Amazon Boot Camp Review – Is It A Scam?

The Amazon Boot Camp course from The Selling Family is a popular pick for people who want to learn how to sell on Amazon FBA. If you’re a new seller, you might be looking for the best Amazon course that you can buy online.

I understand that choosing the best Amazon FBA course can be overwhelming. You might be skeptical about investing in education with someone you don’t know. And with so many different courses available online, you are probably even wondering, “Is the Amazon Boot Camp a scam?”.

Investing in an Amazon FBA course is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a scary one. To help you choose the best Amazon course, I’m going to share my full review of Amazon Boot Camp v4.0 by Jessica Larrew of The Selling Family.

Amazon Boot Camp Review

In this Amazon Bootcamp review, you’ll learn everything you need to know to decide if Jessica Larrew’s Amazon course is right for you. I’ll be sharing details about the lessons, the latest updates, Amazon Boot Camp alternatives, and the cost.

The Amazon Boot Camp course will teach you how to start and run an Amazon FBA business. If you’re not familiar with Amazon FBA yet, that’s the name for Amazon’s third-party fulfillment service (Fulfilled by Amazon).

The course is intended to provide all of the knowledge you need to go from a complete beginner to a full-time seller. Of course, you could also apply the materials in this course if you are a part-time Amazon seller.

The Selling Family Review

This course is primarily taught by Jessica Larrew of The Selling Family. Some lessons also feature her husband Cliff Larrew who works with her in the business. You will even hear about how their son helps with Amazon FBA.

The Amazon Boot Camp is based on the Larrew family’s actual experience as Amazon FBA sellers. Jessica started selling on eBay in 2008 after being laid off at her full-time job. In 2010, she made the switch to Amazon’s FBA program. By 2011, she was earning enough money on Amazon that she was able to have Cliff leave his full-time job to join her in the “family business.”


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In 2012, they decided to start teaching others how to sell on Amazon FBA because they were so impressed by how much easier it was to grow a business on Amazon than on eBay. In fact, Jessica shares in the course that she went from earning $2,000/month on eBay to $5,000/month on Amazon all while working less time.

Jessica and Cliff primarily use the Retail Arbitrage and Online Arbitrage methods of sourcing to build and grow their business. That means they buy inventory at retail stores like Walmart (or and resell those items on Amazon for a profit. So in the Amazon Bootcamp course, they teach based on their actual experience with those business models.

Personally, I like learning from people who have actually done (and still do) the work. You can tell from the lessons that Jessica and Cliff still run an active Amazon FBA business.

What’s Included in the Amazon Boot Camp

When you buy the Amazon Boot Camp, you get lifetime access to the course. This also includes access to any future updates of the Amazon Boot Camp at no additional cost.

You may have noticed that the current edition of this training is called the Amazon Boot Camp v4.0. That’s because the Boot Camp is now on its 4th full update. So if you buy the 4.0 version, know that you’ll get all future updates for free.

In addition to access to the course itself, you also get access to the students’ only private Facebook group. This is a very active group and it’s a great place to get your questions answered. As you can see in the photo below, the group has almost 5,000 members who have all taken the Amazon Boot Camp training at some point.

Amazon Boot Camp Review - Is It A Scam? 2

But the students aren’t the only ones participating in the group. I saw that many questions were answered directly by Jessica, Cliff, or their full-time group moderator, Maureen.



Amazon Boot Camp Review - Showing Facebook Support Group

Amazon Boot Camp Review - Is It A Scam? 3


I think that an active support group like this is a really valuable addition to the course. And it’s always nice to be in a group where the course creators participate.

Inside the Course Modules

When you login to the Amazon Boot Camp course, you’re taken to the main Dashboard. This is how you can get to each of the lessons.

Amazon Boot Camp Review - Is It A Scam? 4

You can also track your course progress in the Dashboard. If you notice in the above photo that the first 4 videos are grayed out with checkmarks, that’s because I marked those lessons as “Completed.” This makes it easier to pick up where you left off in the course.

When you click on one of the lesson titles, you’re taken to the page for that lesson. Here’s what that page looks like:


Amazon Boot Camp Review - Is It A Scam? 5

Each lesson is presented in multiple formats that work for different learning styles. The individual lessons include:

  • Video with Closed Captions
  • A PDF of the Transcript
  • A detailed Overview (so that you know what’s in each video)

There are also different styles of videos depending on the material that’s being taught:

  • Screen shares of Jessica’s computer screen or iPhone (where she walks you through how to do a specific task or set something up)
  • Jessica speaking over educational slides
  • Behind the scenes videos of Jessica and Cliff working on shipments or shopping for inventory in local stores

One other thing that impressed me about the Amazon Boot Camp is that you can access it from different devices. You can watch the videos on a computer, iPad, or smartphone.

Amazon Boot Camp Modules & Lessons

I know that some of you are wondering what you can expect to learn inside the course. So I’m going to share all of the Module and Lesson titles. I know that this is a lot of lessons, but the majority of them are in the 5-10 minute range and teach just one main thing.

You’ll see from the list that the Amazon Boot Camp covers a variety of topics ranging from business advice to nitty-gritty details about labeling your items.

Start Here

Thank You for Purchasing
My Experience / Story of Selling on Amazon
What to Expect in the Course

Amazon Business Basics

Benefits Of Selling On Amazon
Knowing The Amazon Lingo
The 4 Main Amazon Business Models
The Two Ways You Can Sell On Amazon (FBA & MF)
Treating Amazon Like A Business
What Type Of Business Entity Do You Need
Tracking & Separating Your Business Funds
Tracking Business Mileage

Amazon Seller Account Setup

Amazon Seller Account Type (Professional Vs. Individual)
Choosing a Seller Name
Setting Up Amazon Seller Account
Seller Central Dashboard
Amazon Fees

Amazon Boot Camp Review - Is It A Scam? 6

Scanning Apps & Other Supplies

Installing & Setting up The Amazon Seller App
Alternatives Ways of Scanning
Installing & Setting Up the Scoutify 2 App
Basic Supplies Needed

Retail Arbitrage Sourcing

How Does Retail Arbitrage Work?
Why Does Retail Arbitrage Work?
How to Source Clearance
How to Source Thrift Stores
How to Source Discount Stores
How To Source Liquidation Stores
How To Source Regular Priced Retail Items
Live Sourcing Video – Discount Store – Grocery Outlet
Live Sourcing Video – Clearance
Live Sourcing Video – Regular Priced
Analyzing Products Using the Amazon Seller App

Online Arbitrage Sourcing

How Online Arbitrage Works
Benefits of Online Arbitrage
Keeping Everything Organized
Items To Watch Out For
Must Use Tools For OA
Cash Back and Discount Gift Cards
Using a 3rd Party Fulfillment Service
List of Recommended Stores
Order Quantities
Sourcing Video Using Source Mogul
Sourcing Video Using Target Seasonal
Sourcing Video From Think Geek 50% Off Sale


Amazon Boot Camp Review - Is It A Scam? 7


Amazon Categories

Best Categories for New Sellers
Restricted Categories & Brands – How to Know if You’re Restricted
Restricted Categories & Brands – How to Get Approval

Tips for Evaluating Products

ROI and Profit Goals
Calculating Your Total Cost
Determining How Many to Purchase
Expiration Dates
Hazardous Items
The Products Packaging
Is Amazon a Seller?
No Item Found
Evaluating a Product With No Sellers
How to Use Keepa

Amazon Best Seller Ranks & The Buy Box

Amazon Best Seller Rankings
Items That Have No Rank
The Buy Box
Suppressed Buy Box
Using The Buy Box When Sourcing

Pricing Your Products

Pricing When There Are Other FBA Sellers
Pricing When There Are No FBA Sellers
Pricing Against Amazon
Pricing When There Are No Sellers
Dealing with Price Drops

Listing Your Items on Amazon

Adding a Product to Your Inventory (from Seller Central)
Adding Products from the Amazon Seller App

Before Sending Your Products to Amazon

When To Send A Shipment
Inbound Shipping Settings
Inventory Placement Settings
FBA Product Barcode Settings
Using A Custom Seller SKU
FedEx vs. UPS

Packing Your Items for FBA

Packaging Products for FBA
How to Label Amazon products
Packing Cloth or Open Items
Expiration Date Labels
Packing Multipacks / Bundles
Packing Fragile Items
Prepping Liquid Items
Prepping Loose Items
How to Apply Box Labels

Sending Your Products to Amazon

Prepping Your Products (Before Creating Your Shipment)
Creating a Shipping Plan
Using a Thermal (Dymo) Printer
Printing An Item List For Your Shipment
Packing Your FBA Shipments
Finalizing Your Shipment
What Happens After You Ship Your Items


Amazon Boot Camp Review - Is It A Scam? 8


Managing Your Amazon Account

Seller Feedback
How To See Your Sold Items From Seller Central
Seeing Your Sold Items From The Amazon Seller App
Repricing Inventory
Buyer Emails
Stranded Inventory
Inventory Removal
Contacting Seller Support
Customer Returns
Damaged Inventory

Amazon Boot Camp 4.0 Updates

As I mentioned earlier in this review, this is the 4th version of the Amazon Boot Camp. The training was completely redone and all new videos were recorded in June of 2019.

As Amazon changes their policies, information about Amazon selling can become outdated. So it’s important to choose an Amazon FBA course that offers updated materials.

The Amazon Boot Camp v4.0 was updated to include the latest and most accurate information about selling on Amazon FBA. But some other changes were made to the course too:

  • The teaching lessons are now shorter videos (that’s why there are more lessons than in previous versions)
  • Captions, transcripts, and lesson summaries were added based on student feedback
  • An entire module on Online Arbitrage sourcing was added
  • The former “bonus” lessons about taxes and accounting have now been incorporated into the main training, plus some other business tips

Of these, the addition of Online Arbitrage is probably the biggest change. The Amazon Boot Camp used to focus solely on the Retail Arbitrage method of sourcing (which involves buying inventory at local stores and sending it to Amazon). But so many students were asking about the Online Arbitrage method that Jessica decided to add it to the course.

Many students are interested in learning Online Arbitrage because it allows them to buy inventory at home (online) without having to drive from store to store. So now you can learn about both methods in this course and decide which one works best for you. Jessica and Cliff actually use both in their business, so that’s an option too.

Live Group Support

One thing that almost all of the members talk about is how amazing the support is for this course.  There is a Facebook group with almost 5,000 members and it is VERY active.  I mentioned above, Jessica is often in the group answering questions herself which is almost unheard of with a course like this.

You are in good hands for sure!

Who Is the Amazon Boot Camp Right For?

The Amazon Boot Camp is a good option for anyone who wants to learn how to sell using Amazon FBA. It would be especially valuable if you are interested in learning the Retail and Online Arbitrage sourcing methods.

I’d like to give a little more information about who I think would benefit the most from this course (and who might not be such a good fit).

Amazon Boot Camp is a good fit for you if…

  • You are a US-based seller who wants to buy inventory locally in stores and resell it on Amazon FBA
  • You want to learn how to do Online Arbitrage (international sellers: you can do this too if you partner with a US-based prep center)
  • You have at least $1,000 to invest in starting your new business
  • You are willing to be hands-on in your business
  • You are looking for a full-time or part-time business (not just a hobby)

Amazon Boot Camp might not be right for you if…

  • You are an international seller who wants to do Retail Arbitrage on
  • You want to learn how to create your own brand and sell your own items on Amazon (Private Label)
  • You want to buy in bulk from established brands and distributors (Wholesale)
  • You have less than $500 available to start your new business
  • You want to make money overnight (it can take a couple of months to start making a profit)
  • You need a completely passive, hands-off business

I’ll add one caveat for Wholesale and Private Label sellers. You could use the materials in the Amazon Boot Camp to learn how to use Amazon FBA. You would still benefit from lessons on prepping inventory, packaging shipments, navigating Amazon Seller Central, and setting up your business systems. But this course will not teach you how to source inventory internationally (Private Label) or from brands (Wholesale).

How Much Does the Amazon Boot Camp Cost?

There are two options for purchasing the Amazon Boot Camp course.

The first option is a one-time payment of $495. If you’d rather start with a smaller investment upfront, Jessica has also added a payment plan: 3 monthly payments of $195 each.

Whether you pay in full or start the payment plan, you’ll get instant access to the course materials. You’ll also be able to join the private Facebook group.

The Selling Family’s Amazon FBA course is also backed by a 60-day Money Back Guarantee, which should give you plenty of time to check out the materials and start your Amazon business. The Amazon Boot Camp comes with lifetime access which means you’ll receive all future updates for no additional cost.

Other Amazon Costs

Of course, when you’re considering your budget, remember that you’ll need to have money for more than just the course itself. You will want to have at least an additional $500 to buy inventory and some basic supplies. That’s why I feel that this training is best for someone with about $1,000 to invest.  

Alternatives to Amazon Boot Camp

If you’re on the fence about purchasing the Boot Camp, I wanted to share some of the other options that are out there.

Amazon Boot Camp vs Proven Amazon Course

Proven Amazon Course (PAC) is another popular online course that teaches how to sell on Amazon. It is currently priced at $499 which means that it often gets compared to the Amazon Boot Camp.

PAC offers a different approach to selling on Amazon. The Amazon Boot Camp goes in-depth on starting a FBA business and learning Retail Arbitrage and Online Arbitrage. Proven Amazon Course takes a broader approach and covers many different topics in less detail: Private Label, Wholesale sourcing, Bundling, Merch, etc.

If you are looking to focus on one sourcing strategy, I would stick with Amazon Boot Camp because you will really get a step-by-step tutorial of the Larrew’s system.

If you are at a stage where you want to “try on” different strategies, Proven Amazon Course might appeal to you more. Or if you are outside of the US and need to learn strategies like Private Label, PAC might make more sense.

Unfortunately, one thing I hear pretty often is the PAC is really overwhelming and can feel like a ‘fire hose’ of knowledge being sprayed at you all at once.  Members often feel like they don’t have any real sense of direction for how to get started.

Free Alternatives

Another option is to learn how to sell on Amazon by following free materials like YouTube, blog posts, and discussion forums. In fact, The Selling Family is active on both their blog and YouTube channel.

But because things on Amazon can change quickly, I found that the best way to get accurate information was to join a paid course like the Amazon Boot Camp. If you like to follow a proven system, you will probably be frustrated by reading old blog posts and scrolling through giant Facebook groups.

If you’re interested in the business model that Jessica and Cliff teach but aren’t yet ready to invest, they do offer a free 7-day email course. When you sign up, you receive one lesson per day for 7 days that will help you learn more about what they teach and how to start your Amazon business.

Final Amazon Boot Camp Review

Amazon FBA is a flexible business that you can do by yourself or with a partner or family member. It works well as a source of full-time income (like the Larrew family), as part-time supplemental income, or for work at home parents. If you want to learn how to run a FBA business from someone who has over 8 years of experience, check out the Amazon Boot Camp.

I would definitely recommend Amazon Boot Camp to anyone who wants to learn how to start an Amazon FBA business (or someone who wants to make their current FBA business more profitable).

If you’re planning on buying your inventory in retail stores (either locally or online), then it is probably the best Amazon course that offers a step-by-step blueprint.

The teaching style is laid-back and approachable, but all of the material is extremely detailed. This course has no fluff or filler material which I really appreciate.

There are a lot of videos, but most of them are shorter to prevent overwhelm. It’s the kind of course where you could watch a module and then go try out all that you learned before moving on to the next step. And if you ran into any problems, you could always use the free Facebook group for support.

I hope that this Amazon Bootcamp review has helped you make your decision and know that the Amazon Boot Camp most definitely is NOT a scam. If you have any questions for me, you can just ask them in the comments below.


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