Apple Watch Still Count Steps While I’m Sleeping (How-To Fix)

A question from Brad: My Apple Watch (series 3) has begun counting huge amounts of steps, even in my sleep and when I’m at my desk at work. It did this to me once before and I totally wiped it and re-calibrated it but now it has started again. Any ideas? Thanks!

Apple Watch Counting Steps When Asleep

Are you using a pedometer app other than the Apple Activity app? The Pedometer++ app is notorious for extra steps…I’m quite certain I could find out where the extra steps are at.

Open up Apple health, find “steps” and click it. Roll to the bottom and choose “show all data”. Now choose a day where you have had issues. Open that day up and look on the left. It will show your watch or your phone OR any app that is adding steps. Let me know what you see.

Darrell Evans

Have you reset the watch? Maybe that would fix this issue.

Howie Fields

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