Should I leave Apple Watch charging overnight? Does it affect battery life?

A question from D’Qusyairi: I’ve just got my first Apple Watch Series 5 yesterday. As I’m new to this and it seems that the battery life is an issue, can I know if its ok to leave it charge overnight? In a long run will it effect the battery performance?

What Apple Watch Users Think of Overnight Charging?

Anders Botnmark

Battery life is not an issue on S5.. If it’s brand new the battery needs to be charged and used a couple of times before it reaches its full capabilities. I’m leaving mine overnight to charge. Don’t need to but I do it anyway. No problems what so ever with the battery. Month old now.

GJ Payne

I’ve owned three Apple watches and at times, they’ve sat on the charger for a week or longer with no issues.

Gary Hatfield

Mine usually fully charges while I’m getting ready for bed. Then I take it off the charger and just leave on the bedside table until morning. I’m not a heavy user of the battery.

Dena Croix

I have charged my series 2 overnight every day for 3.5 years. Never any problems.

Kasey Cheema

I never charge my watch as over charging can damage the battery I charge it before I want to use it it only takes a few hours

Zane Clark

I use mine as a night clock. You put it on the charger on your nightstand and then even the slightest bump will turn it on with a large time face for about 5 sec. You have to turn on Nightstand mode on your watch app.

Manuel Mendes

Not good idea. As it charges in a couple of hours, so leaving it overnight will damage its battery.

What will happen if I charge my Apple Watch overnight?

Elizabeth Farrell

I have the Apple Watch Series 6. I charge it overnight and put it on in the morning. When I put it on, and unlock it, the rings wont start moving. They are “frozen” at 0. I have to turn the watch off and then turn it back on and the the rings move. At this point they also show any movement that occurred while it was “frozen”. Is there a better way to do this so I don’t have to turn it off and on every day?

Melissa Frank

Do a hard reset. Hold both the crown and the other button down at the same time until you see the Apple logo come back up. That should fix it.

Nonie Masterson

If it can be returned, I would and buy another. Or try support, sometimes they are helpful. They can do a diagnostic over the phone.


I left my Apple Watch to charge overnight and this happened next morning. Apple Watch can’t turn on despite hard reset. I usually leave it for a few days to drain all the battery then recharge it back (battery snake icon will appear). It happens rarely (around 1-2 times a month?) Anyone experiencing this issue?

Stefan Gastinger

Draining all the battery after a deep charge and isn’t a good idea. I guess it’s not fully uncharged yet. You better now let it uncharge completely and then charge it at least one complete day.

Dom War

I have the same problem. Is the watch still under warranty or do you have Apple Care? They will change the battery for free.

Leslie Hoerr

My Apple Watch series 3 I got last Christmas from my Hubbie started losing battery life last week. I charge it overnight but now it’s only been lasting half the day. Anyone know what is wrong? Ty.

Can you overcharge an Apple Watch?

Nathan Toon

Any advice or questions on why this has happened? I took my watch off charge last night before going to bed to prevent over charging, and I go to put my watch on this morning and find it’s on 8%! Advice/answers will be greatly appreciated! Series SE 44mm.

Suzanne Purtow

You can’t overcharge the battery. It automatically cuts off when fully charged.

AaKil Shekh

Unpairing and pairing again will solve your issue.

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