the pc) and not teleporting ?

    • teeayeand

      You should be good to go.

      • DavidNoone

        I live in western Pennsylvania play there on weekdays however Friday morning i do not log in at all and friday night i log in in central park while in my own does lag occasionally but nothing to severe then sunday morning i dont login for the day come sunday night (giving ample travel time both ways) i log back in at home for the week.

  • Halp

    Would it be safe to hop states if you waited 24 hours in between?

    • Tony

      Yeah it would be safe, I hopped from New York to San frantic than to Florida Disney I got soft banned once I got into Disney though lmao buts for like a couple hours, you should be fine.

      • Roger

        They should Permanently ban you. I wonder why they are so lenient

  • Fatass Jayden

    Is there a way to walk on the map long distance without teleporting? Tryna hatch some eggs but gotta go back and forth very annoying.

    • Leapy

      If you use the tap-to-walk method in PokemonGoAnywhere, it seems to work just fine. I’d recommend using the 1X or 2X speeds for it though. I used 4X speed to walk 10km and it said I only made 2km of progress as if I were driving most of the way.

  • Colby

    So I got the walkanywhere thing on my iPad, and when I go into the game I’m taken to some place in Japan or something that is surrounded by pokestops, but the problem is every time I get on my phone I start at my actual location and get banned. How can I stop myself from getting banned or how can I stop spawning in Japan??? (even though it’s amazing to have so many pokestops everywhere)

    • Joe

      I have the same problem, would love a solution.

      • Cameron

        If the teleport option comes up at the login page, find the coordinates (latitude/longitude) for where you want to be (Google) then put that in before you log in to your account

  • Colby

    So I got the walkanywhere thing on my iPad, and when I go into the game I’m taken to some place in Japan or something that is surrounded by pokestops, but the problem is every time I get on my phone I start at my actual location and get banned. How can I stop myself from getting banned or how can I stop spawning in Japan??? (even though it’s amazing to have so many pokestops everywhere!!!)

  • AnotherStudent

    [Root required] If you want to try spoofing try this Android App where you can tilt your phone to walk around in Pokemon Go where ever you want. Just start in an area close to you and walk on realistic paths to avoid being detected. Then have fun exploring the whole area 🙂

    (Disclaimer: At the moment the worst that can happen is a few hours of soft-ban. I take no responsibility for anyone getting banned using this app. But I use it myself and it works great.)

  • Reifel

    I’m from Brazil and I’m playing Pokemon Go by Nox emulator , I wanted to know why sometimes the PokeStops not give items and Pokémon always run away … Thanks, nice post !

    • teeayeand

      You got soft banned. Should be gone within the next 2-3 hours.

      • reece

        do you know how to teleport from england-usa without getting a soft ban using nox app player

        • some guy

          wait 2 hours or so before spoofing, make it seem realistic

    • Logan

      That’s what happens when you get soft ban…

  • Jawz

    Currently spoofed to a nearby location, Having an issue when joining the game I am able to catch a few before I get hit with the pokemons disappearing when I click on them. Soft ban or perma?

  • Paul

    The article makes it appear that this is a service for the disabled. It’s not. It’s just a justification for you guys to gain an advantage over other players.

    The community around this game is awesome. Going to child hospitals and dropping lures all the time is one example.

    Those that are disabled should reach out to their local community. I know if ANYONE reached out to me to help them go pokemon hunting, I would gladly assist.

    If you want to help disabled people play the game, this is how you should do it. GPS spoofing just ruins the game.

    1) it allows instant travel to any pokemon. With the combination of sites like pokevision you can literally go anywhere and grab any pokemon you wish.

    2) It creates unbalanced gyms. Cities spawn more pokemon, but their gyms are very hard to keep control. These physical barriers keep less populated areas in balance as we can more easily keep local gyms. With GPS spoofing someone from NYC could go to Baltimore County and take over any gym they wish.

    In short, this is not a service, this is a hack to gain an advantage. Don’t kid yourself.

    • I Play To Win

      I’m pretty sure no one is using the “for the disabled” as an excuse to download this helpful app. They’re doing it to make the game more fun on their end and to have an advantage without paying hundreds of dollars. I think it’s safe to guarantee they don’t care about someone calling them out on it because in the end, they’re the ones on top.

      And the only reason you’d be here is to either try and get it yourself (but soon realizing you aren’t capable enough to figure it out) or you came here to complain. Either way, no one is going to read your complaint and think “maybe I shouldn’t do this”. But thanks for playing 🙂

      • Roger

        They should Permanently ban you. I wonder why they are so lenient

  • Richie

    Ive been GeoSpoofing using an app non jailbroken, ive been on 12 hours at least and nothing wrong

    • James

      What app are you using

  • SMD

    You guys are honestly lowlifes, youre trying to cheat in an app. Lets get real and play the game how its supposed to play. You cant win at anything so you gotta cheat in an app. Probably lost in every single contest as a little kid and had your dreams CRUSHED.

    • I Play To Win

      Lmfao, you’re not deterring anyone from doing this and you just look like a child for doing it. Good job bud very inciteful.

      • BazookaJoe


    • crushed kid

      can confirm, did lose in every contest as a little kid

    • GetALifePunk

      Really? you are on a forum for cydia which is for jaibreak and you are complaining about people using tweaks to play a game, get a life, it’s a game, every game has cheaters, modders, and normal players. But really you go on a jailbreak site to complain about people using tweaks, not everyone who plays the game has the time to walk around 12 hours a day and catch the few Pokémon local to their area over and over again, most of us have jobs, kids, lives that don’t revolve around Pokémon, please tell me what other mobile games you play so I can hop on them and mod my way to the top just for you being a crybaby

    • ShutItPunk

      You come to a jaibreak forum to complain bout cheating, get a life it’s a game, we don’t all have 12 hours a day to repeatly catch a bunch of snorlax and zubats or the money to fly the globe to catch all the rest that aren’t in our area. Please tell me what other games you like to play so I can mod and tweak them to trigger you some more. Please and thankya

  • cadeleadbetter11

    How do you do the tap method?

  • Mike

    My question is if i haven’t been banned yet can i get banned for something i did 3 days ago? i wasn’t to familiar with the spoofing program i was using. The location default is Australia. i spoofed my way to central park new york when i figured out how to do so. ive been in new york ever since and my account is still working. do you think i can get banned for that huge globe jump i made 3 days ago?

  • jon

    what’s a blob check?

  • Liam

    is it safe to use the 8x feature on pokemon++ ?

  • Liam

    and is it safe to stay in location spoofing for like 5 days?


    I just want to say that people who spoof should get banned. I find it an atrocious practice that ruins the games for everyone.

    • Gio

      Have fun paying 300+ dollars on airplane tickets to catch me all ;p

  • Ashenkorren

    I hope all of you who are cheating get banned. It sucks and ruins it for good players who put the effort in.

    I think a friend of mine is cheating which brought me here as I want to see if he is but then I see people advocating it.

    So bad, you’re cheating at a game which isn’t even difficult to play. Lazy people who skirt the system tend to be like that in their careers and amount to nothing.

  • Antievil

    Im gonna send this page to the developers. hope u have used the same nickname so they can bann u right now for ever. Isnt it fun to ruin the game for the players that play it without cheating. If you wanna play a geocaching game move your asses and stop cheating or dont play it. Dont get the intention behind cheating. U just ruin your own game experience and give the pokemon u catch a value of an piece of shit!

    • Hacker

      Chill, butthurt low pokemon go noob

  • Hashketchup

    Value of a piece of shit hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha my 2500cp charizard will shit on your squirtles head

  • AccidentsHappen

    So far i have only waited 12 hours between moving locations. Ususlly i dont go more than 10 hours (drive) from my last location. Beats being restricted to a power chair all day. I use a android application for PC. Still not too competative, buy better than getting 1 pokemon every 15-30 minutes 🙂

  • Desiree

    Spoofing is cool but alotta times my Pokemon keep running away. I may spoof every 10 to 12 hours sometimes get a good Pokemon just 2 tops and that’s all.

  • adude

    Guys just don’t make it obvious. Don’t go out of your or the cities around your area. Don’t go to one area then another in quickly, go to one area, get what you need, close Pokemon GO, wait and turn off the fake GPS(depends on what location you want to go next). When you have waited long enough, go back to it. Actually do some walking with the joystick instead of staying in one spot. The trick is to just not make them suspicious, and make them believe you are actually walking. Use Fly GPS. If your city doesn’t, have good stuff, then too bad. Don’t go to California from Wisconsin lmao.